In women, we need to remove the uterus so that 4-5 months of work are not lost every month and if a rape occurs, the baby will not be born. In women, we need to have our uterus removed, so that we don’t lose 4-5 days of work every month, and if there is a rape, the baby will not be born.

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  • In women we have to remove the uterus, so that every month 4 5 days of work are not lost and if there is rape, the child will not be born.

from Beed to Maharashtra20 days agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

He was 14 years old when the marriage took place. She had to go south with her husband to cut sugar cane. Tin hut in an empty field. Sari curtain instead of door. The contractor came after finding him deserted and left in a great commotion. We couldn’t do anything, not even cry with all our hearts.

With eighty stomachs, 3,000 kg of sugar cane was loaded onto the truck every day. Her heart trembled more than her feet as she climbed the unpaved wooden ladder. Now all the hassle is over! At the age of 30, her uterus was removed. There will be no menstruation or fear of having a baby!

Mahananda is from the Beed district of Maharashtra, and tells her story of bad mood in Marathi Mili Hindi. The Beed, where the earth is known for its cracks. There are wells here, but no water. There are farms, but not farmers. Surrounded by rocky terrain and thorny trees, the only juicy thing in Beed is the sugar cane. As soon as you enter the area, its noise and sweetness begin to dissolve in your tongue, but wait! The women here are paying a huge price for this juice. They remove the uterus – so that the periods do not arrive – and with a heavy bundle on their head they can go up and down the stairs at a gallop.

The summer of 2019 was about to pass, when the report of the Maharashtra State Commission made a sensation. The report was from the Beed district, which explained that women who work in sugar cane fields have their uterus removed at the age of 20-30. Over the next three years from 2016, more than 4,000 women removed the uterus as if someone had their hair cut during the summer season.

They have their reasons. Money is deducted for termination during periods. Annoyance and rape are common when they go to another state for a salary. To get rid of it, he began to remove the uterus itself. Many areas of Beed are called villages without women. Bhaskar’s team measured many villages to meet these “insensitive” women.

Our first stop was the village of Kasari. The afternoon of March was also hot as if it were the month of May. Sprinkled trees on the side of the road. There were many shops in between. It was written in these stores that sell sugar cane juice: “Aamchyakade Usacha Taza and Thand Ras Millel”, which means that here we get fresh and cold sugar cane juice. We reached the Kasari border as we wet our lips with the heat.

The first meeting with Mahananda took place here. Seeing this woman with matching bracelets in an olive-colored sari, it became clear that she had come prepared to meet us. Carrying sugar cane in the field, the saree wraps tightly around her feet and the name bracelets on her hands. She says, either keep getting ready or just fill your stomach! Between and at the end of the interview, Mahananda drinks like a friend, but her tone changes as soon as the camera is turned on. She stutters as she speaks and then speaks quietly, so that the touch of pain does not weaken her.

She says: she got married at 14 years old. At the age when girls were playing dolls and dolls, I started taking care of the house. Cultivate on a piece of land and make bhat-bhakri (bread) for everyone. Although it was easy, the real difficulty came when I had to go to Karnataka to work in the field. There they would work in pairs. My husband used to cut the sugar cane, I made bundles and put them in the truck. Carry a 30 kg bundle on your head at the same time and carry it on the truck down the messy ladder that swings in the air. I would cry.

He had worked hard, but this job required blood. Mahananda recalls: Bleeding began to increase during the periods. Carrying the load, the cloth got wet with the sack, but in those foreign villages we didn’t get any sanitary napkins, we didn’t have money, we didn’t have time to go to the store to buy all these things.

The village of Kasari in the Beed district of Maharashtra is famous for the cultivation of sugar cane.  The age at which girls play the game of dolls and dolls, at this age the girls here have to get out of the womb to make a living.

The village of Kasari in the Beed district of Maharashtra is famous for the cultivation of sugar cane. The age at which girls play the game of dolls and dolls, at this age the girls here have to get out of the womb to make a living.

I was listening when Mahananda spoke unpleasant Hindi. Like the recorder on your cell phone or camera. She felt herself when she reached the fields. The spicy leaves sting at the feet as if biting by insects. There were small scratches on his feet as he walked. The sun makes iron wax. Trying to cover his burning head with his hands, I could only imagine how much and how much pain he must have been carrying the load for 12 hours.

Carrying sugar cane, three children were born one after the other. When the woman could not walk properly, I continued to carry the load on a full stomach. I used to get dizzy as I climbed, I thought I would fall, but there was no way. If I fall, even if the child falls, work must be done. He wants to eat talk! I wanted to eat acid, but I would have slept after eating rice and bhakri. With a full throat but dry eyes, Mahananda explains, as if telling another person’s story.

After lifting the weight, a lump began to form in the throat. The doctor performed the operation. He points to the neck, where the postoperative spots were adorned like a garland. She hides the dots at the bottom of the sari. We discovered it at our request and then covered it immediately. When the bleeding increased, the doctor asked that her uterus be removed. After consulting my husband, I said yes. The kids are done. Now what is the function of the uterus! I didn’t know it would hurt so much. The back hurts, there is pain in the hands and feet. I can’t sleep. Sweat up. There are tears to speak of.

Would you like to live with your husband? A short answer comes to my question, “No, I don’t care now.” When I scratch, I start talking to the women around me in Marathi. Little by little it is understood that he can speak everything else, but this is not the case. The husband will be angry. Leave the address. What good is a woman without a womb? To change the atmosphere, I start asking light questions.

The scorching sun and the load of about 30 kg of sugar cane bullets on his head.  One can clearly understand by looking at the picture, how many and how many problems the truck must have been loading with the help of a rough scale for 12 hours.

The scorching sun and the load of about 30 kg of sugar cane bullets on his head. One can clearly understand by looking at the picture, how many and how many problems the truck must have been loading with the help of a rough scale for 12 hours.

How do you feel? ‘Hunger’ – hence the answer. “He used to sing at school. He was very fond of it. If he had studied more, he would have learned to sing, but the marriage changed everything. At our request, Mahananda is singing something in Marathi, which in Hindi translates as : We are all equal under this open sky Neither caste is different nor color is different We are all children of God, we are all equal.

Next to the closed door, Mahananda sings slowly, shaking her head. A large lock hangs on the colorless door. Looking at me, I’m thinking, maybe the lyrics of the song will create some magic. The door may be closed. Listening to this song with innocent lyrics could even open the door to the fate of all women, including Mahananda, who are serving the sentence of being women.

Next up is Lata Dattatreya, 29. Lata looks much younger than the age indicated with a red chintz sari. If she had been in town and wearing new fashionable clothes, she would have looked like a college student. Bright and cheeky. She keeps laughing throughout the conversation. When asked why, he says, “If you have to speak Hindi, then there’s laughter.” If you tell me to speak Marathi, I’ll tell you everything.

We don’t know Marathi, Lata doesn’t know Hindi. I say it with regret: the next time I come, I will come after learning a proper dialect, but now what! After much deliberation, Lata agrees that wherever she gets stuck, she will start speaking Marathi. I’m shaving. She remembers: after the marriage, she stayed at home for two years, then her husband took her to Karnataka. A sack hut was built there, which seemed to be shaken by the wind. At night, the light looks as if the light is on. Although he was tired, he could not sleep.

I cried ten times a day. A roof over your head. There was no comprehension of speech, nor did it work. He had eaten sugar cane, but had never caught it. He would fall over and over again, get up and go back to work. If the 3,000kg package had not been loaded onto the truck, the money would have been deducted. how much money Lata says: 200 rupees for a man. 400 rupees for the couple. If you work from 8 am to 8 pm, you will receive this money. This is also when the truck is full to the brim.

He still tolerates this, but the indecency of the contractor used to cry more. She was on her stomach. It was the seventh month, when I wanted to go back to the village. When the husband spoke to the contractor, he refused. We were told to work first and then move on. The more she begged her husband, the more arrogant she spoke. hit me too We couldn’t do anything. He had to stay. Even if I came back, what would you eat? There is no farm or factory in the village. We were teased and touched by women, even then we kept quiet. She cried slowly, but she couldn’t shout. The fear of the stomach stung his mouth.

Lata records the whole image of pain as he laughs. Almost everyone repeated the talk of manipulating contractors on foreign soil, but only in suppressed language. About this social worker Manisha Sitaram Ghule says: This is what happens. While working in the sugar cane fields, many women are raped many times, but they can’t even tell their husbands. She is afraid that her husband will blame her.

This is what happened to many. Now the women remain silent. This is also a great reason to remove the uterus. The fear of having a child is over. The annoyance of the periods disappears. It’s a different issue that after these new pains begin: the fear of passing age before age.

As Mahananda says, “I have black hair.” The teeth are complete. Everyone looks young, but I’m old in my eyes. I get tired while I work. Now I want to rest. The voice is dry saying. The hard ground of the rim seemed to absorb all the juice inside and fill it with sugar cane.

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