Rebel Hardik, outgoing leader, suspended by Naresh Patel … Troubled Congress in Gujarat

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  • Why are congressional leaders disillusioned with the party?
  • Hardik Patel has taken a rebellious stance
  • Congress has problems ahead of Gujarat elections

Before the Gujarat assembly elections, the political crisis in Congress is worsening rather than diminishing. The more they try to strengthen Congressman Raghu Sharma and state President Jagdish Thakor, the more it seems to be disintegrating. When three former members of Congress left the party, Hardik Patel has taken a rebellious stance. The way Hardik questions the leadership of the state Congress as he describes his generation seems to be moving toward leaving Congress and moving to another party.

Three former members of Congress left the party

Two former members of the Gujarat Congress, Indranil Rajyaguru and Vashram Sogathia, joined the Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday, of which the party’s convener and the Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, have been members. At the same time, former Congress MP Praveen Maru joined the BJP, while former MP Kamini Rathod has also openly expressed his displeasure with Congress. At the same time, 16 members of Congress who won in 2017 have left the party and joined the BJP, which is a major setback for the party. The list also includes the name of Alpesh Thakor, who had joined Congress in the last election and was appointed national secretary of the party.

Hardik Patel on the road to rebellion

Gujarat Congress Labor Chairman Hardik Patel, who left his mark on Patidar’s reserve movement amid the resignation of former members of Congress, alleged in a conversation with a news agency that the leadership party state was harassing him. He said Rahul Gandhi was also aware of his position many times, but unfortunately no decision was made. At the same time, Hardik said that my position in Congress is that of a newlywed boyfriend, who has been sterilized.

On the issue of leaving Congress, Hardik Patel said that I do not want to go to any other party, but the strong leaders of the Gujarat Congress are harassed to leave the party. He also said that the leaders of the Gujarat Congress want him to leave the party.

When Alpesh Thakor left Congress, he was said to be selfish, but the truth is that he was so harassed by the party that he left. He said the internal failure and the “secret alliance” of local congressional leaders with other parties were responsible for the failure of the congressional government in Gujarat.

What will be Hardik’s new political base?

After the rebellious stance of Hardik Patel, it is clear that he will not stay long in Congress now, because he has raised questions from the state leadership to Rahul Gandhi. Hardik has said Congress could not use its power. It is clear that Hardik can take action on his political future ahead of the Gujarat elections, but which party he will go to is not clear now.

However, the Aam Aadmi party is preparing to enter the Gujarat elections with full force, for which it is engaged in a campaign to connect the disgruntled leaders of Congress.

Suspense created in Congress with the entry of Naresh Patel

Discussions about the incorporation into Congress of Patidar leader and head of the Khodaldham Trust, Naresh Patel, have been going on for a long time, but their entry has not yet been made. Hardik said Congress should clarify its position on Naresh Patel, what job he wants to get out of it by giving him a suitable seat. Naresh Patel is a very strong leader of Patidar and has influence in more than 35 seats in Saurashtra. Naresh comes from the Leua Patel community, which has a sizeable population. Apart from that, Naresh Patel is the head of the Khodaldham Trust, which is an organization of the Patidar community. Recently, Naresh Patel along with Prashant Kishor had met with CM Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan, but so far Congress has not clarified whether to join the party or not?

The Aam Aadmi party is becoming a challenge for Congress

In Gujarat, the Aam Aadmi party is becoming more of a challenge for Congress than for the BJP. On the Punjab line, the Aam Aadmi party is becoming the political home of angry Congress leaders in Gujarat. Former Congress MPs Indranil Rajyaguru and Vashram Sogathia joined the Aam Aadmi party on Thursday.

We report that until now there was no political option for angry leaders because Congress and the BJP were two parties in Gujarat, but after the civic elections, it has become the third force, for which it has now found itself. an option for angry leaders … At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party has also begun merging leaders of other parties to stand firm in Gujarat, the biggest blow of which is Congress.

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