Akali stronger in Punjab than in 2017; The BJP wants to increase the turnout more than the seats. Punjab polling station 2022; Arvind Kejriwal AAP Party vs BJP Akali Congress a Majha-Doaba

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Basing Panchami is over. Despite the sun in the Punjab, due to the cold winds, there is fog in the morning and in the evening. Something similar also overshadows Punjab politics. Once again, nothing seems clear until a week and a half before the vote in the assembly elections, but if you try to see beyond that illusion, many things are very clear. For example, Congress, which was in power for 5 years, is caught up in tough competition.

Akali Dal is trying to improve his performance thanks to the strength of his team. At the same time, the BJP is trying to increase seats and the percentage of votes with new allies. In the midst of all this, the Aam Aadmi Party, which performed well in Malwa 5 years ago, is seen entering Majha and Doaba.

The world’s largest party, the BJP, is in the running for power this time in the Punjab border state. Following the separation of the Akalis, the BJP is holding a four-corner contest with the new satraps. At the same time, in 3-4 seats, the United Samaj Morcha of farmers’ organizations seems to be doing this five-corner contest. Political experts, who are monitoring Punjab’s policy, say elections have never been held before this division of votes in the state. Perhaps this is why, although elections are being held in 5 states of the country, including the UP, Punjab is at the center of the discussion. Even in the midst of all this, if anything is missing, are the issues of panjab and panjabis.

  • No effect of farmers in Malwa, strong AAP

The area below the Shambhu border on the New Delhi-Amritsar National Highway and the Sutlej River from Abohar to Ludhiana next to Rajasthan is called Malwa. With 69 of the 117 seats in the Punjab Legislative Assembly, this area is the “key to state power.”

Speaking of the current situation after the end of the nomination process, here it seems that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is strengthening. The reason for this is the desire for change in the mind of the voter. This can also be called an initial reaction, because the elections in Punjab have just started in a real sense and the equations may change in the coming days.

The voter in this area of ​​the Punjab wants to go to the third option instead of the Congress-Akali Dal, which has been enjoying the pleasures of power for 70 years, and the AAP fits in. Malwa has a quadrangular contest in 30 of 69 seats, while the Aam Aadmi Party, Congress and Akali Dal are fighting in 39 seats.

The Samyukta Samaj Morcha of farmers ’organizations can have a slight impact on 30 seats here. That he wins a seat here at this point seems outlandish. In this region, the AAP was considered a safe zone in the struggle between Congress and the Akalis, but in this area it is seen that the Social Front Unit of Peasant Organizations is making a loop. Even AAP strategists are aware of this fact.

Malwa is an agricultural rural area, so BJP is seen in a weak position here. In 2017, despite the alliance with the Akalis, the BJP only got one seat from Abohar here. This time too, the party will have to work hard to get the seats here.

  • Majha: The strength of the Congress is collapsing, the BJP-Akali seats will increase

In the 2017 Majha election, Congress won 22 of 25 seats, but this time its bastion seems to be falling. Leaving 4 seats in Tarn Taran district, BJP can do wonders in 5-6 21-seat districts in Amritsar, Pathankot and Gurdaspur districts. Last time, Akali Dal got only 2 seats (Majitha and Batala) here. This time the party MPs will increase from there.

Like the rest of the Punjab, Majha voters are also seen playing the flute of change and if they stay in that mood until the end, the most shocking factor here will be the Aam Aadmi Party. The United Samaj Morcha of farmers’ organizations has no effect here.

Sidhu-Majithia face to face
Congress President Navjot Sidhu and Akali Dal’s Bikram Singh Majithia clash in Amritsar East, the seat of Majha’s Amritsar district. This time the election has become a mustache fight between these two leaders who have so far lost no election. In this seat, the BJP candidate, the former IAS and Tamil Nadu ACS official, Dr. Jagmohan Singh Raju and the Jeevanjot Kaur of the Aam Aadmi party are seen out of the contest. There is also a kind of underground current here.

Bikram Majithia’s wife, Guneev Kaur, has entered the camp for the first time since Majitha. No one is seen here compared to Guneev Kaur, a housewife turned politician. Guneev Kaur is different from other politicians, so his domestic nature is affecting all common and special aspects.

  • Doaba: BJP seats will increase in the NRI belt

Doaba is the NRI belt of Punjab and the effect of those living abroad is visible here. This time, the Aam Aadmi party is not doing NRI fundraising programs, but Punjabis living abroad still have a soft corner towards that. Children living abroad talk to their elders to give AAP a chance this time.

In 2017, Congress won 15 of the 23 seats in Doaba. If the BJP only got one seat here, Akali won in 5 seats. This time the BJP seats will increase here. Manoranjan Kalia, KD Bhandari and Mohinder Bhagat from different seats in Jalandhar city and Vijay Sampla from Phagwara are in the fight and their loss will be for the Congress.

No effect from farmers in Doaba
Like in 2017, Akali Dal only has a chance to get 5-6 seats in Doaba. In Nawanshahr, Congress cut off the ticket from its incumbent MP Angad Singh and it looks like a loss for the party. Here Angad Singh is in the main competition. The farmers ’move has an impact on two or three seats here like Garhshankar and Chabbewal, but getting a seat is a long way off for them at the moment. The image of the candidate, the modus operandi and the local problems make the equations interesting.

Sidhu-Channi’s challenge to get out of ‘Captain Wrath’
During these elections in Punjab, Congress is also on a path of transformation. Punjab Congress leader Navjot Sidhu and Prime Minister Charanjit Singh Channi are trying to remove the party from the “Captain IRA”, while at the age of 80, Captain Amarinder Singh is working hard to build a new party. lo. The party of the captain will cut the votes of the Congress in these elections. In this situation, the challenge for Siddhu-Channi is to minimize this damage.

The rebels’ challenge to Congress

The challenge before Congress in Punjab is to confront its rebels. Rebels who do not receive tickets due to cutting the seats of seated deputies and more than one contender in many seats are touching the ground. The party is suffering because of this.

In general, in the situation of almost two weeks before the voting, no party in the Punjab seems to be reaching the majority mark, but the voter seems to be eager to change. Is this mood maintained as the campaign gains momentum over the next two weeks? That will be something to see.

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