I wanted to grab my chest, it was so tight it was hard to get rid of it, if I hadn’t worn jeans, I would have been raped. I wanted to grab my chest, it was so tight it was hard to get rid of it, if I hadn’t worn jeans, I would have been raped.

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  • I wanted to grab my chest, it was so tight it was hard to get rid of it, if I hadn’t worn jeans, I would have been raped.

9 minutes agoAuthor: Meena

Mom would be saved first and then me. From a young age, in my village I saw girls pulling sardines, beating their breasts, saying sisters-in-law, holding each other, holding hands … everything. All of this was as normal as eating our daily food.

Even today I can’t forget the bad behavior that happened in my childhood. I hated male caste so much that even my father started to feel bad. When the anger of past experiences came out, Usha’s voice couldn’t stop.

Usha, 34, tells Woman Bhaskar, “I’m from Basti District. My father is a carpenter. He was about five years old when he came to Lucknow. Once there was a fight, his father left home. .

People began to relate to him whom his mother used to call brother. Mom took us to Nani’s house. When the daughter arrives at the maternal home with the son-in-law, the respect she receives, this time the mother did not get it. The world treats a woman left by her husband as a container. Something must have been missing, only then did her husband leave when the comments began to be heard.

When I first went to school, I arrived early. He sat in the sack. When the teacher came, he did not teach anything, but he began to ask me: where did your father go? I don’t know where my father went, I didn’t say anything at the time. Seeing all the children laughing, including the teacher, he ran away. It was my first and last day at school.

We were spending the day at noon, roti, chutney when my uncle came to pick us up and took us to Lucknow. He finds out that his father is in Ayodhya. He was also taken to Lucknow. As soon as he came, he slapped his mother hard. I started crying after introducing my mom’s sari.

Dad’s friends started watching his mother

His father’s insistence was to take his mother to Bombay. But Mom didn’t want to go. At Fufa ji’s persuasion, Pope began living with us in Lucknow. We soon became four sisters and one brother. Everything from water to water had to be bought in the city.

The father is naive by nature and his friends are leeches. Whenever the mother went out to buy something, the father’s friends began to look after the mother badly. Seeing the opportunity, forcing the mother, not the father, to enter the house. I watched from a young age as my mother struggled to save herself.

I didn’t receive books until class 12, I read it after asking the others. As the number of sisters and brothers increased, so did poverty. I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. He bought a small piece of land selling his mother’s jewelry and moved from the rented house to his small house near the Madiyahun police station.

He began teaching children with an institution. There also began to come a boy to teach, he became good friends. I never felt that something would go wrong in his mind.

He shook my hand and told me I love you

In the organization where you worked, the voucher must be presented at the end of the month. The boy said I forgot my voucher at home, you will go with me. Even before that he had gone home many times, he was left alone. As soon as I entered his house, he closed the door. I was drinking water when suddenly one hand felt tight all over my body.

Even then I thought I was joking, but it started to force me. I started scratching. I love you, he said. I started ripping my jeans. I started hitting my chest. I was trying really hard to save myself. I did not understand.

I had read the news of the rape in the newspaper, when such an attempt happened to me, I was surprised and all the news published in the newspaper came before my eyes in a moment. If he hadn’t worn jeans that day, he wouldn’t have survived. I had put a belt on my jeans, so my pants wouldn’t open. I kicked him and slapped him and ran away.

It doesn’t make sense to be polite if you’re not sure

I was saved, but the experiences I had seen since childhood put me in a trauma. If I had a seizure, I would have killed my father or thrown something away. He would cut it. People used to think that the goddess had come upon me, so they grabbed me by the hair and made me sit in front of the exorcist. Burning Chile. I started screaming for his smoke.

When I was 19, I told my mother about the attempted rape. Then the father’s rage boiled over and he said, “I will kill my brother-in-law with my life, how dare he touch you?” I told my father I had to do nothing but work for the safety of the girls. It was understood that if we are not sure, education makes no sense.

I formed a group of 15 girls. Gather, protest and go where it goes wrong with the girls. We registered the organization in the name of Red Brigade in 2011. This name of Red Brigade also got its name thanks to the boys.

When the girls went out to play in red fighting and black protest dresses, the boys would say, “Oh, the red fairies are gone, the roses are gone, someone said what’s going on: the powerful Brigade Red goes “. comment we made the name Red Brigade.

The name of the organization was found, but indecent and lewd comments with the girls did not stop. 11-12 girls came from far away to study, in their support we had asked for a van and we started asking for money for early childhood education. Wherever those girls sat, a group of boys would come and make lewd comments. The girls got tired and one day those boys’ brigade ran and hit them hard.

When the Red Brigade reached the turning point

From here the Red Brigade reached the turning point. Girls who never talked eye to eye, hit someone. Initially, the Red Brigade worked on its own. When the Nirbhaya case passed, we were on the street for a month and a half. Now the Red Brigade is working on the safety, education, honor and history of the daughters. We’re taking heroes out of history so we can tell them to society.

trust yourself

So far, we have given self-defense training to two thousand girls across the country. Coaches from five countries came and trained. Work is being done on the security and digital literacy of girls in 100 villages.

Now I tell all the girls to learn to respect themselves first. You are the creator. You should be proud of yourself. Believe in yourself and move on.

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