Preparations for the annual Sayyid Abdur Razzaq Shah (Rah) Bansa Sharif annual fair are in full swing.

Masauli Barabanki.

Preparations for the annual Syed Abdurrazaq Shah (Rah) Bansa Sharif annual fair, which has been canceled for the past two years due to Corona infection, are in full swing. Shops have begun decorating the 8-day annual fair since Eid Day, circus swings and needles have been adorned, and the influx of pilgrims has begun.

Located 20 km from the district headquarters in the town of Bansa Sharif, the Mazar Sharif of the famous Sufi saint Syed Abdur Razzaq Shah (Rah) is a confluence of all religions. At Mazar Sharif, not only in the country and in the state, people also come from outside the country and ask for their votes by bowing their heads reverently, although in Mazar Sharif there are many pilgrims every day, but on the first Thursday . Every month, thousands of pilgrims come from far and wide to the Nauchandi Fair, and every year from Eid Day, an annual fair is held for eight days, with thousands of pilgrims gathering.

The ancestors of Hazrat Sayyid Abdur Razzaq Shah (RA) came to Delhi from Badarkhan (Afghanistan) during the Khilji era and the Sultan of Delhi gave the title of Mubaraz Khan to your ancestors. Before the birth of Sayyid Sahib, a fakir Chand Shah (Rah0). ) had told Sayyid Sahib’s father that the sun wants to fall on your house.

Its brightness will not be seen by me and its light will go far away. After the birth of Sayyid Sahib in 1046 Hijri, the same fakir Chand Shah (RA) asked Sayyid Abdurrahim Shah (RA) that Aftab should come to your house, whose life should be done, Majjub said after the Sayyid Sahib’s Ziyarat from where Aftab Tulu It has happened that the light will continue to make you happy until you become a god. I could not see that he could see his deposits, and that fakir disappeared from the same place, whose funeral was seen in the forest of Ghazipur between Barabanki-Lucknow, and was later buried there.

At the age of 4, Sayyid Sahab’s father came to their mother’s house with them, and a mystic, Syed Shah Mir Murad (Rah0), who was present, saw Sayyid Saheb, then kissed Sayyid Sahib and said: this child No one is a normal person. From floor to floor, all will be the steps of this person.

Sayyid Mir Shah Murad’s Mazar Sharif is located in the town of Bansa Sharif, on the edge of the twin ponds of Sikanderpur Road, the total part of which is at 6 Shawwal. At the age of 12, when you went to Rudauli to train, the process of your miracles began. . Your opinion was that if a miracle happened somewhere, he used to leave the place. Seeing your blessings, many nawabs offered to give their jagirs, but Sayyid Sahib refused saying what use this is to faker.

Syed Abdur Razzaq Shah (R) had become world famous for his works in Badaun, Lucknow, Sultan, Bhopal, Pilibhit, Sandila, Khairabad, Deva, Bilgram, Kotwadham, Kintur. One night Hazrat Syed Sahib was staying in the city of Amethhi. a well next door, a woman fell into that well, you heard the woman’s scream, then you put your hand in that well and you took that woman out of the well and you immediately left. One day Sayyid Sahib went to the Kalyani River to mention God and went to Wudu by putting his blanket near the banyan tree.

When he returned after doing waju, he saw that a black snake was sitting on its blanket.- The bow turned back. When the family members of a woman who was under her shadow brought her to you, then you ordered your khadim to whip that woman and if they beat her, then her Jin fled.

According to legend, Sayyid Abdur Razzaq Shah (Rah.0) whenever he passed by Deva Sharif would say that in our sixth book an old man would be born who would have many names. Syed Haji Waris Ali Shah (Rah) is in the sixth book. Sayyid Haji Waris Ali Shah (Rah.) Used to come to Bansa Sharif alike. The old practice still continues today. Syed Qurban Ali Shah (Rah.) Father of Sayyid Haji Waris Ali Shah (Rah) used to come to the new after the death of Dada Mian Ki Mazar Sharif. The Sajjadaanshin turban is tied by the same Sajjadaanshin of Bansa Sharif.

Sayyid Sahib always spoke of unity. Baba Razzak Sahib, Satnami Jagjivan Das of Kotwadham and Malamat Shah (Rah) of Badosarai were close friends and even today the symbol of their friendship is the three-colored thread in Kotwadham. At the age of 90, you died in 5 Shawwal 1136 Hijri, in the same place where you were buried, where you built your great Mazar Sharif is a confluence for all sectors of society.

The courts look like ghosts and geniuses

Syed Abdur Razzaq Shah (Rah.) Among the pilgrims who come to Bansa Sharif, the number of people suffering from ghosts, childless couples, semi-neurotic people is higher. At Baba’s court there is a court for people who suffer from ghosts and ghosts. burns in the same court of Baba. After the recovery, people return to Baba’s court laughing.

The total Sharif of Baba will be on the 5th of Shawwal on the 7th of May

Sayyed Muhammad Umar Jilani, the Sajjadanshin of Sayyed Abdur Razzaq Shah (Rah) Mazar Sharif, said that the cap of Baba Razzaq Sahib, Tasbi, the Ziyarat of Kaskol will be made on the 5th of Shawwal in our house and after Namaz there will be Kul Sharif in Maghrib Khankah-e-Razzaki And later Langar will be organized.

The Jairins are facing problems due to the lack of public toilets and night shelters

Hundreds of settlers from thousands of pilgrims from all over the country bring them to the annual fair, so there is a long influx of thousands of pilgrims to the fair, which raises a question about women’s safety. . pilgrims Due to the absence of the night shelter itself, pilgrims must stay outdoors during the summer rains.

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