Rajasthan News: After Karauli, PFI allegations behind riots in Rajasthan, questions arise after violence in Jodhpur: Rajasthan me hinsha sa peeche pfi ka haath karauli ke baad jodhpur me dange

Jodhpur / Jaipur: Karauli communal violence took place in Rajasthan about a month ago. Just before the violence, the Popular Front of India warns of religious frenzy. This notice is made to the Minister of State Ashok Gehlot and to the DGP through a letter. Many questions are raised about the hand of PFI behind this riot that took place on the day of Hindu Navsamvatsar. After that, the government of Rajasthan imposes Article 144 on Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti. But the night just before Eid, there is violence in Jodhpur. The fiercely violent clashes take place at midnight, but no action is taken until noon on the second day. Article 144 and the curfew are not imposed. The opposition and the local population claim that if the curfew had been imposed in time, the riots would not have erupted again on Eid Day. But here is a bigger question than the failure of the government or the police, is the PFI behind the riots in Rajasthan?

6 riots in 3 years, finally two riots in 30 days
There have been 6 communal incidents in Rajasthan in the last 3 years. These include April 8, 2019 in Tonk, September 24, 2020 in Dungarpur, April 11, 2021 in Baran, July 19, 2021 in Jhalawar, and April 2, 2022 in Karauli this year. After that, the violence took place five days ago on May 2, 2022 at the intersection of Jalori Gate in Jodhpur. Violence in the last two riots, Karauli and Jodhpur, took place in just 30 days.

Why the PFI name behind the riots in Rajasthan?
In February (2022) this year the PFI demonstration in Kota was approved. The BJP raised questions about the approval of this demonstration. After that, on April 1, PFI wrote a letter to CM Ashok Gehlot and DGP. PFI warned of a communal incident in that letter. The next day, April 2, there was an incident of throwing stones and fire at Karauli. And along the same lines, the violence took place in Jodhpur exactly one month later.

What is this PFI?
The Popular Front of India (PFI) is an extremist Islamic organization. It was established in 1993. The PFI then split from the NDF. Following the ban on SIMI in the country, it came to light. Following this, FIFI merged again with the NDF in 2006. It is headquartered in Delhi but is in the strongest position in Kerala. However, it is also active under different names in many other states. Most importantly, it is said to be linked to ISIS and SIMI.

The name has come even before Karauli-Jodhpur
There has been violence in many districts of Rajasthan this year. It was said that PFI’s hand was behind them. In early 2020, PFI was also said to be behind the riots in Delhi. Earlier, the name PFI was also added behind the violence in Bangalore in August 2020 and in several UP districts in December 2019.

Jodhpur News: Curfew lasts 2 more days in Jodhpur, also relaxed for 4 hours on Saturday, netbandi still continues

Why was PFI not banned?
On this issue, political analyst Avnijesh Awasthi says banning PFI will do nothing. These people should be banned. He cited the example of MPCI President Tasleem Ahmed Rahmani involved in the debate. Said MPCI President Rahmani once you were at PFI. After that he came to STPI. It belonged to PFI. Now they are not even in STPI. Now it bans PFI, it bans STPI, but Tasleem Ahmed Rahmani will roam freely. How many organizations will you ban? Now the ban will be the person who will conspire against the country anywhere, it will be banned.

Violent incidents from Karauli to Jodhpur under the protection of the government of Ashok Gehlot – Satish Poonia

Congress withdraws PFI terror cases: BJP
BJP spokesman Gaurav Bhatia says that if you want to ban, the state government can also impose a ban. It is not that the Center can impose a ban. The PFI ban can be imposed by both the state and the center. The attorney general said facts and evidence are being gathered for the ban across India. It will soon be decided whether or not to ban. He surrounded the Congress government here and said there was a BJP government in Jharkhand. PFI was banned there. But if the state government imposes a ban, it will be applicable to the state. If the central government imposes a ban, it will be applicable to the whole of India. He said there were elections in Karnataka, where Sitaramayya was the prime minister. They withdrew the PFI and SDFI terror cases. Because the polls used to seduce them.

Violent incidents from Karauli to Jodhpur under the protection of the government of Ashok Gehlot – Satish Poonia

The BJP wants to make Rajasthan a problem by force: Congress
Congress spokesman Mukesh Sharma says Rajasthan has a 7pm schedule and the police are a state subject. I agree But in Delhi, the Delhi police are under the Ministry of the Interior. Will the central government take responsibility for the Jahangirpuri riots? Is PFI banned in India where there are BJP governments? 4 years ago, Yogi wrote to the central government to ban PFI. Why haven’t you banned it yet? What is PAFI’s alliance with BJP? Should it be researched? He accused the BJP that the Rajasthan government was doing a better job. They are afraid of Rajasthan. BJP forcibly wants to make Rajasthan a problem. They are attacking Rajasthan to divert attention from the basic problems of the country.

People from a particular community broke into homes and misbehaved with women, police continued to watch – Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

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