Congress is nowhere to be found in Haryana, in fact Congress is over: Sushil Gupta

Since coming to power in the Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party activism has been steadily rising in the state. In general, the party is constantly moving in the direction of making a solid organization by incorporating the angry leaders of their respective parties.

Chandigarh (Dharani): Since coming to power in the Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party activism has been steadily rising in the state. In general, the party is constantly moving in the direction of making a solid organization by incorporating the angry leaders of their respective parties. “AAP” activism in the state is a big alarm bell for Congress. Because getting into BJP ruling party leaders is not that easy. On the other hand, Congress, immersed in the dream of taking power in the 2024 assembly elections, is a victim of mutual schism. Due to the experiment conducted by the high command of the Congress on the Punjab lines, the change of state president and the appointment of 4 working state presidents has fueled the fire of mutual division. Now, leaders who speak suppressed language can shake Congress at any time by seeking their political future in “AAP.” Punjab Kesari spoke with Dr. Sushil Gupta, Rajya Sabha MP, Haryana leader of the Aam Aadmi Party, on many important issues. Discussions were also held on hot topics such as the rise of the Khalistani movement after the AAP government. Here are some excerpts: –

Question: “What is the difference in politics with the appointment of new state presidents and active presidents by the high command of Congress to remove Selja?”

north, Congress leaders themselves call him Khadeu. The internal factionalism of Congress is not over. The top leaders themselves oppose this decision. In some places the president of the state was not even called. His photo was nowhere to be seen. His struggle is public. As we are working in Delhi, we are setting our promises by working in Punjab, the people of Haryana also want the same job. The Kejriwal government is the inner thought of the people trained in Haryana. On May 29, the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal himself, will arrive at the Kurukshetra demonstration as the main guest, after the situation in the state becomes clear.

questions: – Is Kuldeep Bishnoi also in touch with you on the list of people angry with Congress?

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north, Things are coming out of here and there right now. But at Aam Aadmi Party no one with any condition is taken. He is a leader of a healthy image. There is no stain of corruption. Anyone like this is welcome to come to Aam Aadmi Party.

Question: Is Kuldeep Bishnoi trying to partner with AAP?

Answer: Kuldeep Bishnoi occupies a different place in the state. His father has been a senior leader of the state. It also had a different place.

Question: Will the Aam Aadmi party accept Kuldeep Bishnoi to reach out?

Answer: – If they sell, they will definitely be considered.

Question: With the departure of Shailja and the appointment of the new president of the state, it is clear that Congress is all about Hooda. What difference do you think it makes?

Answer: – We don’t care. I ask Rahul Gandhi to clarify that those who had gone to the BJP or were men of the BJP, when they should return from there.

Question: – The current movement of Chau Dumarkha is as it was when Congress left. Will it not join “AAP” somewhere?

Answer: Chaut Birendra Dumarkha is an honest image leader. He has led a very good political life. Looks like he’s not happy with the BJP. If it comes, it will be your personal decision.

Question: – When will we properly establish the organization in Haryana?

Answer: – We did 4 zones in Haryana. Area-level-district-level-block-level-assembly-level organizations are ours. We are now forming grassroots organizations. Then, by forming circle-level and then block-level organizations, we will establish the organization democratically.

Question: – After the focus of Congress on the GT road belt, the current bastion of the BJP, is Pipli’s “AAP” program now an attempt at infiltration?

Answer: – Whatever town-town you go to, the whole area wants to join “AAP” by raising its hand. There is currently no coalition government in the state. Only congressional leaders try to defeat each other. There is a lot of division in them. Congress is almost wiped out of the country, or Congress does not win from anywhere, if it wins then it is sold. The Congress government was formed in Madhya Pradesh, but after a while the government fell and became BJP. The same thing happened in Goa. In Rajasthan, Congress had to hide its deputies, it is clear that Congress has weakened.

Question: What will you say about the rise of the terrorist movement after the “AAP” government in the Punjab?

Answer: – These cowardly incidents have happened. The ruling Aam Aadmi party has banned drug corruption and other illegal activities in the Punjab. The political parties that have collaborated in this have been very concerned about this. The people of the Punjab are very happy. But the Aam Aadmi party will not allow the perpetrators’ plans to succeed. Strict legal action will be taken against them. The party is paying attention. Care will be taken to ensure that these acts are not repeated.

Question: Aren’t these incidents a failure of Punjab Intelligence?

north,No, the business of earning billions and billions, whether it is illegal mining, drug trafficking, illegal works that are maintained with the connivance of the officials involved in corruption have been stopped. Those who have the faces of money, suffer, flutter. In time, they will understand.

Question: – What is the political significance of Sidhu’s meeting with the Punjab Chief Minister?

Answer: – Probably only Sidhu himself will be able to explain it better than me.

Question: – What is the roadmap of the Aam Aadmi party in Haryana?

Answer: – The Aam Aadmi party will fight hard against all kinds of elections in Haryana. He will form his own government in the state. Good schools and good hospitals will be given to the people of the state. Today a third person in the state is unemployed. Haryana is on the verge of 34% unemployment. First, we will work to solve this problem. Work will be organized for the children. 80% of young people in the 18-28 age group are unemployed. Therefore, the child goes to drugs and crime or is forced to commit suicide due to depression. The paper was filtered 25 times in the state. After working hard all his life, after getting the degree, the child gets older due to a paper leak. Only he can explain what is happening to him or his family because of this incident. We have provided the means of work for the children of Delhi. Free electricity 24 hours a day. Give free water. We will also make similar efforts in Haryana.

Question: – The youth of the state is suffering from socio-economic problems, will it be done after the formation of the government?

Answer: If the Aam Aadmi Party comes to power, the means of employment will be provided here as in Delhi. We have invited international companies to Delhi. Maintain these programs in the studios so that the children themselves become job creators. For the first time in the country, the Delhi government has made an employment budget to employ 20,000 children. Many new industries were established. No new industry has been started in Haryana in the last 8 years. A business-friendly policy should be made in the state. New industries began. The kids get a job. Vacancies in the Administration must be filled. The spending bill should be closed as in Delhi and the whole system should be transparent, these will be the priorities of the Aam Aadmi party.

Question: Will Aam Aadmi Party formulate any relaxation policy for older children?

Answer: More than 2 dozen papers were leaked to the state. Many children were lost. They spent 2 years in Kovid. Army recruitment was not done for 3 years. It is very important to think about exempting all of these. If we have the opportunity, how can we give them work, this will be our priority.

Question: – Efforts are being made to recover Nirmal Singh and his party daughter Aam Aadmi, what do you say about this robbery?

Answer: – Party worker Aam Aadmi has no greed. We have come to change Haryana. Nirmal Singh is the first person to leave 3 pension. No doubt he is an old friend of Hooda, but he has taken a very close look at the policies of the Aam Aadmi party. What the common man thinks of us, how the answer is being received, he has also seen. Congress is nowhere to be found in Haryana. The congress is really over.

Question: Will the Aam Aadmi party fight the next election with the symbol?

Answer: – The Aam Aadmi Party will fight alone against all kinds of elections, such as municipal bodies, Panchayati Raj, etc., with a lot of force on the symbol.

Question: – Is there a lot of activity that the Aam Aadmi Party is seeing when it comes to social media?

Answer: – We are fully active and the Aam Aadmi party is doing the job of the main opposition party in Haryana. We have exposed a lot of corruption. The plight of hospitals and schools has been exposed. We are raising the question of how much ordinary youth are suffering because of unemployment.

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