Hi, Dr. Indore. Only 20% of people brush properly

Hello, Dr. Indore: Indore, New Dunia Rep. We call ourselves dental diseases because of our negligence. Dental diseases can be prevented by brushing properly, but only 20 percent of people brush properly. In fact, people don’t know how to brush. Awareness about the beauty of teeth has increased. At one point, only five to seven percent of people went to the dentist, but now that number is rising rapidly. From childhood, children are taught the habit of brushing properly and at least twice a day, after which they will not have to go to the dentist.

Dr. Deshraj Jain said this, a senior dentist and director of the Government Dental Hospital. On Wednesday he answered questions from readers on the weekly Hello Doctor program. Dr. Jain told readers many things about dental care and diseases. He also gave information on the latest techniques of dental diseases. Dr. Jain told readers that there are many state-of-the-art facilities available at the Government Dental Hospital. The facilities are constantly expanding.

Keep these things in mind

At six months, the baby’s baby teeth begin to come out. Apart from milk, give porridge, lentils and rice to children from this age. If the child’s mouth moves, his jaws will be strong.

Mothers should keep in mind that after feeding the baby, water should be given.

Instill the habit of brushing babies from 10 months. Comes with special brushes for kids that are soft

In the past, people ate standing up, which strengthened the jaw muscles and developed the gum bones, but now this is not the case. If the jaw does not develop, how will the bone become strong?

wisdom teeth have nothing to do with wisdom

Baby teeth only work to block space for permanent teeth. At age six, baby teeth begin to erupt.

The first molar reaches the age of six, the second at 12, and the third molar after 18. This is why the third molar is called wisdom, but it has nothing to do with wisdom.

keep these things in mind

Brush regularly twice a day. It is important to brush before bed at night. The habit of sleeping brushing at night protects you from many dental diseases.

Hold the brush on your gum and then move it up. This will remove food trapped between your teeth and gums. Brush the inside of your teeth in the same way. This will cause the gums to stick to the teeth.

Eat standing grains. Eat fruits such as corn, cucumber, guava, coconut

People with pyorrhea have a misconception that pyorrhea is being cured by eating tobacco, but it is not. In fact, due to continued tobacco use, tobacco begins to settle on the teeth. The mild intoxication caused by this does not allow the sensation of the disease, but it does not eliminate or cure the disease. Despite pyuria, the risk of cancer increases with tobacco use.

Meaning worm in the tooth

The outer layer of the tooth is the strongest. If you do not brush after eating, the food will be deposited on the tooth liner. Bacteria accumulate in this food. These bacteria produce acids. Gradually, due to the acid, the calcium in the teeth begins to dissolve. In a few days, a small hole in the tooth begins to appear. The hole darkens over time and then turns brown first and then black. This is called a tooth worm.

this is pity

Pyorrhea begins when food gets stuck between your teeth and gums. In the first stage, the swelling only occurs in the gums. If left untreated, the gum bone begins to weaken. If you also take care of this, your teeth will start to weaken. Teeth start to fall out and bad breath starts to come out of your mouth.

Question answer

ask – I am 64 years old. My molar hurts intermittently. -Raju Agarwal, Dewas

answer – It should be washed with warm water two or three times a day. Brush properly. Sometimes food gets stuck between the tooth and the gum. If you brush yourself properly, you will get relief.

ask – Most people’s teeth become weak after the age of 40. What we do. -Anil, Dewas

answer – God has given his teeth for life. Toothache is only caused by our negligence. Brush scientifically. Teeth cleaning is the basis of strength. Do it scientifically. Grab a soft brush.

ask – Do teeth weaken due to diabetes? -Aslam, Dewas

answer – This is true. Patients with diabetes need to keep their sugar under control. As sugar rises, bacteria multiply. They begin to melt the gum bone. This weakens the teeth. This patient should contact the dentist immediately. Weak teeth treatments are currently available.

question I have a toothache while eating anything. -Raju Sharma, Indore

answer – You may have a worm in your tooth or pyorrhea. For now, take pain medication and contact your dentist immediately.

ask – The daughter is 25 years old. He has sharp teeth. The lower molar does not reach. -Sunil Tiwari

answer – Ropes can be tied to the daughter. Rope-colored ropes are also available these days. Make an x-ray of the missing teeth or molars. Now there is also such a technique that these teeth or molars can be removed.

ask – They made me a root channel a long time ago. Now it hurts again. The doctor says the molar will have to be removed. -Prakash Trivedi

answer – If the infection occurs even after the root canal, the root canal can be made again. Contact the specialist.

ask – 80 years. All my teeth are intact. For a few days I feel like my teeth have turned white. -Sajjan Kumar Garg

answer – Teeth wear out with age. They do an x-ray of your teeth. This will make the situation clear.

ask – My teeth have become very sharp. -Bherulal Kumawat

answer – The plugs can be mounted on these teeth or they can be greased and rounded.

ask – I have an earache. It may be related to teeth – Shweta Jain

answer – Teeth and jaws are related to the ears. There is often a problem with the nerves in the ear due to the teeth.

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