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Working group to initiate reforms in Congress Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi made some important announcements on Sunday at a Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He announced the formation of a working group to initiate reforms in Congress. Along with this, to connect with the public, he also announced the India Couples Yatra. He said: We will start the India Couples Yatra from Kanyakumari in Kashmir from October 2 on Gandhi Jayanti Day. All young people and leaders will participate in this yatra.
The Congressional Working Committee (CWC) prepared a draft resolution of six, which included the issue of organization, agricultural agriculture, youth-related issues, social justice, and welfare, and the economy. Some major resolutions have been made by Congress during the three days of Chintan Shivir.

The Congress youth group has resolved that in order to combat the stigma of unemployment created by the BJP, it has proposed a ‘Rozgar Do Padyatra’ from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, which will start on August 15, 2022, once 75 years of independence.

Here is the resolution for young people Under the Right to Education Act implemented in schools, there should be a provision for free education in colleges and universities for poor students and vacancies in all government departments, companies of the government of India and the three armies by conducting special recruitments. leads in the next six months. To be filled.

Apart from that, 50 percent of the positions at the organizational level should be ceded to colleagues under 50 years of age. The youth group also concluded that a retirement age limit should be set in Parliament, the legislatures, the Legislative Council and all elected officials.

In future party governments, all positions of all positions should be 50 per cent of people under 50 years of age. The most experienced people should be taken advantage of to strengthen the organization of the party. As of the Lok Sabha parliamentary elections of 2024, at least 50 per cent of the entries in all parliaments, legislatures, legislative councils and other levels should be handed over to colleagues under the age of 50.

Party leaders should play a leading role and be active in non-political activities, such as youth festivals, cultural events, sporting events, youth parliaments, town hall meetings and blood donation, and so on. This will also help in spreading and expanding the party among the youth.

Social Justice: SC-ST Subplan in State Budgets The first step in this resolution of the Social Justice and Congress Empowerment Group is the reintroduction of the SC-ST subplate with legal recognition to the budgets of the central and provincial governments. The Social Justice Advisory Council should be formed in Congress to strongly raise the voice of SC-ST, OBC and minority communities, focus on their issues and give the right place to their leadership, which may suggest to the President of the Congress.

resolution on women and minorities For the empowerment of women, a constitutional amendment of 33% of the reserve of women in Parliament should be approved as soon as possible, legislative assemblies and legislative councils and women of all categories should benefit of the proportional reserve.

A six-month meeting of the Congressional Working Committee, State and District Congressional Committees should focus on issues of SC, ST, OBC, minorities, and women. On the other hand, the Congress will make a decisive fight for the demand to make public the data of the caste census and to obtain its rights to the backward classes.

willingness to fight for the peasants In this field of contemplation, farmers and groups of agricultural workers have formed the National Farmers Debt Relief Commission and have demanded to decide the path from debt waiver to debt relief, while in case of non-payment of loans , criminal action against the farmer and the farmer’s agricultural land. Attachment must be banned.

The central government should give a legal guarantee of MSP and the MSP of the farmer should be determined on the basis of C2 plus 50 per cent, i.e. while the MSP is being determined, the farmer should receive 50 percent more by adding the cost of capital and renting the land. .

The whole cultivation area should be insured and the insurance companies of the public sector companies should run the insurance scheme with the principle of no profit or loss. For the welfare of farmers, it is necessary to present to Parliament a separate agricultural budget in accordance with the manifesto of the 2019 Congress, in which all welfare projects of farmers should be accounted for.

Increase the number of Krishi Upaj Mandis from the existing 7,600 to 42,000, establish a Krishi Upaj Mandi every 10 km and bring MGNREGA wages to parity of minimum wages to bring the average annual income to 18,000 rupees.

resolution for the new economy After extensive deliberations, the Congress Economic Group has conducted an exercise to formulate and implement a new economic policy resolution for India. After 30 years of liberalization and to take into account domestic and global conditions, there is a clear need for a change in economic policy. Employment generation should be the focus of this new economic policy resolution. There can be no room for jobless growth in today’s India.

The indiscriminate privatization of government property created by the BJP government in 70 years is dangerous in itself. It gets worse when the BJP government mis-sells public sector companies at prices of throwing away their few and favorite capitalist friends. Not only is the reservation of Dalits, Adivasis, Backward coming to an end, but efforts are being made to establish the monopoly of some people over the economy of India. The Indian National Congress will strongly oppose this indiscriminate privatization.

The political group has resolved that all congressmen will fight for the protection of Gandhian values ​​and the Nehru principle of independent India at all costs. Together with the organization of the Congress, the National Congress will establish a broad contact and dialogue with all social, cultural, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, think tanks and civil society groups. On the other hand, the Congress is determined to establish dialogue and contact with all related parties and will keep open the avenues for forging alliances according to political circumstances.

In addition, Rahul Gandhi admitted on Sunday that Congress has lost its connection with the common man and must be fixed by reaching out to the people. “We need to reactivate our relationship with people and accept that it was broken,” he said. We will reinforce it, it will not happen with any shortcut, we have to work hard. At the same time, he said that in order to strengthen the relationship with the people, Congress will issue a Bharat Joda Yatra nationwide in October.

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