Effect of coronavirus on children: This is why your children are getting angry, if you don’t pay attention now, it will be difficult to move forward

Correspondent from Jagran, Dhanbad: The Crown period changed a lot. During this period, when the children saw someone die in front of them, someone saw that their parents were going to work. The children also saw their parents working from home, fighting day and night before their own eyes. Sometimes he would ask his parents something, he would come back with a half-hearted answer. Sometimes he even had a window. When he was asked to play with his brother and sister, he was instilled with a new habit of playing Ludo on his cell phone. Also, don’t disturb children, sometimes just because they made them sit in front of cell phones and TVs.

After the crown transition period, due to the dependence on mobile phones, there is a rapid change in behavior among schoolchildren. On the one hand, parents are concerned about the rising trend of violence among children, on the other hand its effect is also being observed in schools. In recent times, incidents in many schools have seen cases of violent tendencies by children. So be friends with children, try to understand their feelings, give them time, only these things can be avoided. This thing came out on the Dainik Jagran Vichar show. Intellectuals, educators, parents and students from the district attended. It was discussed in the discussion that in order to improve the child’s behavior, parents must have an emotional bond with their children. You have to understand his words. You have to cooperate mentally. The only problem is that no one has time to listen to the children’s problems. Here, children lost in the world of television and mobile have been considered the protagonists of the same story.

Dr. Pramod Pathak, a former professor as a psychologist at the IIT ISM, says that due to the growing dependence on mobile phones, there is a rapid change in children’s behavior. This is called conventional conditioning. There are three main causes of children’s behavior change; Deficiency, nature and effect. There is a lack of mutual affection with children. Because of this, there is a rapid change in the nature of the child. To avoid this, he suggested that schools should increase the number of parent-teacher meetings. Along with children, there is also a need for regular counseling for their parents on how to care for their children.

AK Singh, director of the Life Institute Bastakola, says stress is a major cause and that stress goes through loneliness. Due to various reasons, parents are not able to maintain an emotional bond with their children. The same goes for school. In this situation, it is important that when there is a change in the child’s behavior, then explain it with love and listen to it.

Dr Sarita Sinha, principal of Delhi Public School, said that it is often seen that parents who are unable to maintain emotional affection with their children, the biggest change is coming in children’s behavior. To overcome this, ongoing counseling is being provided to children. This also results in positive results. Many children complain that their parents cannot devote time to it. The child feels lonely even at home. Many parents do not even come to the parent-teacher meeting. The bottom line is that your child is lost somewhere.

NN Srivastava, director of DAV Koyla Nagar, says stress increases more quickly in children than before. Young children are also affected by this. There should be a collective effort for this. Speaking of his school, he said Havana is made in school to motivate children. Different programs are being organized to instill values ​​in children. Behavior changes are increasingly visible even in young children. He said that in order to solve the problem, there needs to be an interaction between the teacher and the children.

Shouvik Chatterjee, deputy director of Dhanbad KG Ashram Public School, said that after online studies, children’s dependence on mobile phones has increased. Children have started spending more time on social media and their behavior has changed. To eliminate this tendency in children, emotional support should be given. Children are innocent, they don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right. In this situation, apart from the parents, the school management should also explain to the children in an emotional way.

RP Tiwari, director of St. Xavier’s International School says that even before the transition period to the crown, there was a change in the child’s behavior. About ten percent of children have always been undisciplined. I don’t think counseling can cure a child. All you have to do is move from negative to positive for the child who is being more aggressive in class. This requires a collective effort.

Uma Mishra, deputy director of Rajkamal Saraswati Vidya Mandir Dhanbad, said that after online learning, children have become more dependent on mobile. That is why children suffer from stress. For these children, separate classrooms have been prepared here, where discussions are given giving topics to the children. The role of parents is important in changing children’s behavior.

At the same time, district child protection officer Anand Kumar says parents are also busy today. Some have work stress and some are busy with other jobs. That’s why they can’t pay much attention to children. Take a look at the children’s books, do the homework sitting in front of them and create a nice atmosphere.

Parole officer Vishambhar Poddar said that after online studies, children have become addicted to mobile phones. The school management is also giving all the work to the child through the online medium. Offline classes have now started in schools, however, information is being given to children by forming a WhatsApp group. This habit must end.

Phoolchand Mahto, a law student, said parents can only see their children as guardians. At school, teachers consider their students only as students. Between these two children they begin to feel alone. The father should treat the child like a friend.

Deepak Kumar Mahato suggested that the school develop this platform so that children can only study on their mobile or tab. Otherwise, in the name of online education, children get lost in the internet world, as a result of which they start behaving violently. He said it is not good for the future of children.

Edited by Deepak Kumar Pandey

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