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23:03, 16 May 2022

President Kovind in Jamaica: President Kovind addressed the Indian community in Jamaica, said: a vibrant bridge between the two countries of the diaspora

The visit of President Ram Nath Kovind takes place in the year of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The president also received an Honor Guard upon his arrival in Jamaica. Read more

06:49, 17-May-2022

Jammu and Kashmir: fire breaks out in forested areas of Niyaka, Panjgren and Ghambir Muglan, firefighters under control

A massive fire broke out in the forest areas of niaka panjgrain and ghambir mughlan rajouri

It is unclear how the fire started and how much damage was done to life and property in the fire. Read more

06:37, 17-May-2022

Get to know the BJP program: said JP Nadda: Deep faith in constitutional and democratic values ​​is the basis of the BJP

BJP President JP Nadda interacted with 14 party leaders at the party headquarters in Delhi under the initiative

Introducing foreign diplomats to the BJP’s policy and work style under the “Know the BJP” program, JP Nadda said the BJP is not just a political party, but a social organization, which considers service to all needs. as its goal. Read more

02:51, 17-May-2022

Delhi Mundka fire: three sisters from Arun disappeared before their eyes, if the roof door had not been closed, all three would have survived.

Delhi Munda Fire, three sisters from Arun disappeared in front of their eyes if they didn't put the lock on the roof door, all three could have survived

There is still no trace of the body of the sisters of Arun. It’s been three days since the stove was lit in his home. The mother cries badly. She is walking around the hospital and the police station with her father. Read more

06:00, 17-May-2022

Today’s big news: Gyanvapi dispute reached Supreme Court, LIC IPO will be on the list, read important news from the country and the world

Today's main news of May 17: important and important news of the May 17 updates on Amar Ujala

The issue of a court order at the Gyanvapi Mosque complex in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, has reached the Supreme Court again. We read the important news of the country and the world in one place and with one click … read more

06:04, 17-May-2022

Gyanvapi Mosque Case: Kashi-Mathura Now Prepares New Land for Politics, Government and Union Eyes in Court Grade

Gyanvapi Mosque Case: Kashi and Mathura Now Prepare New Land for Politics, Government Eyes and RSS at Court Stand

Although Kashi-Mathura is out of this realm, the Sangh Parivar is preparing to launch a campaign to remove the Places of Worship Act. In asking the reason for this, Swami Jitendranand says that the issue is not just Kashi-Mathura. There are 3000 places of worship of these Hindus, which were grounded. This law was introduced to strangle the rights of Hindus. Read more

05:57, 17-May-2022

Hinduism and nationalism: the BJP became a force in the south, past events played a role in increasing penetration

Hinduism and nationalism: the BJP became a force in the south, past events played a role in increasing penetration

The BJP showed great interest in the local elections held in Hyderabad in late 2020 and the Hinduism card and nationalism were played very effectively there. As a result, the BJP won in 48 neighborhoods. The resounding success of the BJP in those elections led to the head minister of the state K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s plan to form an anti-BJP political alliance at the national level was overthrown. Read more

05:45, 17-May-2022

Agriculture: global crisis in Kharif season, shortage of fertilizers and record heat of March-April

Agriculture: global crisis in Kharif season, fertilizer shortage and record heat in March-April

The scarcity of fertilizers and the record heat of March-April have led to wheat production. This year not only has wheat yields declined, but grain has also weakened. Read more

05:40, 17-May-2022

DC vs. PBKS analysis: Mitchell Marsh and Lord Shardul snatch victory in Punjab, Mayank team’s average order completely falls

IPL 2022, DC vs. PBKS Analysis: Mitchell Marsh and Lord Shardul Thakur snatch victory in Punjab, Mayank Agarwal's middle order fell completely

Delhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings Review: The Punjab team could not win despite the dismissal of David Warner by zero. At the same time, the half-century of Mitchell Marsh and the four-port route of Lord Shardul Thakur snatched victory in the Punjab. Jitesh Sharma’s 44-run tickets did not work for Punjab either. Read more

05:36, 17-May-2022

Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve: Ramgarh Vishdhari Shrine declared the country’s 52nd Tiger Reserve, fourth in Rajasthan

Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve: Ramgarh Vishdhari Shrine declared the country's 52nd Tiger Reserve, fourth in Rajasthan

Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav on Monday expressed his happiness over the declaration of Rajasthan’s Ramgarh Poison Dhari sanctuary as the country’s 52nd tiger reserve through social media. Read more

02:15, 17-May-2022

NEET UG 2022: now fill in the online application form and rates before May 22, the installation will be available until 21:00 on May 22

NEET UG 2022 Now fill out the online application form and rates before May 22nd

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has extended the date to fill out the online application form for NEET 2022 at the request of the Office of the Director General of Medical Services of the Armed Forces (AFMS). Read more

05:21, 17-May-2022

Gyanvapi poll: doubts over report to court today, special lawyers may ask for time

Survey gyanvapi doubts about the report that will be presented today in court

After the Shivling was found at the Gyanvapi Masjid facility, the court ordered the sealing of those premises. In this situation, it was believed that the commission’s report would be presented to the court on Tuesday. Read more

05:12, 17-May-2022

University of Delhi: postman will now hold SOL degree, students will need to register to get the facility

now postman bring sun degree students must register for ease

Dr. Umashankar Pandey, OSD of SOL, said that after finishing their studies, students will not come to study. For this reason, thousands of degrees remain with us. It is important that they reach out to students. Read more

05:08, 17-May-2022

List of LIC IPO shares: LIC IPO will be listed today, 26 PSUs arrived in the last 13 years, of which 15 gave losses

Stock market: LIC OPI will trade today, 26 PSU listed in 13 years, 15 gave losses

According to the BSE PSU index, New India Insurance is also among the biggest losers. This has also meant a loss of 87%. The IPO reached 800 rupees in 2017 and is now 104 rupees. Punjab and Sind Bank’s share has also yielded a loss of 87 per cent. It reached 120 rupees in 2010 and is now at 15 rupees. Read more

05:01, 17-May-2022

Gyanvapi survey: original temple was demolished by Qutubuddin Aibak, Todarmal had established Shivling of Panna

The original Vishwanath temple was demolished in 1194 by Muhammad Ghori’s general, Qutubuddin Aibak. The temple was demolished by Hussain Shah Sharqi in the 14th century. Read more

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