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World AIDS Day! Hello, it is celebrated on December 1st, today is May 18th. Yes, May 18th is not “World AIDS Day” but “World AIDS Vaccine Day”. Vaccine Day! When was the AIDS vaccine given? No, the vaccine is not yet made, but this day is celebrated to mourn the growing growth of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection and to mourn the dead and to raise awareness about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Now it must not be said separately that AIDS is a very dangerous and deadly disease. If two days of 365 are decided for this, nothing bad has happened.

The beginning of the AIDS talk with a really painful anecdote. This anecdote explains with the excuse of AIDS that heaven and hell are in place, the fruits of doing must suffer here and the sigh of the poor is never emptied. If this poor woman is a compulsive woman, then she is not left empty-handed. I don’t remember the date, I just remember it’s a year and a half story. The story is like this. A woman’s husband dies for some reason. The deceased leaves behind a young woman and children. The wife and children naturally seek the help of the government. Some government schemes may be useful to them. The woman knocks on the door of the government hoping for help. Where he finds a corrupt bureaucracy. Government work is not done without weight and women do not have a penny to give. But the bureaucracy is not so cruel that if there is no money there will be no work. Bureaucrats who specialize in finding ways and their servants make a proposal to the woman, telling her what has happened that she has no money. But she owns the beautiful body. So serve your body in the name of bribery. The job will be done, there will be a lot of help from the government and life will be quiet for him and his children. At first the woman is not ready but then she accepts the proposal in the style of ‘what does not die’.

Babu, Bade Babu, Chhote Sahib and Bade Saheb are participating in this agreement. There is a great value of language in the work of number two, so the work of women is also done. Spend time. A new problem comes about women. She falls ill. If tested, it is found to be HIV positive. When the word spreads, it reaches Babu and Sahabs. Frightened, everyone is tested and it is found that they also have AIDS. What could be a greater punishment for this heinous crime?

We also talk about movies. ‘Bhoori’ is a film released in 2016. Focusing on the exploitation of women, the film is based on a rural background. Its story is unique, interesting and moving. The beauty of the poor ‘Bhuri’ of twenty-three years is a curse to her, her greatest enemy is also that beauty. She married three times and all three husbands died prematurely. Thus, Bhuri, considered cursed, is married to Dhanua (Radhuveer Yadav), 55 years old. The beautiful body of Bhuri is under the eyes of the gang of influential people of the village. These include people such as owners, sarpanch, doctors.

One day, the doctor confronts the villagers with a report about Dhanua, finds out that Dhanua is in the bottles of the deadly AIDS disease. Dhanua is moved out of the village to a hut. Forced brownie starts prostitution.

One day the doctor’s daughter falls ill. A blood test shows he has AIDS. The enraged doctor learns that his daughter has given him the germs of the disease. The information that comes out after hitting the composter leaves the doctor stunned. It turns out that the composter had this Bhuri disease. A large population of the people who are having fun with Bhuri are subject to this disease. Where did Bhuri get this disease from? From her husband Dhanua? No, the only person who was expelled from the village as an AIDS victim was the only person who was saved from AIDS even after being in contact with Bhuri. Because the AIDS patient could not have a physical relationship, he survived. The doctor’s report was false. The main purpose of this report was to remove Raghuveer from the village so that the forced Bhuri could suffer physical abuse.

The third story is not only a real story but also an inspiring one. Which he says is either the remote rural area of ​​the imaginary village of Bhuri or the educated people of the developed nation America. Everyone thinks the same about AIDS. This is evidenced by the story of the world’s greatest basketball player, Earwin ‘Magic’ Johnson. In whose life AIDS caused so many disorders that his life became a movie story.

Born in 1959 into a poor family, Johnson began playing basketball at an early age. ‘Magic’ was added to his name at a very young age, when the world was surrounded by his magical basketball skills. His magic game had driven people crazy from the start. Magic Johnson, one of the greatest players in the world, was included in the list of the 50 best NBA (National Basketball Association, America) in the world in 1996. In 1991, he surprised fans by announcing his retirement from his career. , declaring himself HIV-positive. Magic Johnson’s name includes the five-time NBA champion record.

The opportunity to compare people’s thinking about AIDS and that of the developed country came when Magic Johnson announced his intention to return to sports (NBA). During training, he had to face opposition from many active players. That’s why he had to re-announce his retirement before the regular season. Former teammates Byron Scott and AC Green issued a fatwa saying “Johnson shouldn’t play.” Karl Malone argued that “if Johnson had open wounds in court, he would also be at risk of contamination.” In an interview in August 2011, Johnson said he “retired because he didn’t want to harm the game.” Later, Magic Johnson also wrote a book on safe sex. Former United States President George HW Bush once said. “To me, Magic is a hero, a hero to anyone who loves sports.” (‘For me, magic is a hero, this guy who loves sports can be a hero to anyone.’)

Speaking of Hindi movies, some interesting and good movies have been made about AIDS. In which “Phir Milenge” by Salman, Shilpa and Abhishek Bachchan (2004), Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla’s brother “My Brother Nikhil” (2005), “Nidan” (2000), “AIDS Jaago” (2007) and ” Ten Stories “. (2007) can be mentioned.

However, the AIDS vaccine could not be vaccinated, but two things have definitely happened. One, the fear of untouchability has been reduced a bit and, secondly, the number of deaths has dropped because of this, it has reduced the panic a bit. On this occasion, all we can say about AIDS is ‘Hate the disease, not the sick, spread awareness, not ignorance’.

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