Social harmony of girl marriage Girl marriage became an example of social harmony

Bhopal, The essence of the whole Gita is that what is done is not in vain and without doing nothing is gained. If you do good you will do good and if you do bad you will do bad. This was realized once again during the mass marriage of girls in Gadhakota, when Minister Gopal Bhargava received congratulations and best wishes for the 19th event. This event not only became a symbol of social harmony, but also a symbol of self-esteem for the poor and middle-class family, because in the same event, Minister Gopal Bhargava also he had married his only son and daughter and has since participated in the mass marriage of girls. He considered himself proud to marry children in some way. Overwhelmed by the program, Union Minister Prahlad Patel said Minister Gopal Bhargava and his team deserve congratulations for this work and on the day Bhargava marries 21,000 girls, they will be given a civil congratulation. To date, Bhargava has married 19,000 girls.

In fact, the BJP, and especially the Sangh, has been continually fighting for Hindu unity in which casteism can be eliminated. That is why the Sangh has been talking about a well, a school, a temple and a pavilion, and the basic spirit was noticed during the mass marriage of girls in Gadhakota in the year 19, when the bride and groom of different castes were sitting together on a stage. They were tying the knot. Now that her children are getting married in a mass marriage of girls she has also started to feel proud because in organizing this mass marriage of girls, Minister Gopal Bhargava had married her only son and daughter. Even during this time the bride and groom of all castes were under the mandap. When the 19th mass wedding was held in Gadhakota on Thursday, Union Minister Pahlad Patel, who was present as the main guest of this program, not only praised the event but also announced that when Gopal Bhargava Bhargava would have a civil right. happiness when 21,000 girls were married.

Today, however, when efforts are being made to divide society on the basis of caste in the state and in the country, an attempt by Gopal Bhargava may prove to be a milestone in the direction of uniting society so that event breaks walls. of casteism and increase social harmony. The bride and groom of all castes can be seen on the list of Gopal Bhargava, who has so far married 19,000 girls. Not only that, when he started this event 19 years ago, then no one had imagined that one day this event would become an example in the state and in the country. Through the event, Gopal Bhargava also establishes the relationship from one generation to the next.

Like Minister Gopal Bhargava, his son Abhishek Bhargava is also very interested in similar programs and does not spend months with his colleagues to complete the program so that any family in which a marriage is celebrated knows how difficult it is. they have been done and 800 marriages have been held here, so a lot of work must have been done for this to be easily understood.

Gopal Bhargava, who is associated with social concerns and always thinks of the common man, always stays without any discrimination with the residents of the area with happiness and pain. The help given by him during the Crown period was appreciated throughout the country and the marriage of girls has become an example of social harmony.

Although politics is said to break, religion connects, but where there are politicians like Gopal Bhargava, politics also becomes a means to connect society. The BJP government is also implementing some such schemes so that society can connect without any discrimination, in which “Ladli Laxmi Yojana” and “Massive Girl Marriage”, “Sambal Yojana” stand out.

Together, for progress, happiness and peace in society, the state and the country, it is necessary to create an environment of social harmony and for that, everyone should try to rise above of politics. The Sangh also understands that polarization on the basis of religion cannot make Hindu society united and strong. This is why similar social events are needed so that the concept of Sabka Saath Sab Ki Vikas can also be fulfilled.

During the 19th mass marriage of girls in Gadhakota, an example of social harmony was seen on stage. The stage where Brahmins, lodhis, thakurs, kurmis, kushwahas, adivasis, dalits were present and sons and daughters of all castes were married. Under a pavilion was a well, a school, and a temple. The concept can be strong. , too.

19 marriages were also celebrated along with the marriage
The Minister of Public Works and Cottage Village Industries Department, Madhya Pradesh Government, Gopal Bhargava, organized the historic mass marriage ceremony of social harmony in his hometown Gadhakota. In this dignified program, the Minister of State for the Food Processing Industries and Jal Shakti, Government of India, Prahlad Patel ji, appeared as the main guest and blessed the bride and groom tied to the knot. In this marriage ceremony, 1100 bride and groom were married. In this event with social harmony, under a pavilion where seven rounds of marriage were celebrated, the same 19 weddings were also celebrated. Before the wedding and the wedding, the royal procession left the main roads of the city and reached the stadium located in the Gopalji complex, where the cheap gharati hosted different types of cold drinks and also served good food. The gift material that was to be given to each couple under the government scheme was given, apart from that, Minister Gopal Bhargava gave many gifts to the bride and groom. In this 19th virtuous marriage, former Minister Jayant Malaiya, former Minister Smt Lalita Yadav, former Minister Narayan Kabirpanthi, MLA Shailendra Jain, MLA Pradyuman Singh Lodhi, MLA Ajay Tandon, former MLA Rahul Lodhi, former MLA Smt. Sudha Jain, former MLA Dharamu Rai, former MP Bhanu Rana, former MP Umadevi Khatik, former MP Lakhan Patel, former mayor Sagar Abhay Dare, former chair of the Smt. Lata Wankhele, collector Sagar Deepak Arya, superintendent of police Tarun Nayak, general manager of Kshiti district Panjcha Singhal and senior officials of the District Administration were present.

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