The “Bharat Jodo” campaign in Congress is being overshadowed by the “Todo Congress” campaign of party dissidents.

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Does Congress have any strategy to stop this sudden disintegration that began after making big demands to push Congress forward to the Chintan Shivir? Is the high command of Congress taken seriously when it comes to stopping it? All sorts of questions are being asked about it.

Less than eight days have passed since Congress Chintan Shivir started the process of marching strong party leaders back. After the Chintan Shivir, Congress youth leader Hardik Patel left Congress in Gujarat. The next day, Sunil Jakhar, who was the state president of Punjab, also joined the BJP in the hands of BJP President JP Nadda. Sunil Jakhar had already said “good luck” and “goodbye” to the party by doing Facebook live during Chintan Shivir himself. There are reports in Congress circles that many other great leaders are also in the process of changing sides. They are just waiting for the right time to make the decision.

Both Hardik Patel and Sunil Jakhar have raised serious questions about the leadership of Congress high command Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. While Hardik Patel is a young leader, Sunil Jakhar is a very high leader. With the abandonment of the two of the party, the allegation in Congress that it is not able to meet the elders nor does it live up to the expectations of the youth. After these two leaders left the party, from the party it is said that both had many opportunities but could not do anything special for the party. Hardik Patel was appointed president of the state unit at a very young age. Hardik alleges that he was definitely appointed working president, but the great leaders of the state did not allow him to work.

He doesn’t seem to be trying to stop the disintegration

Currently, no effort is seen from the high command to stop this disintegration that began again in Congress. Hardik Patel reportedly wanted to clear some complaints by meeting with Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, but was not given a chance. Hardik Patel has made many serious allegations in his resignation sent to Sonia Gandhi, in the same way Sunil Jakhar has also made it clear on his Facebook Live that the current high command of Congress does not have the understanding to test his alien . Before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections at the hotel, many leaders had left Congress, then Priyanka Gandhi said in an interview on a TV channel that she made no effort to stop these leaders and that she did not would make no effort in the future. . Rahul Gandhi also follows the same path. He has already made it clear that the fight with the Sangh Parivar and the BJP is not easy, only a strong Congress as a new ideology can make this battle, those who cannot fight can leave the party.

Congress challenges increase

It is worth noting that in December this year, assembly elections will be held in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Elections in both states are very important to Congress. In both states, Congress is in direct competition with the BJP. In both states, the Aam Aadmi party is trying to make the contest triangular. This has increased the challenges of Congress. Gujarat assembly elections are more important to Congress. BJP has been winning the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections across the country since 2014 on behalf of the Gujarat model. The challenge for Congress is to overthrow this model of BJP. But Congress does not seem to be committed to this from anywhere. Just before the election, the mutual leader among the congressional leaders and why the leaders are moving away from the party is weakening the party’s electoral prospects. Abandoning Hardik Patel coverage is a major setback for Congress. At the same time, by joining the BJP, the BJP can reap many benefits in the election.

Congress does not look serious in Gujarat

The way Hardik Patel has left Congress after worrying about internal unrest, he believes that Congress does not seem to be taken seriously when it comes to winning elections in the Gujarat Assembly. In the assembly elections, Congress gave the BJP a good fight, Congress won 77 seats and the BJP stopped at 99. Before that, the BJP has been winning about 120 or more. seats. There has been a 2.5 percent increase in the votes polled by Congress in the election. While only 1.25 percent of BJP votes had increased. Looking at the figures from the last election, it seems that if Congress had seriously tried, it could have defeated the BJP in Gujarat in 2022. But due to the apathy of the Congress towards the electoral preparations and the mutual confrontation between the leaders , it no longer seems that Congress is trying to win the election. Of the 77 members of Congress who won the last election in the assembly, 13 have already passed the BJP. There is a discussion that a dozen more MPs may join the BJP. There is much anger among state congressional leaders over Raghu Sharma, who is in charge of Gujarat. But the high command of Congress has no time to address its grievances.

Fight for Rajya Sabha

One hundred grenades have fallen ill due to elections to Rajya Sabha in Congress. Congress is expected to win 9 seats in the biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha, which will be held with 57 seats. You can also claim the tenth seat. There is a tremendous struggle in Congress. Ghulam Nabi Azad, leader of Rajya Sabha, is the candidate for the seats of Rajya Sabha from former Minister of Interior and Finance P Chidambaram to former Union Minister Anand Sharma to Randeep Surjewala and Jairam Ramesh, highly regarded special by Rahul Gandhi. Along with dissatisfied leaders in Congress, many G-23 leaders are also presenting the Rajya Sabha seat claim. It has become a major challenge to the high command of Congress to decide the candidates for these seats. There is a joke on social media that says Congress should give 4 seats to people over the age of 50 and leaders under the age of 40 to 50, while a seat should be given to a leader who is exactly 50 years old. .

Rahul Gandhi not worried?

Does Congress have any strategy to stop this sudden disintegration that began after making big demands to push Congress forward to the Chintan Shivir? Is the high command of Congress taken seriously when it comes to stopping it? All sorts of questions are being asked about it. The biggest question that arises is whether Rahul Gandhi is bothered to stop this new split in the party. Looking at the working style of Congress, he doesn’t seem to care about his working style, questions are being asked within the same party. Rahul Gandhi did not hold a single meeting with the party leaders to implement the decisions taken in it to strengthen the party in the Chintan Shivir. Instead, he went to London to take part in an event on ‘Idea of ​​India’. However, the program will be held on May 24. But Rahul Gandhi arrived a week ago. Questions are being asked about this attitude of his within the party itself.

It was hoped that after the Chintan Shivir, the challenges of Congress would be reduced. Congress will be strongly engaged in preparations for the next assembly elections. But nothing like that seems to be happening. The situation in Congress remains as it is. While Congress plans to start Bharat Jodo Padyatra from October 1, dissidents sitting inside Congress are working on a plan to break up Congress itself. The ‘Bharat Jodo’ campaign in Congress is currently being overshadowed by the ‘Congress Todo’ campaign of party dissidents.

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