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10:01, 22-May-2022

Gyanvapi case: the issue of Shivling will be raised at the meeting of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust Council, the president said: get the right to worship

The chairman of the Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust Council said only the top of the Gyanvapi complex is in the shape of a mosque and the rest is temple-shaped. He said with the statement that the stone found in Vazukhana is Shivling. Read more

09:53, 22-May-2022

MI vs DC photos: Sara Tendulkar once again draws public attention, Virat Kohli sways after Bombay victory

IPL 2022 MI vs DC Match 69 Featured in Hindi sara tendulkar show clothes

Sara Tendulkar had come to support the Bombay team and once again drew everyone’s attention. At the same time, the RCB team, praying for the victory of Bombay, jumped for joy after the match. Read more

09:16, 22-May-2022

Aalo Rani Sach: TMC candidate’s name also on Bangladesh voter list, Mamta gave ticket to assembly elections

The name of TMC candidate Alo Rani Sarkar is also on the list of voters in Bangladesh

According to Aalo Rani, he was born in 1969 in Hooghly, India. She did not relinquish her Indian citizenship after marriage and said she does not even live with her husband. The investigation revealed that he was born in Bangladesh. Read more

10:00 a.m., May 22, 2022

Agra: How is this the God of the earth? The father wept bitterly for the treatment of the son who fell from the roof, not the heart of the doctors.

child not receiving treatment at SN Medical College father called police

Doctors are given the name of God of the earth, but a case came to light in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, which put a question mark on this proverb. At SN Medical College, the father was wandering to receive treatment for the child who was injured after falling from the roof, but doctors did not have a broken heart. Then the police were called, and then the boy was able to receive treatment. Read more

09:38, 22-May-2022

Uttrakhand: threatened to blow up Roorkee train station, terrorist organization sent a letter, looked for trains in fear, photos

ATS and RPF launch control campaign after Roorkee train station threatens to explode

The GRP together with the RPF and the ATS carried out an intense control operation at the Laksar railway station after receiving the threat of the terrorist organization to bomb the train station on May 21. . Read more

09:59, 22-May-2022

Shivpuri: BJP workers’ dialogue program organized, Scindia says: India’s name shines on world stage

Shivpuri: BJP workers' dialogue program organized, Scindia says: India's name shines on world stage

Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said India’s name shines on the world stage today under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India is a country fighting for global interests. Read more

18:39, 21-May-2022

Hemkund Sahib: The doors will open today, the first group of five thousand pilgrims led by Panj Pyars has arrived in Ghangaria

Char Dham Yatra 2022 Hemkund Sahib opens its doors Today five thousand pilgrims led by Panj Pyars have arrived in Ghangaria

The pilgrimage to Hemkund Sahib begins two years after Corona. Only five thousand pilgrims will be able to visit Hemkund Sahib in one day. Pilgrims will only be able to visit Hemkund Sahib after consulting Govindghat doctors. Read more

09:51, 22-May-2022

CUET UG 2022: last date to apply for CUET 2022 today, hurry up

Last registration date for CUET 2022 Until May 22 Apply now at See here the application fee procedure

CUET 2022: A total of 85 universities participate in CUET. These include 44 central universities, 12 state universities, 10 considered universities and 19 private universities. Read more

09:28, 22-May-2022

Lakshya Sen: Prime Minister Modi’s request fulfilled, after winning the Thomas Cup, the badminton player who arrives in Uttarakhand today will be welcome

Prime Minister Modi's request has been fulfilled, Lakshya Sen will arrive in Uttarakhand today after winning the Thomas Cup

Today’s goal is to reach Uttarakhand after winning the Thomas Cup. A meeting was held at the Sports Stadium on Saturday to welcome Lakshya Sen to Almora. Lakshya and her father DK Sen will be taken to the Shikhar Hotel in procession from Karbala at 5pm on Sunday. Read more

09:46, 22-May-2022

Gangster Pappu Smart: 18 cases of serious sections, including murder, also captured King Yayati’s fort, you know who Pappu Smart is

Gangster Pappu Smart, 18 serious section cases including murder, Raja Yayati fort was also occupied

Gangster Mohd, the main accused in the murder case of BSP leader Pintu Sengar. On Saturday, the excavators of the Municipal Corporation ran through all the illegal shops built next to the house of Asim alias Pappu Smart. A total of 17 serious section cases have been reported, including murder, and the NSA has also been charged. Today we will tell you about Pappu Smart, how he built such a great empire. Read more

09:37, 22-May-2022

PM Modi meets badminton players: PM Modi meets Thomas Cup and Uber Cup players, players share experiences

PM Modi meets badminton players who share their experience with the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup

The players who won the Thomas Cup shared their experiences with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During this, the Prime Minister congratulated all the players and conveyed their best wishes for a bright future.

Read more

09:47, 22-May-2022

Gasoline diesel price: relief for the public due to the relief of high inflation, learn about new gasoline and diesel prices in Banaras

Diesel Gasoline Reducing Relief Prices to the Public Due to Inflation Know How Much Fuel Rate Decreased in Varanasi

The central government has reduced the price of oil products. Manisha Jain, a spokesman for the Varanasi Oil Distributors Association, said the price of petrol in Varanasi was 106.88 rupees per liter. Which has dropped from 9.50 rupees to 97.38. Read more

09:23, 22-May-2022

Saturday box office report: ‘Dhaakad’ shows canceled, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ skipped the second day; read the box office report

Saturday Box Office Report Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Dhaakad Day 2 Sarkaru Vaari Paata Day 10 Saunkan Saunkne Day 10

Saturday’s box office report Kartik Aaryan and Kaira Advani, starring ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’, has so far become the biggest release of 2022. Read more

09:38, 22-May-2022

Chhattisgarh News: A young man wanted to shoot Bhupesh Baghel in the square, asked permission from the president and was arrested

A man asks President Ramnath Kovind on Facebook to give orders to shoot Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel

Maharishi Gautam Pendra, 36, is a resident of Patgwan, a village in the development bloc. Gautam is described as the vice-president of the Chhattisgarh National Self-Respect. Read more

09:37, 22-May-2022

Madhya Pradesh: To avoid the scorching heat, Minister Scindia said in the recipe, said: I walk with onions in my pocket to avoid the heat

Scindia told the stage that I believe in old things, before it was said that when you go out in the sun, you go out with a bag or onion in your pocket. I still have onion in my pocket today. He also showed the onion on stage out of his pocket.

Read more

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