Prime Minister’s statement harms democracy and confirms party sabotage: Jot Singh Bisht

Jot Singh Bisht, coordinator of the state organization of the Aam Aadmi Party in Uttarakhand, said that the chief minister of our state made a statement yesterday about the activities of the Aam Aadmi Party in the country’s capital, Uttarakhand, which he will attack continuously. BJP democracy in Devbhoomi. . It also confirms the conspiracy to sabotage other parties.
He said the chief minister said the AAP party came to Uttarakhand as a tourist and returned. It does not depend on the dignity of his office. In fact, the way the Aam Aadmi Party governments in Delhi under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal and in the Punjab under the leadership of the Honorable Bhagwant Mann, are taking steps to address the basic problems of the common man. Build confidence at work. Thanks to this, today the people of Himachal and Haryana are partnering with the Aam Aadmi Party. Panicked by him, Uttarakhand’s chief minister is making such irresponsible statements. We thank the Chief Minister for recognizing the strong presence of the Aam Aadmi party in Uttarakhand.
He said the prime minister was in Delhi yesterday. Sarla Rawat, a daughter of Uttarakhand who has been missing in Delhi for the past 5 days, should have left the Aam Aadmi party concerned and first knocked on the door of her defender, Interior Minister Amit Shah, to find Sarla Rawat of the Delhi police. Aam Aadmi has not been appointed chief minister for slandering or harming the Aam Aadmi party. He has been appointed chief minister to try to get the state free from debts of the debt of more than 1 lakh crore that his government has imposed on the heads of the people of Uttarakhand state. Also, try to increase state resources. Today, all the citizens of the state are in debt for an amount of Rs.66000. CM Sahib should make a statement on this.
Jot Singh Bisht said there is a great need to run the Char Dham Yatra smoothly in front of the state on this day. Some 60 devotees have died in 20 days due to mismanagement by the government. The government is closing the check-in desk for not being able to arrange passenger travel. Travelers are looking for Haridwar Rishikesh. No one will show them the right way. CM Champawat is busy vowing in the temples to win the election. At the same time, the Minister of Tourism is enjoying Dubai and Delhi. When they ask him questions, he calls them his so-called tourist circuit. If the government had understood this, it would have motivated the additional number of travelers by telling them to visit other famous religious tourist sites, Siddha Peeths, Shaktipeeths, apart from Char Dham.
He said that if the CM and the government had acted responsibly, today the young warrior of the state crown would not have been neglected. Crown warriors saved the lives of the people by risking their lives in the first and second wave of the crown and saved the honor of the government. They were not to sit in dharna in this scorching heat. The current state BJP government seems to be becoming a dictator after its second victory.
He said the Aam Aadmi Party will show a strong network within Uttarakhand in the coming months through its brave colleagues who believe in the policies of Arvind Kejriwal. Chief Minister, let go of your worries, you should first worry about your MLA hostel, which seems to be less MLA accommodation and more rubbish. The Aam Aadmi party is a party that emerged from the struggle. In the last 10 years, the party has seen not one but many favorable and opposite situations and has been moving forward, as will Uttarakhand. It is said that after the fall of some leaves, the trees are not left desolate, only after autumn comes spring. During this, Ravindra Anand and Uma Sisodia were also present.

AAP workers came to support the health workers’ strike
Today, Uma Sisodia, Ravindra Anand and many other workers, including the coordinator of the state organization Aam Aadmi Party, Jot Singh Bisht, arrived at the protest site to support front-line health workers sitting on Sahastradhara Road for a long time. of time. Meanwhile, Jot Singh Bisht, while meeting the protesting protesters, said that the Aam Aadmi Party is on the side of the AAP in this hour of struggle. He said the state government is busy in the Champawat by-elections and, on the other hand, front-line workers are being forced to crack down on their demands.

He said it was the front-line workers themselves who saved the lives of many innocent people without worrying about their lives in Karo Na Call. It served the people continuously, but instead of making them permanent, the government forced them to go out on the road. He said this is an anti-people government, which has no concern for the concerns of the people.
He has demanded that the government make all these front-line workers permanent soon, otherwise the Aam Aadmi party will take to the streets and make a big public move with all the front-line workers, who will be in charge of the government. Uma Sisodia, Jitendra Pant, Ravinder Anand, Sarita Gautam, Satish Sharma, Deep Prakash Pant and Indu Vyas were also present.

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