Women strive to make their breasts bulge and their lips be strawberry so that men’s love is maintained. Actress Kannada Chetana Raj Cosmetic Plastic Surgery | Dainik Bhaskar Baat Barabari Ki

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New DelhiAn hour agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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It was the early 1990’s, when Princess Diana first spoke about her illness. Diana, with transparent blue eyes, admitted: she would be hungry, but she was afraid of even an inch of fat on her waist or arms. With swollen cheeks, he used to be afraid of the same as someone with cancer. I was afraid Charles would leave me.

Fear made me sick. Sitting at the royal table in Buckingham Palace, I ate food, but went to the bathroom to put my finger in my mouth to spit it out. It wanted to go away, like a drug that dissolves when you put it in water.

One of the most beautiful princesses in the world, Diana fell victim to a disease called bulimia nervosa. He was afraid of obesity, just as a child would be afraid to snatch his most beautiful toy. The slender, transparent body in the glass is the only wealth of women, the only weapon to live in the male world. While managing this capital, Diana became ill.

In 1993, with tears in his eyes, he recognized that his condition was like that of a sheep, which is in captivity, and which is about to be bitten.

The needle of time advanced 30 years, but women’s fear of obesity remained there. Kannada actress Chetna Raj died a few days ago. He lost his life not because of old age or a car accident, but because of the fear of fat. Chetna, only 21 years old and 56 kg, had undergone “fat-free” plastic surgery, after which her lungs filled with water. The skin was growing and in a few hours the actress with a wide smile until her ears were gone.

This fear of women in invisible obesity is not new. In the early 17th century, European women wore corsets. This would have been a special dress, which would have made the top and bottom sections very embossed keeping the waist at 18 inches. To make the woman look attractive, the girls wore corsets from an early age.

In the same way that people who love to decorate trees bathe in the bedroom making bonsai, in the same line the body of women also began to have bonsai. They started cutting and trimming. Although the woman’s body did not stretch like a fool after obtaining the pregnancy exemption, a dress was also made for this, which could control all other parts of the body except the stomach. .

In this effort to keep the body attractive, women began to lose their lives. The scientific journal Lancet studied the corsets every year continuously from 1860 to 1890. In this it was revealed that only one cloth is doing as much harm to women as any deadly disease. A total of 97 illnesses were attributed to this, ranging from “mild” problems such as food indigestion and breathing problems to internal bleeding.

People with protruding stomachs, while taking pictures, hold their breath many times and do the trick of pulling their stomachs inwards. These Victorian women were under pressure to stay on their bellies all day. Just because they were women. They were not allowed to gain arm strength. Book skills were not his part either. If she had searched the world while sitting on a boat, she would have been killed. After leaving a body, it became his weapon, skill and wealth.

There was no weight loss surgery at the time. The only solution was to jog like a squirrel and wear stuffy clothes. In addition to the corset, a variety of iron structures were created, filling the woman with a random body to which, after filling, a humble Kamini came out. For years, generous men devoted all their creativity to making women’s clothing.

In 1850 came a special skirt, called a crinoline. It would have been tight from the waist and inflated like a balloon at the bottom. The skirt would have had an iron frame underneath, which would have prevented it from sticking to the legs.

After wearing silk upstairs and an iron cage downstairs, women could not get on the bus or horse-drawn carriage. He could only walk a little, raising his feet slightly. Accidents also often happen due to the ghoomardar enclosure. The cost of looking beautiful, however, was far below what men could afford.

Over time, men became more liberal. Now they don’t ask their wives to eat less or wear stuffy clothes, but point their little finger at surgery.

According to data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2019, 86.5 percent of all plastic surgeries performed worldwide were performed by women. She’s cutting fat, making her breasts bulkier, wanting a sculpted nose, and making her lips juicier than strawberries.

Well, now they are free to do it all. If she wants to wander, no one will stop her, just assuming she is a vagabond will rape her. If you study more, you will be called rancid pearls. If you want to become an artist, you will face commitments.

If you only want to take care of the house, they will call you a fool. Don’t get rid of it even after that. After death, these women go straight to hell, which with their ugliness moves the hearts of working men.

Today, a more modern and sophisticated way of preparing women has emerged. According to a study published in the American journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, companies pay better salaries and jobs to women who have thick lipsticks on their lips and foreign perfume is amplified with expensive clothes.

It is a conspiracy for a woman to dedicate her whole life to fixing her eyelids. This is what is happening. The 21-year-old actress dies while battling invisible obesity. Millions of women suffer from severe pain each year while losing fat. How good it would have been if instead of the body, they could get rid of the fog of their mind. There would have been surgery in which the woman who came out of the operating room would have been everything but her body.

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