Read Malikaine Patati in Bhojpuri – More Manwa Basal Ba in Khaini, Consumption of Most Basal Khaini in Bihar

Put your feet up! Today, at the door of Pandey Baba, there is a lot of talk about Khaini. Rau’at Janabe Karely that people who arrive early at your door, seek their wishes from everyone. When you want to ask for the desire to get Kehu out of the house, take two or three people to start the khaini malal. People want to drink when they want. Near Khaini distributed lagela of Satnarayan Bhagwan story of God on earth. After Khaini Khaila, people started spitting all over the door. If you want to know today, the Pandey Baba of the village should be very proud of it. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. For our own good, they should always be new. Now take it, we shouldn’t know much about body loss due to tobacco use.

Pandey baba went on to say that in Bihar, most of the one hundred and fifty men consumed a lot of khaini. Smoke less cigarette than bidi. The people of Dagdar were constantly warned that they should not consume anything made with khaini bha tobacco. Ekra Bado Log Khaini Khub Khala Aa Broma Mein Geeto Gavela – Khaini Mein Més Manwan Basal Ba. Eat khaini, ask for scabies, say bekh where not dihla: their heart breaks every day. Aisanka Geet gave Wala Log E Bhula Jala that the consumption of things made of Khaini Bha Tamaku did not become less than poison. The leading cause of oral cancer is tobacco. The name of the first cancer is somewhere in the world. Now every second, in the village of Tisarka, Kehu na Kehu would have become a victim of the disease. People with the most basic oral cancer gather in Bihar.

Yes, but Hanif Mian from Hardiyan was eating a lot of gutkha. But the wound in the mouth may not have passed during the year. People took him to Bangalore and people knew that his gulfar, sir gaile baa. Due to the operation of the Gulf of Dakdar, the eyes of the monkeys were becoming crooked due to the attractiveness. After okra, do not try to eat cigarette khaini, bidi, gutkha, paan bha. Dagdar clean mana ka dihle bara sun. Operation Iho Kahele Bada Sun Dakdar may have done better, but it later became a threat to the Accra file. Hear that zekra is a plum cancer, okra jinigi full of drugs: live in biro. Umirio fell.

Pandey went on to say that in Bihar all other Saiyans are Khaini Khala. Kavano naktin (nicotine) hola in khaini. When lime was mixed with khaini, it got worse and worse. It’s such a naughty thing that an acre of jcara berries has become a habit, don’t give up soon. In Bihar, twenty-seven people eat khaini and eight people drink beedi-cigarettes. He eats a paan with a stale seven-man rattan. E kulhi fet de tamakue. Gutkha food farka fence. The people of Jetna eat Khaini Khala in Bihar, Kehu eats nowhere in Otna Desh. Panrah baris aa ekra is the first choice of the people of the older age group. In Bihar, fifty-four men out of every 100 who consume tobacco products. One hundred and thirty-five men should smoke in the country.

We saw Bani Malikar at Apna Naihar. They have learned to eat twelve bars of Laika Khaini. Naihar Gill stay in Chitwa Yes. The marriage of Phulsari Phua’s daughter is better than Ehija. To see that four or five cow dung cows will be in Luka’s hands. In our eyes, the sun is beautiful. Now Oak told Malikar that the habit of eating khaini from okni should be adopted in eh Umir. Naihar to sogre le ei dek dekh ba that kavano ghar aisan naikhe, in life, all Bha Kehu Na Kehu Khaini Khala Bha will be consumed with other items made with Tamaku. Hum apna iya ke dekhli bani, oo gurguda pies. Baba brought Tamaku Keen from the market for his own good. Baba should be aware that he got serum in Khaini’s pot code and made a tobacco. Pandey baba today, when I keep talking to you about Ekra, we should start talking about everything.

Pandey Baba said the government should keep the house in check. In Ohi, it is known that very few people eat khaini in the city, but the people who eat khaini in the rest of the village are happy. In the village, twenty-eight people, who eat khaini, live in the village, and twenty-four people in the city. Six hundred people who smoke cigarettes, seven people eat gutkha. Pandey Baba said the cigar-drinker-bidi ke jeetna hurt karela, oh se basi okar the smoke extinguished the body of the Wala. On the advice of Pandey Baba, we were very happy with beedi, cigarette, gutkha, and so on. In Bihar, oral cancer patients are on the rise because of this. Cyanide is a dangerous poison that comes to life after ingesting the body. An average of 35 people in the country use tobacco. Bihar is the first in the whole country. Aiza Fifty percent of people became restless without tobacco. Until now, the risk of heart attack would also increase due to tobacco use. Tamaku is dangerous, this is written on the package. Taboo people do not believe.

Pandey baba Iho goes on to say that the people of Jawan Umir have lost their lives eating tobacco. From Tamaku to Hokhe Wala Mauwat, people between the ages of 25 and 65 have a hello. People who eat bidi cigarettes, gutkha-khaini, naikhe, mehraruo and khat-payat bari sun. Eight out of every hundred female cows in Bihar consume a single kareli. Five goats are the only saint in Okni, they keep a child in the stomach of Javana. Ten cows out of every hundred who drink lichen milk should consume a kareli flax. It is a matter of algae that people do not eat openly, but the rest of the people hide. Pandey Baba Iho said that every year, to understand people about the danger of Tamaku, May 31 is set in the world. Today I will tell you about Accra from Ahi to Uhan.
Raur, Malikaine
(Omprakash Ashk is a freelance journalist. The views expressed in this article are personal.)

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