Read in Bhojpuri – In Bengal, in 15 days, how many actresses / models have committed suicide?

Ten days after e-likhla, Vidisha committed suicide. On the suicide note, it was written that he committed suicide out of professional stress. La condemna de jouna kaam ki liye ooh kaam oho ka dihli. Your hands are towards the end of your life. Ekra do din bade, Vidisha’s best friend, Manjusha Niyogi, commits suicide. Manjusha has also been working on television series. Manjusha’s never Kethari that Vidisha near the suicide of his close friend has left the girl depressed. In this same depression, the box is like suicide. What happens after all? The full name of twenty-year-old Pallavi is Pallavi Dey Aa Ek This year’s full name of Vidisha is Vidisha De Mazumdar Rahal. Pallavi has been working on some TV series and Vidisha started her career with an ego short film. Due to professional tension, both actresses are unhappy in love. Model Aego Saraswati Das committed suicide by hanging herself in the city of Calcutta on May 29. When Saraswati was small, her father, Saraswati, had been living for 18 years since Mahatari left her. His Umir is between 18 and 19 years old. His ego fell in love with the young man. What happened to her lover hurt her heart and she became depressed. They finally hung up. Hey, four heroines / models have to take a look inside. Raura went through everyone’s head: A few days ago in South India, Ego Kannada actress Chetna Raj also committed suicide.

Pallavi Ego lives in a relationship with a young man. Pallavi’s lover, Ego Auri, is said to be trapped in the girl’s love. Because of the Akra, Pallavi and her lover are in terrible tension. It was said that to take what goal, to focus on moving. Do not go away. Pallavi’s goals are reaching the top of the performance. You are famous. It has been the goal of most people. If I walk through Accra firmly, then who sees the scope of redundancy? The means for the goal, called Sadhana. In doing sadhna, there is danger in Bichhila. Raura knew that life with a love story or with a partner is very risky. In the Indian tradition of Hamani, there is a dangerous network of physical relationships before marriage. On the contrary, in the tradition of coexistence, all taboos have been shaken. How many men, who even mocked the taboo. Many times during the filming of a movie or TV series, I didn’t find myself when it came to food and soda. From morning till night, shooting would have caused physical and mental fatigue. When the tension of the personal relationship reached Ohhi, it was difficult for a man to stand at the crossroads of life. Which direction did you go? The situation of the love triangle is very dangerous. Pallavi ego has been a promising and wonderful actress. She has been living with him for twenty years. Don’t face emotional stress. Bengali film and television artist saddened by his death.

What is Vidisha’s condition? Vidisha started your career four years ago. Hailing from Kankinada, a suburb of Calcutta, he has been living in the Ego flat in Calcutta. Her relationship is with the Ego Gym coach. He alleges that Oh Trainer had an affair with three cow girls. Vidisha’s emotional shock is delayed. Denouncements — accusations, honors — morality, and sentimentality linger for a long time. It is said that one day Vidisha saw her lover’s company with another girl. I felt sloppy and sloppy. A television job remained erratic. Many types of stress were met. Tabo je is a resident of Vidisha, I would say this girl is alive. anti-suicide. He fought, he won the battle of life. He stepped forward and achieved the goal. The rest of Vidisha has opposed suicide as a principle. Practically his mind remains weak. The challenges of the struggle for life have become powerful. On the contrary, E-Maddha has weakened in them. The fighter has no E characteristics. If there is food everywhere in life, he would have waited for light. Anhar also speaks lightly. Duno parapari aihan s jaihan s. In a deep sentimentality, this knowledge faded. In Vidisha’s life, the love triangle is not a quadrangle. In the battle for control of my spirit, I lost. Surely, because he had faith in Zekra, he would have inflicted deep wounds on him.

Manjusha Niyogi’s house in the Patuli area south of Calcutta. Who committed suicide? Suicidal tendencies are already present in the box. Three months ago, her husband’s company got into a fight and jumped from the roof. The husband should go down to her side. Fer Manjusha Ke Mai explained the whole incident. Unkar Mai Kahatari that Jahiya Vidisha Suicide has been saying repeatedly since Tahiya that I am committing suicide. We lived in this world when we did bad things. I have been saying that the Torah is a deception of the mind that the people of the Torah misunderstand. She is a very nice girl. Manjusha’s ego was a professional photo shoot a day before the suicide. He laughed even on the day of his suicide. My request was sometimes eaten late at night. For the rest of the night, drive from Kekra to Batiyavali. Manjusha’s mother had doubts that the girl could commit suicide at night. With the same fear, the mother-in-law sent her son-in-law’s house to the okra house, so that the charges would be filed against Manjusha’s husband. The obvious cost is that the shock stays too much inside the box. John de Vidisha’s photo is seen over and over again. Vidisha and Manjusha are very friendly. Separation between such a close friend cannot be tolerated, but it is the first time she has committed suicide. He told me what problems there are in the house. Everything is fine.

Saraswati Das has been living in the world of modeling. There are small and small jobs to begin with. There is a lot of potential in them. Oh, my grandmother’s thread is still working. At one o’clock in the evening, her grandmother heard that Saraswati was by her side with a new thread. Enjoy the second panic room. Seeing Saraswati hang on to the gallows. Phir hula- Gullah. Take out the corpse. Do the autopsy. Then funeral. Saraswati who wrote the suicide note Naikhi. After checking her phone, she learned that she was having a conversation with her lover until one o’clock at night. About which there is an argument. Is love the web of the soul? It would take life!

The sages of Hamani said about suicide that after the death of the soul, the soul was surrounded by great sadness. There were many deep issues. Umir Dele enclosure of God count. First of all, oh beautiful hanging life, eating poison will end in a strange way. You receive a severe punishment. Others thought of the ignorance that there was relief from suicide. As much as the pain persisted in Jila, the okra suffered many times after the man who committed suicide left his life.

(Vinay Bihari Singh is a senior journalist, the opinions written in the article are personal.)

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