The mother threw 6 children into the well and kept watching them die, the groom did not take the photographer and the bride broke up the marriage. The mother threw 6 children into the well and kept watching them die, the groom did not take the photographer and the bride broke up the marriage

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  • The mother threw 6 children in the well and watched them die, the groom did not take the photographer and the bride broke up the marriage

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1. Maharashtra: The mother throws 6 children into a well, she stays outside watching them die

In Maharashtra, a mother threw her 6 children one by one into a well and sat outside watching them die. It is said that the woman’s father-in-law had beaten him badly. Angry about this, he took the step of killing his children at night. After the death of the children was confirmed, the woman had also thrown herself into the well to commit suicide, but people saved her. This painful incident is from the Borwadi village of Mahad taluka in Raigad district. Among the dead were five girls and a boy. The woman has been arrested.

2. The groom did not take the photographer, the bride refused to marry, the procession returned empty-handed

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a bride refused to get married because she did not bring a photographer to the wedding. The bride got off the stage and went to her neighbor’s house. The bride said that the man who today did not care about our marriage, how will he take care of me in the future? Both parties tried to convince the bride but she disagreed and the procession returned without the bride.

3. Aamir Khan shaved his head after the girl was rejected, everyone thought he had done it for the role

Aamir Khan is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. The actor had once said that he has been a strong “intense lover”. Aamir shaved his head after a girl rejected him. Then people realized that he had done this for some movie. Aamir says but actually did this childish act when a girl said she did not love Aamir. Director Hansal Mehta was also surprised by his look.

4. Chinese player Zheng said after losing the French Open – Losing due to periods, I wish there was a boy

Chinese Zheng Qinwen, 19, playing in the French Open for the first time, lost in the fourth round to world number one Inga Switek. Explaining the reason for her defeat, Zheng said, “I was more worried about menstruation.” This problem started even before the game. That’s why I had a stomach ache in the middle of the game. Which I had to endure. It was the first day of menstruation. It always hurts me the first day, but I have to play. I can’t go against nature. I would like to be a man, not to have to face it.

5. Mamta Banerjee’s question to a worker with an enlarged stomach – Why is your Madhya Pradesh spreading so much?

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee asked her 125kg worker Suresh Agarwal at a meeting: why is your Madhya Pradesh growing so much. To this, Suresh replied that after exercising for 90 minutes, he eats dough balls every morning. Therefore, the weight is not controlled. Hearing all this, the people present at the program laughed. This video is viral on social media.

6. The High Court granted bail to the accused father-in-law, saying: Indian culture is not about raping a daughter-in-law

The Allahabad High Court has granted bail to the father-in-law accused of raping his daughter-in-law. The court has ruled that it is not natural in Indian culture for a father-in-law to rape his daughter-in-law in association with another person. The court said the rape charge was wrongly filed to hurt or humiliate the father-in-law’s reputation in society. The case is from Saharanpur.

7. A quarter of boys hide their addiction to smoking in brides, couples also remain dissatisfied

A survey by the dating site Quack-Quack has revealed that 23 out of 100 men hide smoking from their girlfriends. 28 women admitted that when they needed emotional support from their partner, he was out because of smoking. At the same time, in a study conducted in China, about 23% of women said they were dissatisfied with physical pleasure with their smoking partner.

8. Munni Rajak receives an election ticket for MLA from RJD, washes clothes under the railway platform

Munni Rajak, a women activist who made slogans in support of former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi, has been named candidate for the MLC elections by the RJD. Munni Rajak doesn’t even have a cell phone. Tej Pratap Yadav, son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, tweeted that a strong and revolutionary RJD worker from Dhobi society and dear Mrs. Munni Rajak as my sister has been declared a candidate of the Bihar Legislative Council by the party. Munni Rajak washes people’s clothes under the railway platform. The face is the answer.

9. The killer of Moosewala, partner in the crime of Lady Don Anuradha of Rajasthan, committed 20 murders.

Gangster Goldie Brar, who claimed responsibility for the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, also has a connection to Rajasthan., Brar, a gangster sitting in Canada, has been a crime companion of Lady Don Anuradha of Rajasthan. Goldie Brar is also linked to the famous gangster Lawrence. Lady Don Anuradha was the bride of the famous gangster Anandpal of Rajasthan. Anuradha joined the Lawrence gang after the Anandpal meeting in June 2017. Anuradha formed the International Crime Syndicate with Goldie with the help of Lawrence. Anuradha had also eliminated 20 of her opponents in collaboration with her husband, gangster Kala Jathedi.

10. Every year 1170 murders in honor of women in Pakistan, leading the world

According to the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, in 2021 there were more than 450 incidents of honor killings of women in the country. There were 15,222 killings in Pakistan between 2004 and 2016. That is, every year 1170 and every week 22 killings are taking place. These are the highest in the world.

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