Are Your Kids Ready to Go to School – Are Your Kids Ready to Go to School?

The end of the summer holidays is an exciting time for children. They are busy finishing their holiday homework. At the same time, they are preparing to collect new multicolored backpacks, colored notebooks, pens, colored boxes, etc. Her parents participate with love.

Doctors advise parents to be careful to follow the immunization requirements of children going to school. Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) and several Indian studies have repeatedly highlighted that children in the five- to 18-year-old age group are more susceptible to seasonal flu or the flu, especially during monsoons. The flu vaccine is needed every year because the strains of the flu virus are constantly changing; Therefore, the composition of influenza vaccines is reviewed annually and vaccines are updated accordingly. Vaccination is recommended in early May because antibodies take a few weeks to build up and the flu season is at its peak.

In addition, vaccine delivery has been delayed or discontinued due to COVID-19 affecting several routine immunization schedules. Delays in the introduction of primary and booster vaccines in children aged four to six years are associated with an increased risk of seasonal infections and other diseases. This is also important now because children are ready to go to school.


Dr Raju Shah, pediatric consultant and neonatologist at Ankur Institute of Child Health, Ahmedabad He advises parents: “The joy of new books, school bags and uniforms is a bit low, as children will be exposed to the outside environment after a long period of about two years. So this is the The right time to protect them from possible infections.which can interfere with their school life.One of these infections is seasonal flu or the flu, which can seriously affect children.The flu is a contagious viral infection caused by covid 19 It also affects the nose, throat and lungs. Both healthy children and children with underlying diseases can be protected with timely immunization. “

Priority should be given to primary and booster vaccination series (four to six years) and vaccines for outbreaks of diseases such as poliomyelitis, diphtheria and whooping cough. Booster vaccines in children aged four to six years ensure adequate protection. This leads to fewer visits to pediatricians, less parental anxiety, and effective, hassle-free protection.

Dr. Nischal Bhatt, MD (Pediatrics), PGD (Adolescent Pediatrics), Pediatrician and Adolescent Health Consultant, Ahmedabad The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) also recommends combined DTP-based vaccines with poliomyelitis. Combination vaccines are also beneficial because they reduce the frequency and severity of punctures in children. Other vaccines such as the annual flu vaccine recommended by the IAP, the pneumococcal vaccine. and the chickenpox vaccine should also be part of the children’s immunization program.

Due to the sudden exposure to the outside world and the reopening of schools, the chances of infection among children have also increased. The vaccine takes about two to three weeks to develop antibodies, so parents should make sure their children are vaccinated before going to school. In addition, the antibody levels of some vaccines decrease over time, so the same priority should be given to the continued protection of booster vaccines. “

Doctors are asking parents to give booster shots to children ages four to six, as children are fainting after a long gap. It is important that children who go to school develop enough antibodies for continued protection and have a booster shot to protect themselves from infection.

With children returning to school, it has become even more important to resume the routine immunization program. Children need to be protected from infection as they grow older, as it can affect their development. Vaccines are the most effective way to fight many infectious diseases, so it is important to complete vaccines on time to stay healthy for a long time.

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