Exclusive interview: My roar reached the children of the country, they should have known what our ancestors were like

New Delhi: There is a lot of excitement among the audience for ‘Samrat Prithviraj’. Akshay Kumar is also fiercely promoting it. Vintage films are already being made in the industry and the public likes it too. This film is directed by Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. This is Manushi Chhillar’s first film. The protagonist of Akshay and Manushi, ‘Prithviraj’, has been released in cinemas today.

1. How did the idea of ​​making a film about Prithviraj Chauhan come about?

So far I have worked mostly on historical films. If we look at the past of India, then such a powerful emperor whose glory is so great and the uniqueness of society.
I was thinking I thought this character is unknown to our audience, if we set aside the episodes of Discovery, all the movies that have been made are built around independence. so I thought
The movie has to be made.

Review: Dr. director’s debut Chandraprakash Dwivedi, Akshay Kumar as “Emperor Prithviraj”

2. There is a lot of talk today about the awakening of Hindutva, so should we try to connect this movie with it?

On this, director Chandraprakash ji says that I do not see him as a Hindutva but as a nationality. What is our nationality, I am a citizen of India, so who should I believe in. When you talk about Hinduism, it is a matter of nationality for me. Love for the country matters to me. Whether it was Akshay ji or Shri Aditya ji, one thing was clear in the minds of all three of us that we are talking about a national hero.

3. Emperor Prithviraj was a ruler for over 800 years, so through this film, do you see the new generation having fun as well as an attempt to understand history?

Director Chandraprakash says yes, it is absolutely an attempt to make sense of the story along with the entertainment. I want people, kids, students, and new principals to be interested in history.

4. There are many actresses with experience in the industry. Why did you choose Manushi as Sanyogita?

In response to this, Chandraprakash ji says that the only thing that was clear in my mind was that those who have done so, it makes no sense to take on another role. When I met Mr. Aditya ji, told me that Dr. Saheb you have an actress in your mind for this role, so I told her you had to meet once at Miss World Manushi in 2017. She had seen short excerpts from her interviews. His voice is very good, he also speaks Hindi very well. The whole world considers her a world beauty and Sanyogita was also very beautiful. second thing we
Both of you have been reading this script continuously for 9 months and you will be amazed to see the result in the movie.

5. The movie is also being booked in advance, so how much do you think the movie will earn?

I never thought about box office collections. Yes, I want Aditya Chopra ji to make a lot of money with this movie. If this movie is released, people will also be aware of the story. I also think that no film should be judged by its earnings. Movies are known in the same way as hit or flop. No one wants to know the reason behind this.

Akshay Kumar

1. We have read a lot about Mughal rulers in books, but has Emperor Prithviraj dealt with only one or two paragraphs?

On this, Akshay says that not only Emperor Prithviraj, whether Maharana Pratap or Rani Laxmibai, will read very little about him. The Hindu emperors have been summed up in a paragraph or two.

2. When you received the offer for this film, did you say yes or did you try to clear the story?

Akshay says first of all that I would like to say that when I was studying in the 6th and 7th grades, I read very little about the Hindu emperors at that time. At the same time, when I sat down with Chandraprakash ji, I read the whole story for two and a half hours and after that, first of all, I asked Chandraprakash ji if all this is true, it really happened. He said yes, everything is true. Then I wondered why we never read about it. We’ve read a lot about the Mughals and about the British, I’m not saying we shouldn’t know about the Mughals, but a balance needs to be kept throughout the book. We should talk about our warriors. The amazing thing is that when I told my son Aarav that I was working on this movie, he told me who they were. Now it’s not even his fault for that, when he won’t say it, as he will say it.

3. Have you worked on many historical films and this is the second historical film after Kesari, so the interest in these films is increasing?

Look, if you have a good script, a good director, and a good producer, why not work?

4. This is Manushi Chhillar’s debut film, what was it like working with her?

Akshay laughs and says that when I got to the industry, I didn’t even know how to face the camera, I was scared, I couldn’t understand how to talk. but now
Everyone knows this generation. Working with Manushi didn’t even feel like he was making his first film, it was like he was making his 40th or 50th film. All these great channels
Have interviewed

5. Girls are no less than extremes, this is a proverb from Haryana and Manushi is from Haryana, what would you say about that?

Yes, I always say that women are no less but more than us. I have experienced it myself. When the time comes, they have more power. I also have a scientific reason for this. After that, Akshay shares an anecdote, saying that there was an emergency landing of a plane due to a technical problem in Canada, then people were told that anything could happen, for the first time landing on the ground. water. Hearing this, everyone was nervous, everyone’s heart was pounding, everyone remembered their respective God. After that, as soon as the plane landed, everyone landed immediately. After that something amazing happened. In fact, there was an odor. 87% of men had lost their urine out of fear and only 6% of women were involved.

6. Actors like Vicky Koshal, Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao are doing a good job. Do you consider them a challenge?

No, it’s not a challenge. Look, 180 films are made in the industry in one year. We can count from 9 to 10 movies, some people make 2 to 3 movies. 40 movies like this
After that, you will tell me what will happen with 140 movies. So it doesn’t make sense to think about competition.

7. How far your roar will go in this movie. What do you think?
Look, I made this movie on a line of my son, so I want my roar to go to all the kids who study in school and those who don’t study also know their story. They should know what our ancestors were like. To be honest, I worked really hard for this movie. Only time will tell how much people like it. I have to say this is one of my best movies.

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