England vs New Zealand 1st Test at Lord’s

Kyle Jamieson is the epitome of ecstasy and Colin de Grandum tormented the New Zealand footballers as he got ready for his first test for England at the end of the third day at Lord’s.

Jamieson threw the ball wonderfully, hitting the hosts hard with his back foot before chasing the hosts ’winning goal in 277 and then grabbing the crucial gates for Ben Stokes as England disappointed their visitors.

Meanwhile, de Grandhomme could be in doubt for the rest of the three sets of tests after suffering a leg injury at the start of England’s second inning to end a day forgotten for the New Zealand polyvalent.

As it stands, England need 61 again with five ports in hand, leaving New Zealand with a lot of work to do, but Jamieson has been a big influence in getting them so far.

The first Englishman Alex Lees, who hit four limits and an inexplicable delivery to hit 20 of 32 balls, claimed to have suffocated and crashed into the top of the trunk shortly before lunch.

Another mental breakdown, this time from Grandhomme, contributed to a second-round collapse for New Zealand as they lost 6 to 34 in eight overs during the first 90 minutes of play on Saturday after a timeout delay. half an hour at the start. .

Stewart Broad soon made a prolific plea for LBW against de Grandhomme, which was denied until Ollie Pope picked up the ball on the fourth slip and fired it into the stumps at the front end. Meanwhile, de Grandhomme had moved away from the field of play and slapped him on the back for the action, seemingly unaware of the urgency needed, as he turned slowly and tried to regain the field, but for a moment. duck.

The disappearance of New Zealand cannot be attributed to De Grandum’s feet, much less, with Brode’s part dethroning Centurion on either side of his strange dismissal. With Daryl Mitchell and Jameson making the triple for the team, Tim Southee offered some resistance from the bottom order with 21 daredevils with just 26 balls. But de Grandhomme’s defeat did not help New Zealand.

Grandhomme didn’t play the ball either when he thought he was only cutting Stokes on the stumps once. Stokes was three-quarters of the way back to the room when de Grandhomme learned he had had an overflow, and they called him back.

Another insult followed and then an injury, as De Grandum stopped approaching Stokes on the fourth ball and almost immediately fell off the ground. The team’s management later confirmed that de Grandhomme would not play any other role in the match after suffering a suspected tear in his heel and an MRI on Sunday would determine his prospects for the rest of the series.

Despite his erroneous continuity of tea, Stokes returned after the gap more brilliantly and worked until half a century, including three spinner Ejaz Patel, in the 90-time position for the fifth wicket with Joe Root.

He fell randomly, hooked on Jamieson’s short ball, which turned him back, his arm straight as the ball cleared his glove and headed for goalkeeper Tom Blundell. Furious with himself, Stokes looked up at the sky and dropped his racket in disgust, realizing the importance of the moment.

This brings us back to Jamieson and impresses the state of the game with his flawless control streak at the top of his torso.

The second time after lunch was great as he stayed on the offensive and resumed after Naseeb grabbed the laces. Jamieson’s first delivery pulled an inside edge to Zach Crowley’s back foot, and two balls later, Crowley failed to try to drive with the slightest margin of one that was full and out, but fell too far behind. The last ball swung completely from above, although Crowley defended his body and pushed Southee, who made a sharp bite on the third slip. At the time, Jamieson had taken two ports for eight ports in four overs.

A loose trip by Johnny Bristow delivered Jamieson’s third as he was thrown out the door for 16 years, after avoiding having to throw the previous delivery completely out of the trunk. At that point, Jamieson finished his nine-game break with 3 of 24, and England recorded 69 of 4, with all sorts of problems.

But through tea, Stokes and Root formed a partnership for 30 years, and when Jamieson returned to work for the first half hour after the break, his day turned a little sour as Stokes took over. for four. . He had an outside edge and then saw the ball disappear from the man’s side for five weeks.

Patel has forgiven 17 since he was first in the attack, all of whom were hit by four before Stokes’ name, including two sixs on his leg.

When Jamieson finally sent Stokes to fill, New Zealand smelled the fall that many cynical fans in England feared, but a fifty-square-foot run between Root and Ben Fox ended the match.

Jamieson played his 15th test, finishing the day with a 4-59 in 20 overs and Mitchell backed up his team to catch the remaining wickets.

“We can see by the nature of this port that the morning is the most difficult time for the bat and we hope that we can present ourselves tomorrow morning and give ourselves a victory in the test going a bit like the last three days. “Mitchell said.

“The port slowed down as the game progressed and you can probably see from the results that it was easier to baptize, but we know we are literally a stone’s throw away.

“Kyle is a great pitcher, the way he gets there and he makes long throws and he really brings in a little bit of energy, which we know Kyle does from time to time. He’s a world class pitcher and I know he’s only had one short run, but what he has done in a short time is very special “.

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