The culprit was sentenced to death in the explosion of the Varanasi Sankatmochan temple, on hearing the verdict, he began to plead guilty to the death of 18 innocent people.

Waliullah convicted of Varanasi serial bombings.

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Varanasi 2006 series outbursts: In addition to the death penalty, the court has also imposed a fine of 60,000 on the convicted terrorist.

About 16 years ago, in 2006, Varanasi was shaken by the nefarious act of the dangerous terrorist Waliullah. The court ruling on Monday in Waliullah itself surprised. As soon as he heard the death sentence in the full court, Waliullah grabbed his head with both hands and began to whisper something in his mouth. Hearing the sentence, Waliullah was bewildered, muttered in such a low voice that he heard his own words, and then, hanging his neck down, began to rub his toes between them. In fact, Waliullah did so angrily after the death sentence handed down by the court. The decision to hang Waliullah was handed down on Monday by Ghaziabad District Court and Session Judge Jitendra Kumar Sinha. However, on the same Saturday, in declaring him a convicted felon, the court had set the date of the conviction on Monday, June 6, 2022.

It is worth noting that this is the same dangerous terrorist Waliullah who killed 18 people when a bomb exploded in Varanasi in 2006. While 50 innocent people were seriously injured in that attack. In addition to the death penalty, the court has also imposed a fine of 60,000 on the convicted terrorist. Since that incident in Varanasi, Waliullah has been imprisoned in the dungeon of Dasna Prison in Ghaziabad for security reasons. This is the same Waliullah who carried out the mass bombings in Varanasi on March 7, 2006. Then the bomb exploded in the Sankatmochan temple in Varanasi, while a live bomb was recovered. at Dashashwamedh Marg there.

The culprit began to cry out for the family

Ghaziabad District Court Judge Jitendra Sinha sentenced the accused to death in the trial under sections of murder, spreading terror, use of explosive material, anti-national act, breaking the peace and attempted murder . However, as soon as the court began to read the verdict, the pain of him and his loved ones cried out in the chest of the 18-person killer. In the plenary, the defendant said that in his house there is a mother, a woman, a son and an 80-year-old daughter. His financial situation is bad. At home, Waliullah said there was no one else to win. The family earns a living by educating the children in the madrasa. When Waliullah felt that the death penalty was set for him, he began to plead for his proper conduct during the 16-year prison sentence. Forgetting all this he had brutally killed 18 innocent people in March 2006. In fact, all these excuses were a ploy to get the criminal court to reduce his death penalty. But the strong testimony and evidence presented against him in court by the investigation teams proved overwhelming in all his arguments.

However, it should also be mentioned here that the court that sentenced him to death had acquitted Waliullah in the case of a bomb blast at Cantt railway station for weak evidence or to say no evidence. In the case of the attack on the Sankatmochan temple and the subsequent recovery of a live bomb, but failed to escape punishment. In fact, after that blatant incident, when the Uttar Pradesh police STF and ATS launched a joint investigation, the identity of the perpetrators of the Banaras explosion could begin after checking the details of the call. . Then one link after another was added and 16 years after the trial of that incident, on Monday, June 6, 2022, Waliullah was also sentenced to death.

Waliullah was arrested in Lucknow

In the investigation of that incident, the then Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhelupur Tribhuvan Nath Tripathi arrived at the scene and began the investigation first. In fact, the details of the call showed that before the bomb blast, Waliullah had never reached the Varanasi border. Just at this point, the suspicion of the police was growing on him and then today the matter has reached the gallows. During the e-Inquiry, police surrounded Waliullah near Lucknow and arrested him. Waliullah was shown to be a man of extremist ideology. His mind was full of hatred against a particular class. It means that Waliullah was a fanatical man with a jihadist ideology. In the explosion of the Sankatmochan temple, the cables of the terrorists associated with the former ISI module were also found connected. Be that as it may, or the embarrassing aspect of the bomb blast at Sankatmochan Temple, three terrorists, including Commander Huji Shamim, who were involved in the atrocious incident of the blast, are still out. hands of the police.

Explosives, detonators and weapons could only be recovered from Waliullah’s arrest. Strict security measures were taken on the roads of the court where Waliullah was to be convicted on Monday. The movement of the common man was blocked. Security forces were deployed everywhere. Every effort was made to deal with the emergency situation around the court. For example, special police and ambulance vehicles, etc. Entry into court was not possible without a metal detector. Even lawyers on both sides had to get to court only after crossing strict security. In fact, the local intelligence system feared that even before the sentence was handed down to Waliullah, his associates could commit some nasty incident.

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