The word Namah contains peace, satisfaction, and salutation: Pt. Pradeep Mishra

Date of publication: Mon, June 6, 2022 9:00 PM (IST)

Sagar (representative of Navdunia). The Panchakshara mantra is Namah Shivaya and the Shadakshara mantra is Om Namah Shivaya. These mantras include the power of 33 categories of deities, that is, the entire universe. The word Om includes Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The word Namah includes peace, satisfaction, and salutation. So Shivaya contains the Adi Shakti, Jagadamba, Brahma Shakti and the power of all the gods and goddesses. That is why the power of Shadaksha Mantra is so strong that even a hair of the one who has sung it cannot be shaken, because Devadhidev Mahadev is always by his side. This was stated by Pt Pradeep Mishra (Sehore Wale) during the Om Shri Shiv Mahapuran Katha at the Vrindavan Dham complex in Patkui Bararu.

He said that the legend of Lord Shiva says that the true happiness of life lies at the feet of God. He who worships Shiva is never afraid. If Mr. Shankar is happy, then the curse given by someone also becomes fruitful. Nal-Neel was cursed, but he was useful to Lord Rama, and the curse he received became a blessing. This happened through the grace of Devadhidev Rameshwaram. Even if the damned man comes to God’s refuge, Shambhu also accepts it.

Hold on to Shiva, for sure you will get the fruit

Dr. Mishra said that when a hand pump is dug, no matter how deep, we dig it until the water comes out. This means that we did not give up and we did that work with patience, mind, dedication to reach the goal. Likewise, if you cling to Shiva in the ocean of life, if you continue to be absorbed in his devotion, you will definitely reap its fruit. Our scriptures say that while we worship Shiva, the mind and the column must be right.

The strut destroys first and the softness later

Mishra said that achieving position, prestige, wealth and power is the result of your actions. If you have this fruit, you should make good use of it. The mind must be pure. If there is ego, wealth, wealth, power and prestige are bound to be destroyed. The ego reaches those sitting in the chair very quickly, but it doesn’t last long. It is not known when arrogant people come from the chair to the table. There is a photo on the table and a plastic garland. Remember that arrogance is destroyed first and softness behind. Like the teeth that come out of our body first, which stay hard and hard for a lifetime, but the tongue that is soft always stays with us. Use position, prestige as a service, not as an ego.

When the cooking was done, the cooking began.

He said earlier houses used to have kitchens, chowkas, which mothers used to scrub after dinner. Before making tea in the morning, I turned a damp cloth on the stove. He used to sit and prepare food with a calm mind. Then there was peace in the house, there was prosperity and there was unity in the family. Annapurna lived then. Now everything has turned upside down. The food is prepared while standing. The kitchen has become known as the kitchen. When they started building kitchens, there was an increase in discord, discomfort, and family kitchen kitchens. Make a kitchen instead of a home kitchen. In the evening, after the meal, put a mop on it and before making tea in the morning, the cloth should be cleaned on the stove.

Daughters have hope in God not in the world

He said parents in the house where there are daughters are very lucky. Always regard daughters as a gift from God. If God has given a daughter, she has already prepared the story of giving her fate to her father. He said that you should always keep in mind that God is definitely giving the fate of the daughter, the saint and the cow, no matter how poor the father is, when the daughter’s marriage arrives, arrangements are made somewhere to eat cereal. . In the same way, no matter how poor we are, we never disappoint the cow that came to the door and the saint. One thing or another must be given. All this is possible only by the grace of God. He said daughters always hope to ask their maternal uncle. Oh, when Mother Sati’s question was not tested in her mother’s home, then if she wishes, then it will be broken and if you have faith in Bholenath, then it will be received. in the form of fruit. Pt Mishra said we go to the temple and ring the bell that hangs there, but why don’t we know why we ring it. We believe we are telling God we have come. God only knew when you were in your mother’s womb that you would come. Ringing the bell is a test to alert us, like the school bell, ringing the children for studies, food, holidays. Likewise, ringing the temple bell means getting lost in the memory of the Lord. When we ring the bell of the temple and the sound we hear, it opens the way to awaken devotion by focusing our mental power on the Lord. He said that, like a cell phone, keep your focus on the Lord.

Minister played Manjira, MLA played Damru

At the end of the story, Ram Shyam Babu Kesarwani, PWD Minister Pandit Gopal Bhargava, Deputy Shailendra Jain, Anu Jain, Former Deputy Sunil Jain, Nidhi Jain, Rajesh, Mohan, Sohan Kesharwani performed the art of Lord Ganesh and the sea Parvati. During this, the pandal resounded with reverence with the damru and manjirs performed by the youth of Shiv Shakti Damru Dal. Ministers have also been seen playing Manjira and MP Damru. Thousands of devotees were present on this occasion.

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