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19:42, 11-June-2022

IPL Media Rights: Understand IPL Media Rights at 12 Points, from Reliance to Sony-Star

Star India had bought the media rights for the period 2017-2022 in September 2017 with an offer of 16,347.50 million rupees. He defeated Sony Pictures. Following this agreement, the cost of an IPL match had risen to about Rs 55 crore. Read more

07:44, 12-June-2022

Rajasthan: Three children drowned in the lake, had come to attend the Mundan program

Three children who went swimming in Bundi Lake drowned

Children who went swimming in Bundi Lake drowned. All three children were studying in the ninth grade. Read more

07:30, 12-June-2022

The message of humanity in the midst of violence: the blood of Abhimanyu came to the work of Adnan’s mother, presented an example of harmony and brotherhood

KanpurViolence, humanity's message in the midst of violence, Abhimanyu donated blood to Adnan's mother

Tension has spread across the country since the Kanpur violence. However, in the midst of this tense atmosphere, the humanity and brotherhood of Kanpur came to the fore. In fact, when Adnan’s mother, Shahana Begum, needed blood, Abhimanyu Gupta came to give him blood. Read more

03:13, 10-June-2022

OTT this weekend: Movies and series will dominate this weekend, including Jayeshbhai Jordaar, watch today

your weekend will be great, include these movie web series in today's list

OTT companies often publish many movies and web series on the same day so that users can include their favorite content in their watchlist. Read more

23:32, 11-June-2022

Jurassic World Dominion Day 2: Jurassic World Dominion Lottery, number seven on the top 10 list.

Jurassic World Dominion Box Office Collection Day 2 has a fantastic opening in India and America enters the list of the top 10

The film ‘Jurassic World Dominion’, considered the latest film in the Jurassic World Series, has come out of America to India with its release. Read more

07:26, 12-June-2022

Delhi fire: massive fire broke out at Delhi Ghaffar market, 39 firefighters on site

The fire breaks out again in Delhi, Ghaffar hits the market

Fires continue in Delhi. There is a fire in Ghaffar market today. Read more

18:40, 11-June-2022

Row of the Prophet’s Comments: Why Are These Arab Countries Silent When There Are Atrocities Against Shiite Muslims in Pakistan and Vigar Muslims in China?

The Prophet comments on the line: when Uighur Muslims in China and Shiite Muslims in Pakistan are persecuted, then why do Arab countries remain silent and not speak

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari said that the Prime Minister, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, these are the people who are expected to make statements on a serious issue such as that of the Prophet. What sense does the Prime Minister’s silence have in this environment? That doesn’t mean they disagree, the least you can say … read more

06:56, 12-June-2022

Delhi meeting: Delhi police find dead, two wounded, one arrested and weapons also recovered

police meeting last night in the Yamuna Khadar area of ​​Delhi

During the search operation last night in the Yamuna Khadar area of ​​Delhi, there was a meeting between the police and criminals in which two criminals were injured and one was captured by the police.

Read more

23:26, 11-June-2022

Aashram 3: The great ashram of Baba Nirala was punished by thousands of rupees, do you know why the connection with Saif Ali Khan comes?

bobby deol aashram 3 baba nirala ashram in bhopal noor us sabah special connection with family Saif Ali Khan pataudi

The third season of Ashram, one of OTT’s famous and popular web series, has recently been released. The three seasons of this series were very popular with the audience. Read more

06:53, 12 June-2022

Gasoline diesel price: oil companies have published gasoline and diesel prices, you know how much the prices are in your city

Diesel petrol price on June 12 Today Find out about new fuel prices according to IOCL

Today, one liter of petrol in Delhi reaches 96.72 rupees per liter, while diesel reaches 89.62 rupees per liter. The price of petrol in Bombay is 111.35 rupees and the price of diesel is 97.28 rupees per liter. Read more

06:49, 12-June-2022

US Fraud: Credit Cards, Loans and Social Security Plans in the Name of the Elderly in America, Indians Arrested

US Elderly Fraud on Credit Card Loans and Arrested Indian Social Security Systems

During the interrogation of the accused, it was found that they deceived the victims in various ways, then demanded cash from Western Union and MoneyGram or gift cards, FedEx. Older people were deceived in the name of credit cards, loans or social security systems. Read more

05:39, 12-June-2022

Delhi crime: robbery threatening to shoot shopkeepers, police arrest three criminals

Delhi police arrested three criminals who robbed shopkeepers and threatened to shoot them

Police have arrested three criminals who robbed two shopkeepers and threatened to shoot them in the Kapashera area. Police also recovered the looted money and the gun. Read more

06:39, 12-June-2022

Policy Research Group reports: Qatar funding for religious bitterness and terror, sending millions of dollars under the pretext of building mosques, madrassas

The report of the Policy Research Group said that Qatar's funding for religious animosity and terror was sending millions of dollars under the pretext of building mosques and madrasas.

In order to promote global terrorism, millions of dollars are being given in the construction of mosques, madrassas and equal opportunities for education and employment to Muslims in many countries. Read more

06:21, 12-June-2022

Delhi Crime: If You Didn’t Get a Job After Graduating, You Became a Fight, You Were Both Arrested by Delhi Police

Police arrested two thieves in the Preet Vihar area of ​​Delhi

Police have arrested two thieves in the Preet Vihar area of ​​Delhi. Both are said to be licensed and became criminals for lack of work after school. Police caught both of them as they fled after snatching the phone from a young man. Read more

06:38, 12-June-2022

Amar Ujala’s organization: Said Yaksha – Success is possible by reading the usual newspaper and keeping your distance from social media

Yaksha Chaudhary, who was ranked sixth at the UPSC, interacted with the youth in a dialogue program at Amar Ujala’s office, saying that instead of keeping their distance from social activities, young people should take part. Read more

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