Delhi: Demonstration against the withdrawal of sanitation workers from central hospitals, police arrested

Delhi: Kalavati Saran Hospital for lack of restoration despite Delhi High Court orderLHMC, RML and the cleaning staff of Recon Hospitals 15 On Wednesday, June had called for a march in central Delhi. But the police did not give them permission and the police asked the sanitation workers who came in hundreds not to take the march, but when the workers did not back down, the police arrested them and took them to the Mandir Marg police station. Where he was released late in the evening.

The AISA student organization also took part in the demonstration, supporting workers in today’s protest. ACTU and AISA students, including cleaning staff, have been detained by police at Mandir Marg police station. There are protests inside and outside the police station against this.

According to the labor organization Actu Delhi, in these hospitals run by the central government, almost 300 The aforementioned sanitation workers have retired. Kalavati Saran Hospital led by ACTU against this illegal reductionLHMC, RML And there is constant unrest in Recon hospitals. The High Court has also ruled in favor of detaining these employees. Despite this, the hospital administration, Contractors and the government are not working on them again. these are the workers themselves, Who served the general public risking his life throughout the Crown period. But it is a shame that instead of insuring these employees, the government is firing them from work. The contractor openly requests the entry of these sanitation workers. On which the government and the hospital administration are silent.

The union described the arrest of protesters in Bayana as “shameful” and said that the protesters were arrested by Delhi police while interrupting the peaceful protest. ACTU Secretary of State Surya Prakash and ACTU Delhi President Santosh Roy, among them more than 100 sanitation workers, have been locked up at Mandir Marg Police Station. the central government ,Independence, Cleaning in celebration of Amrit Mahotsav, employees, So for the Kovid warriors ,Respect‘Special arrangements have been made. Under which the right to respectable work is being taken away from the sanitation and health workers of Delhi and various government hospitals in the country.

On this issue, ACTU Delhi Secretary of State Surya Prakash said that we are constantly agitating against the illegal removal of these sanitation workers. The High Court has also given the decision to re-employ these cleaning workers., However, they are not being hired.

Surya while talking to Newsclick said that we want to talk to the administration but they are not ready to talk to us. But following the court order and our agitation, the administration has written three letters to the contractors asking them to recover all these sanitation workers. But contractors don’t take it all in stride.

Surya said the administration is writing the letter, but does not hold a tripartite dialogue in which the hospital administration, the contractor And the workers’ representatives sit face to face and talk and the issue can be resolved.

He also said: “First we were fired and now we don’t even allow ourselves to protest. On Tuesday, when we gathered for our march, the police arrested us and now he tells us that we are out of the hospital. We can’t nor sit in dharna. But we are not afraid of these. “

These employees have been sitting in a dharna outside the hospital since they were fired.

The only demand of these Safai Karamcharis is that the order given by the Delhi High Court should be followed. 31 Despite the May order of the Honorable High Court to hire workers, the hospital management does not bring the workers to work. withdraw the case against the workers, There is pressure to give up union membership and pay bribes. It is a matter of great sadness that the hospital management is under the central government 25,000 In order not to receive a bribe, the order of the Court was not even accepted, for which the union had to demonstrate today in front of the hospital.

However, in most places, wages and facilities are not given to hired workers at the parity of permanent workers. Each time the contract is modified, the exercise of the termination of the workers intensifies. Illegal recovery is often done by the contractor and government officials of the hired employees. This time it also looks like the same thing is happening.

Ram Sevak, general secretary of Safai Karamchari Union, while speaking to Newsclick said he 2016 He has been working as a sweeper in Kalavati since but was abruptly fired on June 1 without any notice from us. When they asked why they fired them, So it was answered that the contractor was withdrawn and a new contractor has come. Meet a new contractor if they want a job, Only he can give them work.

Ram Sevak said that when employees went to the new contractor, he asked employees 25 From 30 He asked for a thousand rupees and called those who returned them to work. But those who want to do not get to work as well as the employees associated with the union. He demanded the withdrawal of the petition from the court demanding equal pay for equal work for the people of the union and 25 RsAsking to pay.

Ram Sevak said: we fought against the court and we took the minimum wage and now we will charge the same pay for the same work, but this contractor wants the tax administration, we should withdraw the case from the court and kill ourselves with an ax feet. .

He also said this government,The government of Modi in the center, He talks about being kind to the poor, but it is about eradicating the poor, not poverty. Today has come our bread crisis. Where do we pay our children’s school fees today?, Many of our colleagues live on rent, now if they lose their jobs, they will not have a roof over their heads to live on.

CPI-ML leader Sucheta Dey also arrived at Mandir Marg police station in protest of the arrest of the employees and demonstrated with the employees’ relatives in front of the police station. They are accompanied by young children of employees who were worried about their families.

Sucheta said in his statement: the Delhi High Court has ordered the reinstatement of employees. But neither the central government listens nor the hospital administration listens. All sanitation workers come from the oppressed class. The government is supporting private companies in their illegal layoffs, Those who cleaned hospitals even during the epidemic risked their lives.

He also said that today the Safai Karamcharis had gathered to carry out a protest march demanding the application of the order of the High Court. He is forcibly picked up by Delhi police and sent to Mandir Marg Police Station. Along with this, many innocent children were also detained for hours along with their parents. Which was completely inhumane.

Protesting employees said: They will continue to agitate in the streets like this until they get back to work. Because they have no choice.

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