Exclusive Important To Know Who Abhinav Singh aka Harsh Is | Exclusive: knows who Harsh Abhinav Singh is in “Major”

New Delhi: Shashi Kiran Tikka’s film ‘Major’, which was released a long time ago, has done what no one would have ever imagined. Based on the 2008 Bombay terrorist attack, the film tells the story of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Before the arrival of this film starring Adivi Shesh, perhaps only people knew of Sandeep who was the first NSG commando to be martyred in this attack on the Taj Palace Hotel.

Each artist was important in ‘Major’

In ‘Major’, Shashi Kiran introduced Adivi in ​​such a way that everyone fell in love with him. At the same time, he gave a lot of importance to all the other actors who appeared in his film. One such artist is the name Abhinav Singh, who appeared in the role of Harsh in this film. Of course, his role here was only for a short time, but Abhinav also played this small role in such a way that, despite being a supporting actor, he dominated the screen. Since then, many questions must have come to the minds of many people about Abhinav, with the answers of which we will present to you.

Find out who Abhinav Singh plays Harsh

In a conversation with Zee Hindustan Digital, Abhinav mentioned his personal life and many stories related to this film. Vishakhapatnam: Raised in Andhra Pradesh, Abhinav’s family is from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, but due to his father’s work, he could never live in Aligarh. Abhinav spent all his childhood in Vizag. After school, he completed his engineering studies at a university in Andhra Pradesh and after graduating, he set out to pursue his career.

Abhinav put his career at stake

Following the completion of Abhinav’s graduation, the family settled in Hyderabad. It was here that he got a job as a software developer at a multinational company. During this, Abhinav was sent to the US on behalf of the company. His dream was that, like all other computer scientists, he would have to go abroad and work.

The actor had realized a dream of going abroad when he was only 25 years old, but even after that he did not achieve the happiness he had probably never imagined. Now they felt that there was nothing left for them to do beyond that. What then was Abhinav quit his 7-year job?

Abhinav wanted to go to television

Abhinav knew that there was an artist hidden inside him, who presented himself to the people as soon as he had the chance. This passion for acting was born in him since he was in school. Whenever I saw little kids performing on TV, I used to think why can’t I go on TV. However, then he could not understand what he had to do on television.

Abhinav Singh used to take part in plays

Abhinav, who has always been a fan of movies, often participated in school events and plays. Although Abhinav used to watch movies after college, he was more interested in sports. He has been the captain of his football team. After that, when he started his job and came to the US, he felt that he could try to become an actor.

Why was Abhinav not happy?

Abhinav says that if he hadn’t come to the United States so soon, he might never have become an actor. Because that was his first dream. Abhinav had decided during his work in the US that he would take training to become an actor. After completing the play he returned to India and went directly to the Samahar Theater in Hyderabad. Here he achieved the best he could learn to act along with his work, because these people used to teach on the weekends, that is, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Abhinav began to do theater along with work

Abhinav started doing theater together with the office in 2015. After 3 years of hard work, Abhinav did a lot of street theater. After playing on the street for 6-8 months, he finally had a chance to perform on the theater stage. It was during the theater that in 2018 Abhinav met the ‘Major’ team, namely Adivi Shesh and director Shashi Kiran Tikka. At the time he was working on his Telugu film ‘Gudachari’. Abhinav also appeared in this film, but for a few seconds.

You have ‘Major’ like this

Abhinav used to visit the sets continuously for 10-12 days despite his short scenes in ‘Gudachari’ to understand more things. Adivi was quite impressed with Abhinav during this time. Adivi promised him that he would definitely release it in ‘Gudachari 2’, but before that Abhinav was offered a ‘Major’ movie in 2020 and became ‘Harsh’.

Respect for the uniform learned during filming

Abhinav said that in ‘Major’ he trained with the cadets of the original NCC camp. The actor said: “It was a wonderful experience working with him. We were also taught to respect the uniform of getting up, sitting and walking. During this time, army officers were also present on the set. along with the team, who taught discipline in the true sense.He said that even if it is not acting, but if you wear uniform, certainly respect it.

Abhinav is very happy with the role of Harsh

As for his character in “Major,” he said, “When I met Harsh’s character, it seemed to me that it was written just for me. Maybe God must have written it.

The shooting of the film lasted 2 years and my number did not arrive. The shooting was over. A new script was then written, because the creators felt that NDA should be shown. If the army does not show NDA in the movie, the movie will appear incomplete. Then the creators came to me and offered me this role.

Seeing ‘Major’, his parents’ chest widened with pride

Abhinav said: “When I left my job, I didn’t even tell my parents. I left my job in 2018. Earlier, I told him that I had joined the theater and my shows were going on, even though I had never seen them before, but during the screening of ‘Major’, my parents were very proud of me, especially when they saw me with director Shashi and Sai Manjrekar.

Abhinav wanted to go to the defense

If Abhinav was not an actor, he wanted to defend himself and protect the country. If he had had the chance, he would have become a policeman. In particular, he was interested in becoming a covert officer. He said: “I’m in love with the police uniform. After I got the job, I often thought I had to get ready for it. At the time I thought we’d study it too, but it wasn’t possible with .

Features of Adivi Shesh

One thing that deserves a lot of praise from Adivi is that even though he had finished filming in 50-60 days, he came to the sets every day. Whether it was his scene or not, he used to be present on the set. Adivi is such an artist that if he is working on a film, he will definitely be on set. During this, he also tries to make the scene of the rest of the star cast the best. That’s why during our scenes it’s always been felt that if Mr. Adivi arrives early on the sets, we’ll come out more prominent.

I have fond memories of this movie.

Abhinav has also appeared in a music video ‘Ishq Fituri’ before ‘Major’. However, this song did not get him any special recognition. After “Major”, Abhinav has started to receive many offers. It will soon be seen in the Telugu film ‘Gudachari 2’. This movie also comes with Adivi Shesh.

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