Hpbose 12th Class Toppers Interviews Himachal Pradesh, 12th Class 2022 Result – Hpbose 12th Toppers

Himachal Pradesh Board of Education Dharamshala has announced on Saturday the result of the annual examination of the twelfth class. The result was 93.90 percent. The daughters have done a sweep in the Faculty of Arts. The daughters ranked in the top 10 on the merit list. Vani Gautam of Bilaspur has surpassed by 98.8% (494/500). The daughters have won the top seven places in business school. Tanishaa Bhardwaj came first (490/500) with 98% of the marks. Kshitij, Shagun and Akshita have jointly led the statewide Faculty of Science.

All three achieved 98.6% (493/500) of grades. School Board Chairman Dr. Suresh Kumar Soni said 88,013 students appeared in the 12th grade exam. Of these, 44,851 are boys and 43,162 are girls. 82342 students have passed the exam. 327 students were absent from the exam. 1889 students have failed the exam. 3379 students have compartment. The best in the exam have given their parents and teachers the credit for their success. Find out how successful the toppers are and dream of which field to go to in the future …

Scientific leader Akshita wants to become a doctor

Akshita Sharma, a medical student at the government high school, Barathi in Bilaspur district, wants to become a doctor. The statewide first place has been secured by getting 98.8 percent marks on the State School Board of Education’s 12th grade exam. Akshita had decided after the tenth that she would surpass the 12th. He worked hard for it. She said she studies 10 to 11 hours a day, helping her with household chores. Akshita has given credit and success to teachers and parents. Akshita’s father, Deshraj Sharma, is a teacher. Mother Deepa Kumari is an Anganwadi worker. Akshita scored 493 points out of 500. Akshita said that in class 10 she had received a lakh as a reward under the Swarna Jayanti Super Hundred program from the Chief Minister, getting more than 96 per cent marks. In addition to passing the district in class 10, the district magistrate also gave an amount of Rs 5,000.

Vani Gautam wants to join the administrative services

Vani Gautam, of Shaheed Vijaypal, Chief Minister, Adarsh ​​Government Girls Senior Secondary School Ghumarwin has topped the overall ranking. Vani has secured the first position in the state in the Faculty of Arts with 494 points out of 500. He has achieved a 98.8 percent mark. Vani Gautam wants to do public service by becoming an administrative officer. Vani comes from the Saug village of Dangar Panchayat in the Ghumarwin subdivision. His father is assigned to Jhanduta as a sub-inspector in the Panchayati Raj department. Mother Seema is a teacher at a private school in Ghumarwin. Vani attributes his success to his parents, Uncle Vinay Gautam and teachers. Vani said children should focus on their studies and stay away from social media. Hours don’t matter much for studies. Stay focused on your goal. The Minister of Food Supplies, Rajendra Garg, rewarded the daughter after she arrived at the school.

Focus on your goal: horizon

Kshitij, a student at Gurukul Hamirpur School, who was a senior in the Faculty of Science, got three to four hours of regular study. Apart from that, extra classes were also organized at the school. To pass the exam on the horizon, focus on your goal and move on. Her parents are teachers.

Tanisha’s dream of becoming a CM

Tanisha Bhardwaj, who took first place in the state in the trade sector, wants to become a sworn accountant (CA). Tanisha believes that studies should be done to improve knowledge instead of running after grades. The best grades will come on their own. Tanisha Bhardwaj, a student at Thathal Government High School, scored 490 out of 500 points (98%) in the twelfth grade exam. Tanisha said that apart from school, she herself studied five to six hours a day. Apart from that, he did not receive any registration from any place. When she was studying through online media in schools due to the Kovid period, Tanisha says that if she had any doubts about something, she used to contact her teachers. He said he received the full support of his parents in addition to the school teachers in his studies. Tanisha enjoys reading and playing badminton. His father, Tribhuvan Bhardwaj, works in a local private industry. While mother Seema Devi is a housewife. His older brother Vidyansh is preparing for JEE Main. There has been an influx of people who have congratulated Tanisha on her success. Staff members, including NP President Indu Bala, former MP Naveen Dhiman, school principal Kaldev Sharma also greeted Tanisha visiting her home.

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