The children expressed their gratitude to their father through Krishi Jagran

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day Special:The tension around the world in the mind and the only concern for their children in the heart is that person, the father, seeing who, along with the happiness, the fear comes out of the children’s faces. Because a father is such a tough person, angry from the outside, as fragile as his children are from the inside. Thus, to honor these parents, Father’s Day is celebrated with great pomp around the world on June 19. So today, to make this special day even more special, we are going to introduce you to the little love photo messages your father sent by some people.

Manisha Sharma

I find it very difficult to describe in words the feeling of your love, hard work, sacrifice and sacrifice … Although I dedicate my whole life to what you have done for me, it is less! May you always be healthy and happy. This is my prayer to God ……… Manisha Sharma

,Happy Pope’s Day


What can I say, I want to say a lot about my father, I just can’t express my feelings in words. All I will say is that if I am 1% like my father, then my life makes sense or otherwise makes no sense (what can I say, I mean a lot about my father, I just can’t express my feelings with words.I will say that if I am 1% like my father, my life makes sense, but it doesn’t make sense) …..Shubham

# FeliçDiadelPare 🙂


My courage is my honor Father,
My strength is my identity, father
Perhaps the Lord sent the fruit of these good deeds,
Your mercy is your welcome, father …Kanchan

# Happy Father’s Day


Let me keep it a secret for 1 day,
All happiness in your head!
that a year passed
By making me a better person !!! ……Pankaj

# Happy Father’s Day


of whom is this life
He taught me to walk by holding hands.
We play together until we reach all the destinations,
The lesson of worldliness was also taught
Taught to make dreams come true
You are making every child the shadow of his father …Nisha

# Happy Father’s Day


I, my existence, my life, my ability, my assertiveness, my intensity in the struggles of life, my modesty, my intensity, my honesty, the mixture of civilizations with modernity – all these they are your gifts. And I will say l ….. ishika

Happy Father’s Day


Putting children in the shade,

Burning in the sun.

Never prick a child’s feet with thorns,

So let’s go over the cuts ourselves.

We have all always kept our mother’s sacrifices at the top. But the Pope is the one who has always put our happiness above all else. Our wishes have been fulfilled without asking.Prachi

# Happy Father’s Day

Dr. Alka Jain

I am a lucky daughter
Dad found you.
blessed is my life
That you have my shadow over me.
not so much my strength
Thanks in words.
less if i have
I will give you life too.
Your sense of worth
Show me the way of life
I followed you
Where there is a will there is a way.
commit to your principles,
Doing it is never right.
I’m still in it today,
That’s what you said. Dr. Alka Jain


take on the burden of responsibility
Tang and sew the life you live

give up on your dreams
desire to fulfill the family

He is the father who becomes heaven
I took the happiness of every moment with you ….Lokesh Nirwal

# Happy Father’s Day


watching me stagger
who taught him to walk hand in hand
introduced me to the game of this world that
He showed his love hidden even in that quarrel
who got too tired for my wishes
Who expressed his right and love fulfilling my insistence
Trapped in this career race of life, he taught me to live freely.
He captured each and every one of my stories in his memories as well
And I’m so tall
that he wanted to see fly free
this is an essential breath
important role in my life
My father ……Neetu


Dad thank you for meeting all my needs, for giving me a very good and much better life, you have always understood me, you have fulfilled all my dreams. You have always been with me becoming my support system. Thanks dad for everything …..Rich

# Happy Father’s Day

If you also want to send a photo message to your father on this special occasion, you can send him your message through this article by our Krishi Jagran, so you can comment.

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