Now begins the exercise of persuading those who are upset – Shajapur News: Now begins the exercise of persuading those who are upset

Shajapur. The process of submitting candidacies for the position of municipal councilor has been completed. Application review work is now underway. At the same time, until June 22 there is time to withdraw the candidacies. In this situation, the contenders are making every effort to secure their victory. Especially angry with Congress-BJP, both sides are looking at the workers and the positions they presented their nominations. In addition to giving them all the guarantees, efforts are being made to persuade them to withdraw their nominations in other ways.

On the other hand, both sides are looking at candidates who have submitted their candidacies as independent candidates. In fact, in many neighborhoods, independent candidates will play an important role in deciding the victory and defeat of BJP Congress candidates. In this situation, the independents are also preparing to withdraw their nomination or remain in the fight.

The Congress and the BJP are paying the utmost attention to those neighborhoods from which they have presented a candidate for councilor for the post of president of the municipality. In these neighborhoods, apart from persuading those who rebel against the party and get into a fight, other efforts are being made. Efforts are also being made to attract independent candidates. In the midst of all this, news is also being sought to find out the shortcomings of the contestants who submitted the nominations. There is also a lot of discussion on the Internet about the election. Those who have tickets use it to their advantage, and then those who do not have tickets spread their anger through the Internet. The dissatisfied also express their displeasure at their manner and level. Some are protesting by running and some are willing to interfere in the vote.

Ward No-01 Brij Mohini Kadam Aam Aadmi Party, Pavitra Bhai Mandawar Congress, Rekha Jatav Congress, Kamalabai Chouhan BJP.

Ward No-02 Ranjana Chavda BJP, Sunita Panchal BJP, Varsha Jain Congress, Sultana B Independent, Rekha Meena BJP, Chetna Independent, Bhuvaneshwari Rathore BJP.

Sachin Patidar District 03 Congress, Mahesh Kushwaha BJP.

Ward No-04 Kishore Singh BJP, Shailendra Singh Congress, Prem Jain BJP, Dilip Trivedi BJP.

Ward No-05 Masood Akhtar Meo Independent, Mohammad Shoaib Congress, Mohammad Sajid Qureshi Aam Aadmi Party, Anwar Shah BJP, Tanveer BJP, Habib Khan Independent.

Ward No-06 Afroz B Congress, Ayesha B BJP.

Ward no-07 Sahida B Congress, Rabia B Congress, Rashida B Independent, Afroz BJP, Meena B Congress.

Abdul Aziz’s No-08 District Congress made two nominations. Mohammad Afzal Ansari has nominated two candidates, one as an independent and one from Congress. Naushad Khan Mansoori BJP

District Jyoti Goyal Congress No. 09, Poonam Jain BJP, Independent Manorama.

Ward No-10 Jeba Mansoori Aam Aadmi Party, Ruby Sheikh Congress, Hamida B BJP.

Jitendra Sindal Congress Room 11, Kaushal Kasera BJP, Ghanshyam Prajapati Independent.

Lawyer number 12 of the Khan Aam Aadmi Party, Congress Ashutosh Sharma, Ghaffar Khan BJP, Gayyur Khan BJP, Abdul Sheru Khan BJP, Samiullah Khan Independent.

Bhavna Vatre District 13 Congress, Anita Kumbhakar BJP, Rajnandani Shivhare BJP.

Ward No-14 Govind Kushwaha Congress, Rambai Kushwaha Independent, Vikram Kushwaha BJP, Prem Narayan Kushwaha Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kushwaha Congress.

Bhawna Vatre Congress No. 15, Serin B Independent, Asthma B Independent, Asthma B BJP, Sunita Bai Prajapati BJP.

Imran Mohammad Independent of the 16th District, Virendra Vyas Congress, Faiz Khan Independent, Akash Saurashtra Aam Aadmi Party, Dushyant Kumar BJP, Meenakshi Ashutosh Sharma Congress.

Ward No-17 Kainat Jahan Congress, Sageera B BJP, Farida B Aam Aadmi Party, Maryam Khan Independent, Manjula Congress.

Ward No-18 Maya Gawli Congress, Pushpa Gawli BJP, Ashok Kumar Rathore Independent, Sachin Gawli Independent.

Sanjay Kumar District 19 Congress, Kamlesh Congress, BJP Omprakash, Hanif Mansoori Independent.

Ward No-20 Chattanooga Singh Congress, Sunil Kulshrestha Aam Aadmi Party, Jitendra Kumar BJP, Santosh Joshi BJP.

Ward No.-21 Mamta Chauhan BJP, Krishnabai Vyas BJP, Babita Prajapati Congress, Aarti BJP.

Room number 22 Shahzad B Independent, Snehlata Jain BJP, Laxmi Chandel BJP, Shubhangini Raghuvanshi Independent, Sunita Bai Congress, Laxmi Sharma Congress.

Ward No. 23 Sarlesh Congress, Subhash Congress, Premnarayan BJP.

Deepti Dubey Congress of Neighborhood No. 24, Kirti Chauhan BJP.

Ward No.-25 Indira Congress, Jyoti Jatav Aam Aadmi Party, Ramkali Bai Independent, Kantabai Independent, Shantabai Independent, Durgabai Jatav Independent, Maya BJP, Anjali Bhairve Independent.

Jyoti Bullet Congress Hall No. 26, Kavita Vishwakarma BJP.

Rajesh Patch Congress No. 27, Sunil Kumar Kadam Aam Aadmi Party, Radheshyam Independent, Kamalabai BJP, Deep Kalesharia Aam Aadmi Party, Santosh Independent.

Room number 28 Mukesh Dubey BJP, Sachin Bhatt Congress, Bhupendra Sharma BJP, Vikas Jain BJP.

Ward no-29 Harish Rao BJP, Dinesh Saurashtra BJP, Rajesh Sisnoriya Aam Aadmi Party, Jharan Chauhan Congress, Rahul Chhadi Independent.

(According to information received from the district election office)

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