4 times the pregnancy did not last, 2 children died in the womb for the 5th time, the pain of the fashion designer will surprise

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entertainment desk. According to the famous Bollywood fashion designer, Alia Al Rafai, she had to go through many pains and difficulties to raise her family. According to her, when she became pregnant for the fifth time after four unsuccessful pregnancies, she lost her two children in the womb. Alia, who has worked for actresses such as Anushka Sharma, Kiara Advani, Deepika Padukone and Yami Gautam, has expressed her grief on social media.

Alia wrote: Ectopic pregnancy happened every 6 months

Alia has written in her post that 8 years ago her husband and she started trying to have a child. She writes, “8 years ago I was taken to the hospital with the most blinding pain I’ve ever had. There I found out I was pregnant, but the pregnancy was ectopic. I had to have surgery that went. save lives. 6 months later. I got pregnant again. But it was also an ectopic pregnancy. After 6 months I met my third pregnancy. But just a day later I lost the pregnancy too. “

The DNC was to be done after the fourth pregnancy

Alia also wrote: “I got pregnant for the fourth time after 6 months of losing my third pregnancy. But it didn’t last. After I started IVF. After the first embryo transfer we discovered it was the 1 percent she had split in. I was pregnant with three twins, two of whom were identical and one shared a placenta.So my high-risk pregnancy began.We were advised to shorten the pregnancy to have a safe baby. But I didn’t support it For 15 years I vomited every day at bedtime Same prayer Every shock, every pain made my condition worse I wanted these kids more than my life If someone asked me what I wanted to be of great, my answer would have been mother I was advised complete rest in bed at week 18. I was told that my twins had TTTS (trajectory from twins to twins). perfusion syndrome has developed “.

The twins had developed TTTS

Alia writes, “One boy was getting more blood than the other. My Leela, was growing faster. Using more resources than the other identical twins. My Milan, the girl, who was under my ribs, near my We were asked to see specialists and possibly needed surgery to correct the TTTS.We went to a specialist a week later but they were not found.They went out somewhere.They were and should come in two days.The three kids kicked me all weekend. “

Then the doctor gave bad news

Aaliya said: “When we went to the doctor on Monday, after having an ultrasound, the doctor said there was no good news. Baby B has no heartbeat. He had a hammer hanging and had seizures and was probably alive “. survive. But if she survives, then she will not be able to breathe, eat or grow alone for the rest of her life. The state we were in at the time, that’s why we were ruined, was a very small phrase. Only this gave us hope that our baby C would be fine. He was physically separated from his twin sisters. “

The doctor advised that the baby be dismissed

Alia writes, “Since I was pregnant with twins and had a healthy baby. So I was asked to interrupt baby A. Leela, who looked like a healthy baby on the screen in front of me. But she kept bleeding and having seizures. Falling “He’ll ask to take it. He had no choice. But I had.” According to Alia, two days after that, the doctor gave the role of beating her daughter through the operation. According to Alia, on September 29, 2016 she gave birth to three children, of whom only one survived. Her son Charlie stayed at the NICU for 7 weeks after the birth and then returned home. Later Alia also gave birth to a daughter, who is 7 months old.

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