A woman does not seduce men unless she wants to, no woman breaks anyone’s house, does not ruin the home. A woman does not seduce men unless she wants to, no woman breaks anyone’s house, does not ruin the home.

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“If you had a chance to correct a mistake going back in time, what would you do?” Professor Sharma’s heavy voice echoed in class.

“Come on, today everyone will talk about it. Let’s start one by one.”

“I’m going to marry Nai, sir. At least you’re totally new to this shitty man.” Meenakshi got up first and said with great enthusiasm.

“This is a universal problem, Meenakshi, what to say now.” Said the teacher with a cold sigh.

“Decision to come to this class.” Athaiya said with a bad mouth.

“Hey, what a need for a timeline for this. Fix this mistake now. Get out right now. It’s not such a simple solution. I’ll be happy to fulfill your wish.”

“Don’t get caught up in the Appa affair. This friend is yours.” Where could Athaiya be silent?

“Okay, then restart the Appa, I’m innocent.” The teacher kept his tone equally calm.

It was a night class to learn to speak the Hindi language, in which students from South India and foreigners, who lived in the Hindi speaking area in connection with studies or work.

Nancy came to India from America in connection with her one-year project. She did not want to do this class, but the reason was Atharva, her parakeet, with whom she wanted to spend as much time as possible and for him to live everywhere. He was from Kerala and now he started speaking Hindi very well. Three months later, Nancy also started speaking and understanding Hindi quite well. Now he was enjoying the class too. Although she used to change the gender of the sentences. Since in English there is no distinction between you, you, you and do, do, do, it just took a little work.

“What would you like Nancy?” The eyes of the whole class were fixed on him along with the teacher.

“I wouldn’t go to the past and prevent Adam and Eve from eating that apple, that forbidden fruit, so that God doesn’t expel Amko from paradise, everyone in heaven, I don’t do anything, you do it.” Not even doing anything, no one No study, no worries about eating and drinking Life would be a lot of fun. Nancy was lost in her dreams and the rest of the class enjoyed it.

“Nancy, you are making good progress in Hindi. You just have to eliminate gender-related mistakes. If you work hard on female, male and bisexual gender words, in a few days you will start speaking Hindi fluently. and your thinking will do the same.Be awesome.First of all, God does not “take out” everything else, God, God, above, God, God, etc. are only addressed in masculine.You know that God is a woman “Second, instead of just doing it yourself, you are the whole human being. – He wants to rectify the error of the caste.” Nancy could not understand whether the teacher was praising or sarcasm. His tone was always calm and patient.

“What mistake and what correction? Atharva got up from her seat.

“Don’t you think that no serpent, dragon, or devil had seduced Eve? It was her conscience, the voice of her mind, her ability to think and judge, that rejected the luxuries of heaven. Because she did not have to live. maid, a robot-like life.

First, a woman would like to have the honor of her will and the freedom to choose, then put so many heavens in front of her. He would rather spend his hell on his own. There are many so-called “privileged” people like us, who had it all readily available in the age of covid, confinement. What a large number of them, who had food, sleep, television, without doing any work or working from home voluntarily, everything was available. Why do these people also yearn to go out, go to work, wander after a while? The children began to worry about going to school and college.

Everything should be on a tight schedule, with little room for change, no new learning, no challenges, no opportunities to grow, no new experiences, no uncertainty about the future, results Don’t wait, I will choose the land of this heaven. , every time, always and will not put the responsibility on Eva. With all sincerity and total pleasure, I will pick it up myself.

No woman “seduces” men unless she wants to. No woman breaks anyone’s house, she doesn’t ruin her home. It is time, now men must take responsibility for their actions.

Nancy, would you really live in heaven? ”Atharv began to speak directly looking at Nancy and was immediately taken aback.

“In your house, there was nothing missing in your country. So what was it that made you come to India so far from Germany. What was it, who is sitting in the classroom today leaving the online class and work from home? ” Atharv spoke as he looked him straight in the eye.

“Come on, my feminist guy has started impressing women.” Loud laughter came from behind.

“Being a brother, you can’t do that. What is feminism, you know? Absolutely basic common sense is called feminism. So much so that you consider a woman as a human being like you. Different, special, alien, neither better nor less.This, whoever has the understanding is a feminist.

Women are always victims, they say, who are afraid of their own actions, of their arbitrariness and exploitation. Women are gold diggers, crazy about money, that’s what these idiots say, idiots. And even if that’s the case, what’s wrong, you don’t earn it. And if women had been impressed at saying all this, perhaps Mr. Sharma would have been teaching “How to Impress Women” instead of language. Impressing is not ‘doing’, this thing ‘should be’ in itself, everyone is impressed. Now not everyone is jealous, is there something special in some, not in others, why do people get jealous? ”Atharva sat down after completing the last sentence in a sarcastic tone.

Class time is over. Everyone came out at the speed of the arrow. Professor Sharma, who taught Hindi in college, was busy talking to one of his students by phone outside. When Atharv started to leave, Nancy blocked his way. Atharv began to look at her in shock.

“Won’t you take responsibility now?” Nancy asked a direct question.

“People don’t, they’ll catch or they’ll catch or they’ll catch or …”

“Enough teacher. Cut the shit out. Tell me how long will you take ‘Bhaggi’ taking responsibility? How long will you stay away from me? I don’t like it, it’s a lie, I like it, why don’t you say it ?, s ‘is fleeing “.

“Wow! Someone’s proposing marriage to me.” Atharv smiled and said

“There is no English in the classroom. Only pure Hindi.”

“Okay. So you took away my birthright. It’s the boy’s right to approach the girl, to propose to him, that means making a request. But I did it right. I don’t even know how to express the my right “.

“Pata hai Atreva …”

“Friend, you have made my Vedic name Russian. One of the four Vedas is called Atharva. But what you call with love, sounds charming. But don’t tell anyone that Atharva is dead.” Atharv said repressing his laughter.

“Do you mean?”

“It means, Patna, Patna has a different meaning here, we’ll review that later, that’s not good. Come on, say for once, ‘Meet a-th-ra-v’

“Listen in silence. Shut up. Don’t interrupt now.”


“When I got to India, the first word I heard and learned was ‘Kallo.'” An American “would make a strange face.”

“I’m sorry, Nancy. You had to suffer all this. The people here are crazy behind clear skin. You came from outside, you think the South Indians have to face this apartheid in our own country, I have to listen to all this too. “

“That’s why, I think, I don’t like it, you want a white bride, everyone talks like black, girl too black, how fair the kids will be. How will the next generation be fair and charming.”

“No, not at all Nancy. I just thought that foreign girls are considered green cards by people, as it leads to foreign citizenship. Girls are also reserved for that. I was afraid you wouldn’t understand the same thing. Otherwise. Like you. Whoever chooses a strong, independent and very beautiful girl will be very lucky. “

“Now where luck has come from. Being an adult, making your own decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions. By making a mistake yourself, you bear the” better “punishment instead of the mistake, which was not I learned this from you and not from me. Nancy paused, with a lot of confidence and a lot of love.

“Will you marry me? Man, let me talk about this dialogue so that there are no regrets. And please say ‘yes.’ There is a request. But there is every right to say ‘no.'” Atharva was on her knees.

“Kar lenge. It’s no big deal, marriage hi hai na. Just say that, pyar karoge mere se. Always, always, forever wala. And” yes “is the only thing to talk about. Multiple choice nahi chala raha yaar pe . “

Professor Sharma, who was standing at the door, could not understand, neither enter nor leave. He was a scholar of language and was watching directly, the language of love is ubiquitous, everyone understands it. The country is beyond the boundaries of religion, color, borders. I wish there was more infection of love than hatred in the whole world.

– Nazia Khan

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