Blue zone: people here live more than 100 years, know the secret of their longevity – Know what the blue zone tstr

No one can say how long a person can live, but if one cares, then a person can live a long time. Today we talk about these places where people live a long time. Along with this, he will also explain what is the secret of the longevity of these people.

What is the Blue Zone?

Blue Zone is not a scientific name, but is a name given to certain geographical areas. Understand that blue zones are areas of the world where people live longer than normal people. These people have lower rates of chronic disease. These are longevity. The age of the people living here often exceeds 100 years. According to the WHO, the average life expectancy worldwide in 2019 was 73.4 years.

People in the blue zone live comfortably for 90-100 years (Photo: Getty)

Why was it called the Blue Zone?

The blue zone was first used by author Dan Buettner, who studied areas of the world where people live exceptionally long lives. These areas were called blue areas because when Buettner discovered these areas, he drew blue circles around the areas on the map.

Which areas are in the Blue Zone?

Buettner’s book ‘The blue zones’ In this, 5 areas have been maintained.

– Icaria (Greece): Ikaria is an island in Greece where people follow a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, red wine and native vegetables.

– Ogliastra, Sardinia (Ogliastra, Sardinia (Italy))Some of the oldest men in the world live here. They live in mountainous areas where they usually work in the field and drink a lot of red wine.

, Okinawa (Okinawa, Japan) The oldest women in the world live in Okinawa. He mainly eats foods made with soy and practices Tai Chi.

, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica: People in this area regularly do physical work even in old age. The Nicoian diet includes beans and corn.

– Loma Linda (Loma Linda, California): People in the Seventh-day Adventist group live here especially. These people are vegetarian.

However, only these areas have been explained in Buettner’s book. There may be more blue areas of this type that are not yet known. Many studies have found that the average age of people in the Blue Zones is between 90 and 100 years.

Interestingly, according to research, genetics is probably only responsible for 20-30% of longevity. Therefore, environmental influences, such as diet and lifestyle, play an important role in determining your longevity.

blue zone
Proper diet, exercise and sleep increase age (Photo: Getty)

People living in the blue zone eat “whole plant food”

People living in the Blue Zone eat 95% plant-based foods, that is, whole plant foods. There are usually special things in the diet of the people of the Blue Zone. These are vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts. Many researches show that avoiding meat can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases.


People in the blue zone take in fewer calories and quickly. Research suggests that eating fewer calories than normal can lead to a longer life. Other than that, the people of Okinawa follow the 80% rule. That is, when they feel that they have an 80% full stomach, only then do they stop eating. The stomach is not 100% full.

they drink less alcohol

People in the blue zone reduce alcohol consumption. One or two glasses of red wine consumed daily in icaric and Sardinian diets can help prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of death. Some research has shown that red wine, in moderate amounts, can prolong life.

included in the exercise routine

Aside from diet, exercise is very important to prolong life. In the Blue Zone people don’t exercise by going to the gym, they do the daily work in such a way that it’s like any exercise. How to walk, climb stairs, work in the field. Exercise can reduce the risk of death by 39%.

they sleep a lot

People in the blue zone get enough sleep and often take naps during the day. 35 The results of the research show that seven hours of sleep is enough. Sleeping too little or too much can increase the risk of death.

Some other habits are also responsible for longevity

Apart from diet, exercise and rest, there are many other social factors that can contribute to the longevity of people living in the blue zone. How to be religious or spiritual, to have a purpose in life, to live in a family together, to have a healthy social network.

If you also adopt the same food and lifestyle as people living in the blue zone, you can also add a few more years to your life.

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