Caution These pets can cause 10 dangerous diseases

With the growing ravage of coronavirus, there has been a debate about whether pets can also give dangerous diseases. Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that most people who keep animals such as dogs and cats can be victims of some disease that comes from pets. You know, about 10 of these diseases.

Catch the disease of the scratchIt is a type of bacterial infection that is caused by scratching cats. No need for these scratches to have been hit by the cat angrily or scratched while playing, it can be dangerous. For young children, pregnant women or the elderly or those who are already ill, even the slightest scratching of a cat can cause infection. Its symptoms are inflamed lymph nodes, fever and persistent fatigue. About 40 percent of cats have the bacterium from this infection called B bacterium, although the cat has no symptoms.

Even a small scratch from a cat can cause infection

He hadThis infection spread by dogs is called zoonotic skin infection. This skin infection is seen in people who sleep and sit with dogs and those who live in warm houses. It is a fungal disease whose symptoms are rashes, rashes and constant itching. Hair loss and persistent itching all over the body in dogs are symptoms that may indicate that your dog is sick.

PsittacosisPeople who keep birds are at risk for this disease. It is also called parrot fever. This disease spreads through the air from the body of the infected bird and if we also breathe the same air, the virus of the disease reaches our lungs through the nose. Symptoms of the disease include fever, diarrhea, dry cough and chills. This infection goes away in 1 to 3 weeks with antibiotics.

BrucellosisThis disease comes from cows or goats. In general, this disease can be caused by drinking milk from infected cows or goats, but if you like to raise cows, even through minor injuries to the body, the bacteria of this disease get inside. Its symptoms are similar to those of the flu. It is also possible to treat this disease with antibiotics.

This disease can be caused by drinking milk from infected cows or goats.

TuberculosisTuberculosis disease can also be transmitted from domesticated sheep to humans. The disease is also transmitted through sneezing, armpits or skin-to-skin contact of animals. Symptoms of tuberculosis include chest pain, cough, fever, fatigue, and persistent weight loss.

Mad cow diseaseThis disease is also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). This is a very dangerous neurological disease that can even end the patient’s life. It is transmitted by a virus called a prion. This disease occurs by eating the flesh of a sick cow, sheep, or goat. The most dangerous thing about mad cow disease is that its symptoms appear gradually, then the brain cells are damaged and eventually the patient dies.

The parasites of this disease live in the intestines of an infected dog or cat.

hookwormThe parasites of this disease live in the intestines of an infected dog or cat. People who raise them usually become infected during cleaning. Hookworms reach the inside of the body and cause itching with intense pain in the skin. As the disease progresses, there is internal bleeding, swelling, and abdominal pain in the intestines. This infection can be eliminated with antiparasitic drugs.

AngerThis disease is considered one of the most dangerous diseases caused by pets. This disease spread by the virus comes from wild animals that live near pets and their viruses enter the human body during the cleaning of pets. The disease begins with flu-like symptoms, which soon turn into hallucinations, fainting, or paralysis. Every year there are about 50,000 deaths due to this disease worldwide. Its treatment is there in modern medicine but it is not available everywhere.

There is a treatment in modern medicine but it is not available everywhere.

ToxoplasmosisToxoplasmosis is an infection caused by contaminated water, pet cat waste, or poorly cooked food, especially non-vegetarian food. This infection is found in about a third of people worldwide, but its parasites, usually called T. gondii, live latent within the brain. However, in many people, when the infection becomes severe, it becomes active and causes many problems. If the patient is a pregnant woman, its serious effects are seen. Symptoms such as joint pain, fever, cold cough and respiratory problems are observed. The condition worsens if treatment is not received. The patient’s anger to speak is also a symptom. In severe situations, the patient may even kill someone or even commit suicide.

Escherichia coliThis is a dangerous disease, which is caused by a bacterium called E. coli. There is a risk of this disease when eating or eating beef or any raw or undercooked animal. This bacterium can also reach the human body from infected cow dung. Its main symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, body cramps and vomiting. This disease can be prevented by eating well-cooked meat, washing your hands after returning from the zoo or touching animals.

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