Checking Facts: Did this kid scan the car’s FASTag tag with his watch and steal money? Know the truth: check the facts that children scan a viral video of FASTag scam steal money ntc

Through a viral video, it is said on social media that these days a gang is stealing money from Fastag under the pretext of cleaning the car. Many people are telling this video of the actual incident.

In the video, a child, under the pretext of cleaning a car window, scans the FASTag sticker on his watch. After that, he immediately starts walking away from there. Two people sitting in the car find it strange that he did not ask for money to clean the car. He calls her and starts asking. Suddenly the boy starts to run away and is not trapped even after chasing.

After that, the person driving the car tells his partner that this is actually a new way to cheat through FASTag.

That video sharing While doing this, a Twitter user wrote: @paytm, I use your fastag. Watch how this kid is stealing money from Fastag using a smartwatch. What steps are you taking to protect my money from these thugs?

Archived from some similar publications version here I Here can be seen.

In our research we have found that this is not a real incident but a scripted video. An actor Anubhav Goli, who worked on this video, has confirmed this in a conversation with ‘Aaj Tak’.

How does Fastag work?

FASTag is a type of prepaid label that collects toll tax. It is installed on the windshield of vehicles. This is scanned by the cameras installed at each toll booth, after which the toll tax money is deducted from the vehicle owner’s account or e-wallet. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used in FASTag.

As of December 1, 2019, it became mandatory to install FASTag on all four wheels passing through the national highway.

What is the story of the video?

Many Facebook accounts have shared this video ‘Video Bakol’ A Facebook page has been tagged with We found the viral video on this page. The video was accompanied by a disclaimer that said, “This is a scripted video created for social awareness.” This video has now been deleted from this page.

this viral Artists featured in the video can be seen in many more scripted videos.


we see it in this video Actor named Anubhav Goli talked to. He told us that this video was made just to spread awareness. It was shot in Meerut. But when there was a stir on social media about it and an official Clarification from Paytm-Fastag came along, then the “Baklol Video” team thought it was right to remove it.

Anubhav also told us that his team had decided to make this video after seeing some media reports related to FASTag fraud. for example us ‘Dainik Jagran iNext’ He sent a clipping of a news item published on June 23 in the Kanpur edition of

According to this news, a gang operating in Kanpur scans the fastag of the vehicles with the help of some devices and steals money from the account linked to it. For this work, use children who clean the glass with red light.

This report mentions three such incidents in which people were victims of FASTag fraud.


One in the year 2020 such news It came to the fore when money was deducted from the account of a person linked to FASTag at Manesar toll plaza while his car was parked in Chandigarh.

However, we do not independently verify the authenticity of these reports.

What should the Kanpur police say?

We contacted some UP Police officials for more information on the FASTag fraud incidents that have been mentioned in the news published in Dainik Jagran iNest. UP Cyber ​​Crime Additional SP Sachchidanand said: “We have received videos of how FASTag accounts were fraudulently deducted. However, all of these are false.

On the other hand, Cyber ​​Crime SP Triveni Singh said it is technically impossible to hack FASTag. He told ‘Aaj Tak’: “This has no basis and so far no FIR has been registered in this regard. We are trying to get to the root of this rumor.

The government has also given a clarification

According to NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India), FASTag has been designed so that the money can only pass from the driver’s account to the merchant’s account. It is not possible to transfer money from one person’s account to another person’s account.

GDP Fact Check also called this video fake in his tweet.

Paytm has said that only authorized merchants can deduct money through FASTag.

Opinion of technology experts

We also talked to many ethical hackers and tech experts about this. Hacker Sunny Nehra told us, “In this video you see a child walking with a smartwatch in an unknown place that is not a toll. But the person sitting in the car says they have deducted the money. .It is impossible to do this with FASTag.

According to Sunny, each toll has a different identification. Before each payment, the system checks this identification and, if you do not register with the government, the payment cannot be made.

We also contacted independent security investigator Karan Saini. He told ‘Aaj Tak’: “The RFID card is made in such a way that its cloning is very difficult. But until this is shown in some research that FASTag cannot be cloned, it is a bit difficult to say for sure. .

We cannot independently confirm that this type of piracy can actually happen. But, this is confirmed that a scripted video is being shared indicating the actual incident, which is spreading confusion among the people.

(Report: Bechu S. and Riddhish Dutta)

(Entry: Sanjana Saxena)

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