Democracy watchdog trained to carry on emergency memory – Narsimhapur News: Training of democracy watchdog to carry on emergency memory

Date of publication: | Mon, 27 June 2022 20:42 (IST)

Kareli (Naiduniya News). The Delhi Pradesh Democracy Fighters Association organized the Black Emergency Day at the Swarna Auditorium Jayanti Sadan, in which Loktantra national president Senani Sangh and Rajya Sabha member Kailash Soni said that a democracy watchdog has been created to carry forward the memory of the emergency. He explained the importance of the Sangh in detail.

On this occasion, Janata Dal United senior leader KC Tyagi recalled the Emergency experiences. Greetings to your emergency struggle. BJP senior leader and former emergency prisoner OP Babbar, while recalling his experience in the emergency prison, stressed that the government should honor the emergency prisoners. At the beginning of the program, National Office Minister Satish Sharma played the role in detail. In the program, the Secretary General of the National Service Bharti, Shravan and Mangeram Garg, Madanlal Khurana, Madanlal Kapoor and the relatives of former MP Ram Swaroop Vidyarthi were prominently present. G. Rajan Dhi’Gara expressed gratitude The operation was done by Rajkumar Sapda.

Meeting in Kareli, chairman of Santosh Tihaiya: A district meeting of the Narsinghpur District Democracy Fighters Association was held last Sunday. Auditors Rameshwar Prasad Mishra, Saraswati Shishu Mandir. Senior member Ramesh Chand Kochhar chaired the meeting. The emergency declared on June 25, 1975 was declared a black day at the meeting. Speakers expressed their views on how democracy was killed during the Emergency. Everyone criticized the stone-throwing and violence in the name of the movement and everyone pledged to protect democracy. At the meeting, attorney Santosh Kumar Tihaiya was unanimously elected district president of the District Democracy Association. Ramchand Dani, Munnalal Namdev, Satish Jain, Ch. Hirendra Singh, Mahesh Chaurasia, Vijay Soni, Lekhchand Kochhar, Arvind Gupta, Rashid Qureshi, Sheikh Nazim, Lalji Rakwar, Rajendra Bundela, Vijay Bundela including Pragya Lunavat, Sudha Bundela, Bharti Sharma, Asha Upadhyay, Gaut etc. Finally, tributes were paid to the missing fighters.

Lord Bholenath will be worshiped in the month of Shravan

Kareli. Guru Purnima Mahotsav will be celebrated with grandeur in the city on July 14th. In this regard, the Municipal Steering Committee of Sai Mandir Malpani, the Sainath Manav Seva Sansthan family held a meeting at the temple to prepare various programs. The meeting discussed the Guru Purnima festival and various events to be held in the month of Shravan. A special discussion was also held on the worship of Havana, the distribution of Mahaprasadi, Maha Aarti and the worship of Lord Bholenath in the month of Shravan, the construction of Rudri, Maha Aarti at Poornima. The meeting was attended by a large number of devotees.

Demand for action against those who leave animals helpless

Kareli. There is a lawsuit against animal owners who keep animals open in the city. Due to the lack of action against animal owners roaming the city, many animal owners leave their animals helpless. That is why these animals are prone to accidents every day. At the same time, traffic is hampered, pedestrians also become victims of accidents. One of these cows was the victim of an accident on Barman Road the day before. An unknown vehicle has climbed on the feet of a cow sitting on the road. That is why the cow was seriously injured. Upon obtaining information about the helplessly lying wounded cow, the gosevaks of the city Chhotu Patel, Karan Srivas, Ubes Khan, Anees Khan and Sudeep Raghuvanshi took the cow to the gosevak for treatment on the charge. Where care is taken to organize treatment and forage straw, etc. Information was given to the Veterinary Hospital about which the injured cow was treated by Composer Shri Tignath. It should be noted that from where these cowsevaks of the city get information about injured cows or in problems such as pits, wells or drains. These people quickly get to the top spot and get the cows out of trouble. He carries wounded cows with them and takes care of them on his own and takes full care of them until they recover. Despite giving information many times, they do not receive any help from the administration. However, the spirit of these gosevaks does not diminish. By mobilizing resources at their level, they make the right arrangements for the injured cows.

Selfie point made to raise awareness among voters on the NAPA campus

Foto-12 Employees giving a message to raise awareness among voters on the NAPA campus. Photo – measure.

Kareli (Naiduniya News). Various activities are being carried out to make people self-motivated and aware of exercising their franchise for urban body elections. The campaign activities are led by the Sense team under the direction of returning officer Pooja Tiwari and Naib Tehsildar Anamika Singh. New voters, ordinary citizens are constantly being motivated to join the polls to vote in the urban elections that are being held after about 7 years. A selfie point has also been taken at the municipal premises.

The Sense team is led from Kareli by nodal officer Satya Prakash Tyagi and conodal Kajal Sevaiwar. In this sequence, a Selfie Point for Voter Awareness was established at the City Hall. Its main goal is to encourage young people who are going to vote for the first time to vote. Healthy and alert voters always play their important role in nation building. Voting is a mandatory duty for their 100% participation in the unloading of democratic traditions for the fulfillment of the national interest of education for development. As for these messages, urban election training teachers, municipal workers, teachers from the education department took individual and group photos at selfie spots to spread the message out loud in the municipal premises. He called on the voters of the urban area for a healthy and fair voting, keeping the primary vote in all their work, on polling day they arrived at the polling station when necessary and made a persuasive dialogue for cast their vote. Navya Srivastava, Mahesh Devlia, Lekhram Parashar, Shailendra Srivastava, Vivek Mishra, Nitin Koshta, Vipin Sharma, Sudhir Tiwari, Sameer Tyagi, Devendra Soni, Master Coach Ashish Dubey, Satya Prakash Tyagi, Rajendra Sharma, Manish Jain, etc. occasion ..

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