Drug business in the hands of children, Gorakhpur police could not reach the head

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In Gorakhpur the smack and ganja businesses are developing indiscriminately. It is not found anywhere else but in the areas of Rajghat and Khorabar police station of the city. Under the TP Nagar police outpost, the pudding is sold at a distance of 500 meters from innocent people for 150 rupees. Dainik Jagran’s iNext team reached out to delicious traders in the guava garden under the Rajghat police station. After coming to the team, it was learned that women and young children are used in this business. While some big union has a hand behind it. Those who have operated on him and the officers in charge of the police, knowing it all, turn a blind eye instead of acting.

(Amarendra Pandey).In fact, a few days ago, DJ Inext reported that there is a guava garden near Rajghat bridge. As soon as you get off the bridge, you will easily find smack and win at the road dump leading to the garden. When DJ Inext’s team arrived near the TP Nagar police station to find out about this, people queuing on the road at the outpost said all the drunks would be there as soon as they got off the road leading to the garden. . As soon as the journalist asks Gumti, will he hit you? Then an innocent 8-year-old boy accepted and asked for 150 rupees for the drink.
Journalist: Will you bang?
baby: Yes, he will succeed.
Journalist: How much does it cost?
baby: 150 rupees.
Journalist: Will I do nothing less?
baby: No, tell me if you want to catch it. Otherwise it will.
Journalist: The rate is high. They have come from afar. reduce something.
baby: Give money first, then you will get it.
Journalist: Okay, take 150 rupees.
baby: We have to wait a while.
Journalist: How much time?
baby: five minutes.
Journalist: It is very little. (takes the child in his hand)
baby: That’s all that’s left. Now go
The crowd gathered to make a pinch
When the iNext team arrived at the store, between 4 and 5 people were already present. who were intoxicated. Some were going backwards and others were fighting there for the poisoning pudding. In this business, neither man showed up nor his main boss. A small child was being treated in this business. There it was seen that the children speak indiscriminately to sell a pinch of a pinch.
Women and children became careers
In the conversation, the journalist learned that this time it comes on a large scale from places like Bihar, Barabanki, Calcutta, and so on. All merchandise is carried hidden in vegetable and fruit vehicles, in which only women and children do the work of the carrier.
Expert comment
stay away from drugs
Psychologist Shweta John explains that a person addicted to drugs is later called a drug abuser. Many types of brain disorders are caused by drug abuse. Such as paranoia, depression, anxiety, inattention, hallucinations and increased heart problems. There are four factors to this. Sit with your family in situations of extreme stress. Share your problem with them. He talks about all the problems of the mind. Parents should also pay attention to children at an early age. Take the help of a good counselor or therapist. Listen to the children’s problems, understand them and try to shorten them.
Smack smugglers caught from time to time
1. In March 2022, the STF Lucknow team had received information that young people from Barabanki district were involved in Parth narcotics trafficking. By car, these people carry brown sugar to Nepal and Bihar. Inspector Alok Rai of STF Gorakhpur along with his team were besieged in Nandanagar and caught four car smugglers. Smack worth 2.5 million rupees was recovered.
2. In June 2021, Cantt police arrested three youths with an 18-gram pinch. The accused detainee used to sell smack in the locality making rounds. Police did not suspect because the package of clothes was together, but Cantt police had received information that criminals living in Farrukhabad and Kushinagar districts are selling. Inspector in charge Cantt arrested three youths near the train station and filed a case against them under the NDPS Act.
3. In March 2019, Khorabar police destroyed the business that was taking place near Mahewa Phalmandi. Police had arrested two royal brothers Raju and Pradeep Nishad, residents of Maheva, from the scene. 196 grams of dust, 33 mobile phones and 2.05 lakh rupees were recovered.
This type of drug trafficking is happening in the area of ​​Rajghat police station. It will be tested for this. Strict measures will be taken against those involved in this business.
Krishna Kumar Vishnoi, SP City

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