Flirting and romance for Piyush, beyond that the woman’s body was everything, when there is no love, how will the home work? , Flirting and romance for Piyush, beyond that the woman’s body was everything, when there is no love, how will the home work?

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  • Flirting and romance for Piyush, beyond that, the woman’s body was everything, when there is no love, then how will the home work?

6 months ago

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Meenakshi was also beautiful and smart. I mostly liked her, but her words proved that she is very ambitious. Meenakshi and I studied together in college. After the MA, we both cleared the NET exam together. Coincidentally, we were also appointed together at a school in a village near our city. How good those days were. Meenakshi and I met. Along with teaching in college, he was also trying a job in government. I used to think that if I get a good job, I can propose marriage to Meenakshi and her family with pride. Meenakshi did not refuse, so I believed.

But suddenly one day during those dreamy days, I came face to face with reality when Meenakshi said that the family had arranged her marriage and that from tomorrow she will not come to teach. He said he was not yet ready to get married, but due to a good relationship, he was unable to turn down family members. Her future husband was a senior official of the Indian Organization Abroad. Seeing the happiness and glow on Meenakshi’s face, nowhere did I feel that I was not happy with this marriage or that I had committed.

This is how our paths parted. Twenty years passed slowly. I began to forget Meenakshi. But I was suddenly surprised to see Meenakshi Verma’s friend request on Facebook. Yes, it was the same Meenakshi Verma that I started calling Mini while studying “Kabuliwala” during my college days. The same mini I wanted from Dilojan and eventually separated from me. A phone number was sent to Messenger, conversations were held and like a spark buried in the ashes, my love, attraction, inclination reawakened. The desire to reunite with Meenakshi, to see her grew so much that I asked her where she was and I went to her city to meet her. The visit was official, so accommodation, lodging and food arrangements were also at the government guest house. I just informed him that I had come to your city, he immediately invited him back home.

There is a bridge of memories that connects the past and the present. Resting on the bridge of those memories, I started living again in my twenties. It would have taken just half an hour to get to Mini’s house from the guest house. In that half hour, I vividly remembered every moment I spent with Mini.

Who opened the door with the ringing bell was Mini. I kept looking at him for a few moments. Her clear, pretty face, big kajal-filled eyes, and rose-petal lips are a little open to say anything. She looked very pretty with a navy green sari. I thought like before, why did he come down to earth from Devlok?

“How are you Rajveer?” Hearing his soft, melodious voice, he felt as if a song had sprung up into the atmosphere. Upon entering the house, I felt a little uncomfortable watching her large living room. Noticing my panic, he offered me a cigarette from a pack of expensive cigarettes and held out the box to me. The Mini himself lit a cigarette. Even a cigarette looked beautiful on his thin, delicate fingers. Although I was quite surprised.

“Where are everyone else in your family? How’s Mini?” I asked We had less time, I also had to go back.

“My family …” he laughed lightly, “Come, let me show you my temple.” I received it again. The Mini I met was an atheist.

The idols of Radha-Krishna, adorned with golden crowns, Rama, Lakhan Sita, Saraswati, Durga and Shiva were all consecrated to the temple made of silver. His clothes, ornaments, chowkis, bells, aartis, pots of water shone with such intensity that my hands joined. Mini sat there in the temple. Rajveer, do you want to know where my family is? How is it? So listen, Tina, my daughter is the receptionist of a hotel. There you stay at the hotel. Betu is on board. The two children do not want to return home or on vacation. Maybe that’s how the wind blows. Today the kids prefer to be independent. “Mini shook his index finger slightly and took out his cigarette. He was also smoking a cigarette in the temple.

Piyush, my husband has been in the United States for four years. I can’t say if he will return or not. I don’t even want to invite myself into it. It is said that children can be pampered with the culture there. But here too where are the kids on my bus? After my marriage, I learned that Piyush had all the qualities that a rich father’s son should have. Dear brother of two sisters, dear son of parents, great job, position in this. I had to commit. For Piyush, flirting and romance, beyond that, the woman’s body was everything. It didn’t take me long to realize that we were two mismatched plants growing in two different cultures. If there is no love, how will the house work? I find that everything is a Rajveer burden. Keep the house, buy things, keep, for whom am I doing all this? But still, you need to stay calm and calm in front of outsiders. I carry a torture, a frustration. I am living a double life. Life on the outside goes on as usual, but many things break inside me. There is no rest anywhere in my wounded heart. His eyes began to rain. She was sitting leaning against the temple.

“Today I accept a truth Rajveer, I wish I had married you. At that time I had read your eyes, your mind.”

Only after twenty years did Mini accept his heart. I knew my few words could give Mini strength. I wrapped my arms around his back in one of my arms. He lifted his thick lashes and looked at me, “Don’t leave me Raj. I’m very lonely. Tired of this life,” his throat swelled. My hand was in his hand. His request could have distracted me. Suddenly I started to miss my wife and my simple, straightforward children. The evening was getting darker. There was a slight darkness in the room. Little by little I let go of his hand and left his house without saying anything.

, Abha Srivastava

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