For a woman, being a mother is an end in her career, even if she returns to work, she will not have the same status as before. Controversy of hiring pregnant women Pregnant women temporarily unfit to join

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In 1621, Xu Yujiao, the ruler of the Ming Empire of China, scattered 5,000 soldiers across the country for a specific purpose. Soldiers roamed around and started catching beautiful girls between the ages of 13 and 16. In the palace, it would have to be cut into many layers. She will even check the color of her skin in the sun and the shadow and smell of her breath after waking up, after which the real girl was sent to the king.

She was called a concubine, whose job it was to produce many children for the king. It was believed that beautiful and healthy girls have only one use: to produce children for the ruler.

During these 9 months the girls had to remain locked in the palace. There was a ban on going outdoors so that the demonic force swinging here and there would not capture the child. It was forbidden to bathe, to wash one’s hair so that the child growing in the womb could not be seen anywhere. The pregnant woman would sit in one place like a ball of dough. So it used to happen that over the course of nine months, a young woman with an agile body would become as formless and useless as an old potato.

However, this is not a great price in exchange for giving strong children to the king. In return, she would get the job of a maid in the same palace.

A woman’s real religion is to have children. This thing was said so many times with love, sometimes by calling, and sometimes by becoming Agiabatal, that like Newton’s law, this has also been proved. Now, while there are thousands of discussions about any discovery of science, the margin for debate about whether or not a woman becomes a mother is completely over. Be a woman: you will give birth to children. point! She will be a mother – she will sit at home. point !

SBI did something similar about six months ago. In his guide, he had told pregnant women not to be temporarily fit. Now Indian Bank has also joined this queue as a good master. The bank said that while you do the job interview you will see if the woman is pregnant or not! If so, it will move to the waiting list. She will be hired after 6 weeks of delivery only after a full medical examination and satisfaction.

That is, if she looks tired, has glasses under her eyes, sticks, or forgets while talking, she is very likely to be denied duty as unfit.

From the bank’s point of view, pregnancy is that ‘essential disease’, the patient of which gets very angry. Moong dal should be eaten, but adding a pickled tadka. This medicine will be swallowed, but with sorbet. If such a frivolous woman is made to sit at the bank counter, even a country like America will soon become Uganda. Then only Every quarter, some banks issue circulars warning young women to stay away from their campus.

Even a modern country like America treats a pregnant woman as a contagious disease. Their presence will also encompass all the other women and they will also start planning the pregnancy by leaving the job.

A few years ago, the Oklahoma Board of Education’s Young Women Committee made a similar point. It was time for hiring at the State Department of Education. Leaving in the interview several highly skilled young women, the committee selected people with less ability, especially men, because they are not pregnant!

On the one hand, Elon Musk talks about establishing a colony on Mars, while there are still 40 such countries in this world, where a capable woman can be asked to give up by enlarging her breast during pregnancy. They cannot go to court because it is legally recognized.

This is also good. A woman with swollen feet and teary eyes during pregnancy, who doesn’t even know what clothes to wear, can do anything about the company. So being pregnant this way became a kind of retirement in itself. If the woman stays healthy, she has the facility to handle the child, after a month or six months she can go back to work, but not with the previous state. with light work. For example, if she were a scientist, she would get the job of sweeping the lab, or if she were the general manager, then the secretary of an officer. This is the punishment for being a mother.

In English it is called maternity penalty. Indigenous human resource companies are doing constant research on this. According to the think tank Institute for Public Policy Research, companies are alert when they see young girls. Before recruiting, she explores in her own style if she intends to be a mother, and yes, for how long!

If the woman just got married, she tries not to be hired, or even in a less responsible position, so if she asks permission to be a mother, the company’s shares don’t fall to the ground. Indian Bank did the same. Following the custom, the sign ‘Prohibition of entry of pregnant women’ was hung in front of the office.

The weather will change course in the coming days. The children will return home bathed in rain, jumping under the colorful umbrellas. He will study science, learn mathematics. What a great thing if at the same time they can be given an equality lesson. If they become adults, they can understand that pregnancy is not a disease, nor does a pregnant woman have any responsibility. If they can believe that a woman who becomes a mother makes a man also a father.

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