Gujarat: “The AAP is an alternative to both the Congress and the BJP,” said the president of the Gujarat AAP: the party’s performance will be historic

In Gujarat, Party leader Aam Aadmi says the AAP is not only an alternative to Congress but also to the BJP. (archive photo)

Gopal Italy said now other states are also waiting for the AAP’s governance model. He said he is trying to reach the people as well as build and strengthen the party organization in Gujarat.

Gujarat (GujaratAam Aadmi party leader Gopal Italia says the AAP is not only an alternative to Congress but also to the BJP. He said the people want to rule from the government. So far most political parties have worked according to the same project. After the formation of the government, its leaders deliver some speeches and people are asked to fight in the name of ideology. your leader (AAP leader) says that in the midst of all this, people never achieved what they should have achieved through government at the grassroots level. Gujarat AAP chief says Aam Aadmi party (AAP)AAM Admi PartyIt is the first such party in the country to only talk about government.

According to the ‘News 18’ news, he has said that once the AAP comes to power, it is fully focused on the governance agenda. He said this government offers schools for children, hospitals for the family. Along with this, it also offers facilities so that people do not have to queue. People should not pay bribes to do their job. Along with this, the citizenry should get water, electricity. The president of the Gujarat AAP said that only for all these facilities, the public chooses the party.

“People understand Kejriwal’s model of government”

Referring to Arvind Kejriwal’s model of government, he said the AAP is working on all these issues, for which it has been chosen by the people. He said people have begun to understand and accept Kejriwal’s model of government. He said first Delhi and now the people of Punjab have chosen the Kejriwal model to govern. Gopal Italy said now other states are also expecting a similar model of government. He said he is trying to reach the people along with building and strengthening the party organization in Gujarat. The president of the Gujarat AAP said that so far the public has been talking about the Delhi model of the Kejriwal government, but now he will also be told about the Punjab.

“AAP government plan ready in Punjab”

Gujarat AAP president Gopal Italia said the party has submitted a government plan to the Punjab. These plans include important issues for farmers in the state. In these there has been talk of free electricity, water, the total cost of cultivation. He said the same plan also applies in Gujarat. He said this is the basic government plan of the Aam Aadmi party government. According to Gopal Italia, in the way the AAP has abolished Inspector Raj in Delhi, the party will guarantee the same in Punjab and Gujarat. At the same time, a single-window and more transparent office system for companies will be implemented.

Gopal Italy said the AAP government’s acceptance in Delhi and Punjab shows that people understand that the party is talking about fundamentals and changing the system at the grassroots level. Making a mockery of other parties, he said there would be almost no such party in the country, which would never talk about basics. He said no party is talking about whether government offices open on time. Agents must be present in the offices in time to hear and resolve people’s complaints. He said the specialty of the AAP is that they will talk about all these basic things and also work to fix them.

“The AAP is an alternative to Congress along with the BJP”

Gopal Italy said people voted for Congress. In some states, for decades a regional party was voted on, then people voted for the BJP for the next decade. The AAP leader said what the option is with the public now. Will the BJP vote again? Along with this, he also made it clear that where the Aam Aadmi Party is a strong alternative, it has been successful in getting the votes of the people. Not doing well in other states, including the UP, Gopal Italy said the party has a lot of new people in many places. The party has no organizational strength, so they did not get votes against the incumbent. He said that in the coming days the party will get votes against the incumbent. He said the votes are not just for the anti-concern wave, but for hopes.

“Gujarat will win the hearts of the public”

Gopal Italy said the Gujarat party does not think there is a wave of anti-incumbency, nor that they have a model of government, so they will win and the party is ready to face all the challenges of Gujarat. The AAP will do its utmost to compete with other parties at the level of organization, strategic level, level of perception or level of branding and, along with this, expressed the hope of the historical performance of the party in the elections in the assembly of Gujarat. He said that right now it is not possible to say how many seats the party will win in Gujarat. He has come to win the hearts of the people. If he succeeds, there will also be votes available. He said that in places where people are tired of the BJP, there is a need for the Aam Aadmi party.

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