Heart to heart with MSG | Throwing your grandparents out of the house is not our culture

Heart to heart with MSG-Part-7

Barnawa (Frankly News). In Heart-to-Heart with MSG Part-7, the revered Holy Guru Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, through his YouTube account, appealed to young people with folded hands to respect their elders and not send them to old age ashrams. The revered Guru ji said that elders are parents. People don’t treat them as much as our culture says. Many times some people came to us saying: Guruji! Our parents are sick, give prasad. We said it’s okay, you see the doctor, serve him. To say that it is very bad, we have to lift their urine, we have to lift the toilet, it is very difficult. Give him some prasad that we don’t have to put up with his pee-letters. Hey, as kids, they picked up your pee-letters in your childhood, they picked up your dirt. Forget them. Oh, do not adorn your house, that those parents, on whose heads you jumped, nourish you, 2 who raised you, made you great. And you wonder when you will get rid of it. This is common in today’s world.

As part of the orphaned mother-father service campaign, nightly reception in the blocks made in harmony
The revered Guru ji said we have started an orphaned mother-father service. Its meaning is that the great ones who do not have them, support them by all means, make them a nocturnal refuge. If possible, build these houses on your respective blocks. In which is written orphaned old age ashram and below is written orphaned father-father service. Therefore, if someone comes to leave him, then he must sign on some form, in which it is written that they are orphans. We must write that we are his children and we have come to leave. If you had come to leave, where would you get your children from?

Bringing bread for mother cow, our culture

The revered Guru ji said that if we used to eat food at home, we would certainly bring a roti, before eating, and give that roti to Gau Mata. Our mother took out the flour, she kept it for the animals. So that was our culture. But today do not ask about animals, you will find on many roads many stray animals. People today have become so bad, it’s more selfish than the limit. As long as milk is given, it’s okay, but hit the stick in and out.

Son! We drank her milk, the cow is our mother

The revered Guru ji said that we have also seen a period like this, when parents used to worship animals at home. Our Bapu ji told us that there was a cow in the house, that she had grown old, so we said he is an old man, what will happen to him now? It doesn’t give milk, now it may be useless. So Bapu ji said, it’s not like that, son! This cow is our mother. We drank their milk. Although she used to give milk for her calf, but even if we took it, she did not deny it. If we drink her milk, it is natural that she is our mother. His calf is plowed behind, it also gives work. And we put the cow’s mother’s excrement in the fields, we use them as manure. That is why the crop becomes very good.

Not only that, he used to make wipes by adding soil to his manure, and then apply it like a mop around the stove squares. So we said, what about this, since we were very young, Bapu ji started saying son! This kills the disease particles. They started saying that he has given us milk all his life. How to get him out of the house? And when the cow got sick, Father Saheb also received treatment, but could not be cured. So he made a circle of water and read the holy Gita in our house at that time. And seeing us, the cow left the body. We were five, so we asked Dad what you did and what happened? Bapu ji started saying son! She was like our mother, so I told her the name of Ram, the name of God so that when she comes out of the body, she will receive salvation, save her. We were very pleasantly surprised and then we followed him too.

Even parents should not stop their children at all

The revered Guru ji said that when we talk about parents, in the present time people leave parents in the ashrams of old age. But in our opinion there should be a board, of orphanage for the elderly. At least they should be ashamed that we are dead, so the poor old orphans go there. Who built this ashram of old age. We ask with folded hands to write “Orphan Vriddha Ashram.” At least it should be known that children have died for parents or parents have died for children. Don’t be ashamed, curse those who make their parents out of the house while they are alive. And parents should also not get caught up in the love and affection of their children for no reason and put a hindrance to everything. When you talk about everything, the mistakes are yours too. It’s not just children’s mistakes.

Example: A small child awakened humanity in the father

Let me tell you an example. It’s a thing of the past, which is absolutely true. In one family there was an old mother, who could not get up, her relatives began to say that it does not serve me. So the man started saying that this is my mother. I will serve you. There was a fight between the two, in the end the mother’s son listened to his wife. He started saying then what to do? The woman said, someone is coming to breathe, choke her throat or give some medicine like that for the poor man to leave. He says, first dig the grave, then we will bury it there. I will tell people I was sick, people will be fine. The husband began to say okay.

Now a little boy was there listening to everyone, so what did he do, he also went with his father, he came to the cemetery, he started digging the grave, then the boy said, what are you doing father, then he started to tell your grandmother Amma She will be buried here So she started shoveling, after a while she started breathing and held the rope. Now that boy, who was five years old, grabbed the rope and dug a small well with it. Now the father laughed and asked: Oh son! What are you doing So, with great innocence, the boy replied: Papa! You are burying Dadi Amma here, so when she grows up I will bury you here. The man opened his eyes, came home crying and started telling his wife that you can leave me, but I can’t leave my mother. Fortunately, a small child awakened his father’s humanity.

Throw the old people like a milk fly

The revered Guru ji said that we have often seen that when good officers, ordinary people leave their parents in the ashram of old age, the poor mourn in pain, because those who are old become like children. It has been our culture, it has been our culture that the children who have advanced us look like toys to those adults, that is, their grandchildren, granddaughters, grandchildren, whoever they are, they all play with them, great happiness comes . they are. But you throw them away like you take a fly out of the milk and throw it away. So that’s not what our culture says. All the elders who are listening if the time has come to let your children take over the work. Tell them you want to take my life experience, if you want to get some experience from me, then you can ask me, now you take care of your work.

Children do not insult your elders

You said that children should not insult their elders like this, do not send them to orphanages, do not make them orphans. If you do this while you are alive, what will happen when your children do it with you? So it is very important in the current era to respect our elders. Since you are their blood, it is very important that you have them with you with respect, you love them so that your life will also be happy and their life will also be happy. Just think and look from when he raised you, how many dreams will be associated with you. In our time, we never asked our parents what you do, what work is being done, how much money you have earned, before I used to take what we wanted. But today’s era has come in such a way that people kill their parents while they are alive. They just want money, they go crazy over the limit and in that madness they even throw their parents out of the house.

And it’s easy to send them to nursing homes that are being built. So you are all asked to write “Ashram of the orphaned old age.” Whatever sign is made on the form, it is written on it, they are orphans, they have no one. By the way, this situation should not reach our culture, because it continues from generation to generation. The parents take care of the child and when the parents grow up, the children have taken care of them. That is why our culture is number one in the world. But today you are trying to drown him. For drugs, for money, for greed and greed. So dear Sadh-Sangat ji, we pray with folded hands for the elders to walk in harmony with the children. Don’t hurt anyone, don’t be fooled, but support your elders, they are yours. You are his blood. Never send them to nursing homes. We pray to the owner, we pray that he will definitely fill your pockets with happiness.

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