How to wash small baby clothes: precautions and tips

Your little one’s immune system is still developing, so it’s prone to infections and disease from anywhere. This is the reason why you should take great care of your child’s health. Sometimes there are germs invisible in a child’s clothing that can affect them. When clothes are washed in the washing machine, the machine is not able to remove the bacteria that are there, which can attack the child’s weak immune system.

How to prepare clothes for a small child?

How to prepare clothes for a small child?

The first step required to clean and disinfect baby clothes is to prepare them before washing them. Before preparing something, always keep in mind that before putting any clothes on the child, wash them once. This is because these pieces contain harmful bacteria that come in contact with them from the time of purchase until the time you take them home. Here are some things to keep in mind when going for baby laundry.

  • Follow the washing instructions on the brand label, which will tell you how to wash clothes according to the material. It will help you immensely.
  • Be careful with the detergent used. If you want, you can use detergents and non-chemical soaps. They are made especially for children.
  • Soak the cloth with water first. If the cloth material is suitable for this, soak the cloth in hot water for a while, it kills many germs.
  • Wash baby clothes separately. This way, the bacteria present in the rest of the clothes are not transferred to the baby’s clothes.
  • After washing, keep the cloth in warm water for a while. This will kill the detergent and other allergic bacteria.
  • Dry clothes in the sun or heat. Sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant. Therefore, try to dry the child’s clothes only in the natural sun. If this is not possible, dry the clothes in a clean sterile room.

How to wash your little one’s clothes by hand?

It is suggested that it is better to wash baby clothes by hand rather than machine wash. Many of you moms are asking yourself this question: how do you wash your baby’s clothes? Here are some simple steps that will show you how to wash clothes by hand properly:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly

Remember we have a lot of bacteria on our hands, before washing baby’s clothes, first disinfect or wash your hands thoroughly.

2. Check the water temperature

While washing your baby’s clothes, be sure to check the water temperature. If you wash your clothes with very hot water, it can damage the fabric, as well as washing your clothes with very hot water can burn your hands.

3. Use an environmentally friendly, non-chemical detergent

Remember that your body is very different from that of a baby. Regular use of detergents can damage your baby’s skin, which can cause allergic reactions in the baby and can even be harmful to your baby’s skin. Note that such detergent The use, which is safe for the baby’s skin, should be non-chemical and environmentally friendly, so that the baby does not face any kind of problem.

4. Soak clothes before and after washing

Bacteria can grow even before washing clothes, so as many bacteria can be killed, soak the clothes in hot water for 30 minutes and after washing them, leave them to soak for a while.

5. Dry baby’s clothes in the sun

It is very important to pay attention to whether the baby’s clothes dry properly or not. Try to dry clothes in the sun, but do not bring wet clothes to the child. hence the child fungal infection Is possible

Tips for washing small clothes for babies

It is recommended that you wash your baby’s clothes with your own hands, this can be very long and tiring, but it is a better option. But if you can’t wash clothes by hand, here are some tips for washing your machine.

1. Wash baby’s clothes before washing clothes

Washing machines can contain a lot of bacteria, so don’t wash clothes together to avoid transferring bacteria from the clothes to the baby’s clothes. Be sure to wash baby clothes first.

2. First soak the clothes with soap

To wash baby’s clothes, take a bucket of water at a temperature of 35 ° C. Add half a cup of baby detergent and soak it for half an hour and then put it in the machine.

3. Wash twice with water

Run the machine over the rinse in two cycles to make sure the soap is completely removed from the cloth and the bacteria is removed. Once the soap is finished, turn it over again and this time just hold the water.

Remember that asking your doctor about washing your baby’s clothes can be very helpful, as well as some guidelines related to this, which may be helpful.

How to disinfect your little one’s clothes?

It is important that you not only wash your baby’s clothes, but make them germ-free, here are some ways to disinfect your baby’s clothes.

  1. To disinfect your baby’s clothes, first of all, the stains on the clothes should be cleaned, because these stains are mostly meat and breast milk that contains protein. This can attract many types of harmful bacteria. That’s why you have to clean it before soaking your clothes. You can use baby detergent to clean stains. That will be found in most pharmacies.
  2. Thoroughly cleanse your baby of saliva, spit, and body fluids. Because like protein stains, their stains produce very harmful bacteria. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria that can make babies sick. Rub it well with the help of detergent so that the bacteria are removed and the baby is safe. Do this before soaking baby clothes with soap.
  3. When soaking the cloth, add white wine vinegar. It acts as a natural disinfectant. Mix one or two cups of white wine vinegar with a bucket of water and soak the clothes for 30 minutes.

Precautions to be taken when washing small children’s clothes

It is very important to understand that you need to take some precautions while washing your baby’s clothes, which are as follows:

  • Do not use fabric softener when washing baby clothes.
  • Do not use chemical-laden dryer paper to dry clothes.
  • Keep away from chemical detergents.
  • Wash the baby’s diaper separately from the clothes.
  • Dry clothes in the sun.
  • skin allergies If this is the case, talk to your doctor about washing your baby’s clothes.
  • Wash clothes according to the fabric washing instructions.
  • Do not use products with strong odors for washing.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about laundry for young children.

1. Do I have to wash my baby before I put on new clothes?

Yes, it is okay to wash the baby before putting on new clothes. Because there can be a lot of bacteria in the new clothes. They come in contact with many bacteria from the store to the production line and during the purchase.

2. Is it safe to use fabric softener and sheets?

No, a fabric softener is a product that is used to soften fabrics and is used in conjunction with detergents. They contain many chemicals, which can damage your baby’s skin and the use of dryer sheets reduces static electricity, when clothes dry in this dryer, this sheet releases harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the baby skin. That’s why it’s best to dry your baby’s clothes only in the sun. It is best not to use fabric softener to wash baby clothes.

3. What to do if the child has a skin allergy?

If your child has a skin allergy, you should consult a doctor to understand the cause of the allergy. It is also advisable to use a special detergent made for children, so that it can be protected from allergies. You can also get this detergent at the pharmacy. Your doctor may recommend using a good detergent from the company.

Always keep in mind that chemical detergents can react on your baby’s skin, causing allergies or skin infections. It can cause rashes, rashes and injuries to the baby. If you notice this reaction on your child’s skin, you should consult a doctor immediately. Other than that, you should not use strong detergents for your clothes, especially when you are feeding the baby. This is because the chemicals in the clothes can be transferred to your baby. Other than that, when you grab your baby, he can put the clothes in your mouth, allowing chemicals to get inside him. Research before you buy a detergent used to wash baby clothes. Follow the cloth washing instructions and remember that your baby’s skin is very delicate and uses only baby detergents available in the market. Different soaps have different ingredients, so pay attention to how they react, and then use the best detergent depending on the child.

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