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If you have been infected with coronavirus, of course, you should remain isolated. Doctors say knowing someone can make them sick. But can you visit your pet during this time? Scientists say no.

In a new study, researchers in the Netherlands have found that a large number of dogs and cats are falling prey to Kovid. Scientists believe this virus passes from humans to pets.

Dr. Els Broens, of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, says about 20 percent of the animals are at risk of having Kovid from its owner. However, the opposite is true, i.e. there is no specific information about the infection of pets to their owners. Dr. Broens says, “Fortunately, animals don’t get very sick from this virus.”

non-serious condition

Broens’ study was read this week at the European Congress of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. For this study, 156 dogs and 154 cats from 196 households studied. These houses were such, where one member had Kovid.

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Dr. Broens found that about 17 percent of the animals, that is, 31 cats and 23 dogs, had antibodies that fight Kovid-19. That is, he had been infected with the coronavirus. In addition, six cats and seven dogs, that is, about 4% had covid at the time of the study, which was detected by the PCR test.

After a thorough investigation, the researchers found that these animals recovered very quickly and did not make the other animals living in the same house sick.

not all animals get sick

Kovid-19 is believed to have passed from bats to humans. In the early months of the outbreak, it was known that non-mammalian animals can also become infected with the virus, but they do not become seriously ill and recover quickly.

According to the information available at this time, the beaver is the only animal that can infect humans and can also infect other animals.

Broens says the amount of infections pets will have also depends on how much their owners mix with them. He says, “Many owners maintain very close contact with their pets. For example, they sleep in the same bed. That way you can get an idea of ​​how far their contact is. In this situation, an infection can happen.”

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