“I also want to drink water,” people trapped in the middle of the flood told the story, read the land report Ann

Flooding in the northeastern states: In Assam, the flood situation in the Brahmaputra, Barak and its tributaries remains critical. So far, 82 people have lost their lives due to this natural disaster in the state and about 45,000 people have been affected. In the last 24 hours, 11 people have died due to the floods in Assam, while seven people are missing. During this, ABP News itself came ashore to take stock of the areas affected by the floods.

During this, our journalist Manogya Loiwal spoke with a 50-year-old woman, Savita Kumari Das, in the area affected by the floods. These days he has to fill his stomach in front of his house submerged with relief material received from the government. He said my house is full of water up to my neck. The mattress, pillow and everything else have gotten wet. I receive bread for 2 times the ration given by the government. Yesterday he went to bed hungry. It hurts a lot, how can I describe this pain? The government gives us some ration, we will drink food, everything else is wasted.

you need to sleep hungry
Another flood victim said I see my house every day. In front of my house, the house has been flooded and its first floor is submerged. I have been spending time under a tarp on the road for 4 days. I eat what I have from the government because now there is nothing left at home.

flood victims do not receive relief supplies
While expressing her grief over the relief material, another victim said the leaders are coming and the leaders are going, but whatever they give us in the name of relief, our work is not working. Sometimes there is salt and sometimes there is no rice. Sometimes Dal is available, oil is not available. The canvas he gives us explodes when a strong wind blows. A lot of people haven’t even gotten it. Leaders just go by counting. For them we are just numbers.

There is also a shortage of drinking water during the flood
Some people also sell relief supplies. They receive this relief material for free, which we have to buy by paying money. In some places, even the government is unaware that relief material is being sent. Those affected said our government is being asked to give us drinking water. Provide toilet The water here is so dirty that it has become home to disease. We can’t drink water or go to the toilet, so imagine what the condition of women will be in our area?

people living on the national highway
The floods have made the situation critical in many places in Assam where people are forced to live on national roads and highways. In Kamrup district, people live in temporary tents on the national highway affected by the floods. Because here is only the National Water Road.

All the surrounding villages and areas have been submerged in water. The government gives them food and water twice. These people are forced to make a bad living here with their cattle. Today I have to stay here even in the rain for four days. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma has said it is mandatory to provide aid material to those who are not in the relief camp. This is a big challenge. The difficulty is that there are no roads in many areas, so we have to depend on the army. There are many such areas that are still submerged to deliver relief material.

The Indian army is engaged in aid and rescue
The flood situation is still dire in Assam, where more than 42,000 people and more than 32 districts are in a state of flooding. Along with NDRF, the Indian Army is also engaged in relief and rescue work. State government SDRF and ASDMA are also working continuously at ground level. Many Army columns are engaged in relief and rescue work. In recent days, more than 5,000 people have been rescued by the army. Army personnel are engaged in evacuating people trapped in the flood through boats.

What do the victims caught in the flood say?
Many people have taken refuge in a hospital during the floods. First, children, the elderly and women were rescued. One of the victims, Rokaiya Bibi, said we have been here the last four days. There is nothing to eat or to live in so much poverty and with so many problems that even tears don’t stop, my house has been washed away, so I have to stay in the hospital. Another victim, Shanta, said her cow, her calf and her two goats have been washed. We are ruined. We have nothing left. It is also difficult for us to stay in the hospital.

The food is transported on a stretcher
Shoma says I’m sitting in the hospital bed because now there’s nothing left in my house. I have to live here with my little son. There are many problems. The boy has nothing left to eat. From the top of this flood is the home of the disease. Sometimes we have nothing to feed mosquitoes and sometimes dirty children. The stretcher is used to deliver food and relief supplies to the hospital. There are only miles of water in this area, the depth of which ranges from 10 feet to 25 to 30 feet.

Medications are not available in hospitals
There were also many children in the hospital who were injured, but for them tetanus and other medicines are not available in this hospital. So the children were rescued and taken on a boat to the medical camp where they were given other medicines and injections. The current situation in Assam is pathetic and worrying. Now the flood water will not decrease but the rain will increase. No matter what the figures say, but amid the promises and claims of the government, the question arises as to why Assam is submerged in a bit of rain.

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