If anyone tries to do something with me, I’ll play their band …

Sanjana Sanghi, who made her film debut as a lead actress with the film ‘Dil Bechara’, will be seen taking action in her second film ‘Rashtrakavach Om’. Sanjana, who has been involved in acting since the age of 13, has a sincere conversation with us about her film, Action Avatar, her fight, the first hero Sushant Singh Rajput, and so on.

‘Dil Bechara’, ‘Om’, ‘Dhak Dhak’, your films are completely different from each other. How do you see your journey to achieve such a diverse role with no film background?
I don’t think so much about the past or the future. Whenever I’m doing this, my focus is just on that. Either the 12th board or the college graduation. Poor color the Om. Wherever I am, I am only there. I have been working since I was 13 years old. It’s been 11 years since Rockstar arrived. I have looked at this place (the industry) from very different angles. When I was 16 and used to make small ads or papers, there is a big difference between then and today. Then I thought about why I send auditions going to the dining hall of the Bombay school center, because I sent twenty-twenty auditions and hardly one or two were selected and the 18 that were rejected, every time they fired. arrows in the heart. It seemed like My mistake was that I took it personally and saw it as a rejection. Then my dad explained that you have so much passion that you show yourself over and over again. We give interviews once, get a job and then keep doing it. If I got enough of that, I’m proud of my journey and I hope it just moves forward.

In the previous era, in the movies, it was always the hero who saved the heroine. You yourself are taking action on Om, that is, now our heroines can protect themselves. How do you see this change?
This is a very beautiful thing. You are right that before only boys saved girls, but in the movie Kavya can be saved and through Kavya I want to show all the girls in the world that you are able to protect yourself. You don’t need a man. When I was in college, we used to listen to self-defense. Right now, after training for ‘Om’, I know that if anyone tries to do something with me, I’ll play their band. I hope this doesn’t happen, but that confidence is enough. I want every girl to be able to protect herself.

You have always been a supporter of equality for boys and girls. What do you think is the biggest challenge girls face?
Our biggest challenge is that we have to prove ourselves twice. You must first prove that even as a woman you can do it. Then you have to prove that even as a professional you can do it. Since we are actors, we must first prove that, even as a child, you can make action movies. Then you have to show that as an actor you can do the action well. However, I think these thoughts or limitations are diminishing, but they are still there. How Taapsee Pannu trust me for the movie ‘Dhak Dhak’ is a change. I think women can change this world for women by supporting each other and this is happening.

Sanjana Sanghi at the launch of the trailer for her film ‘OM’

Has it ever occurred to you that you had to prove yourself a girl?
I don’t know what was the reason for every opportunity I didn’t have. I didn’t get them because I was a girl or I didn’t know anyone or I wasn’t perfect for that role. You don’t know because when you’re not selected in an audition, no one calls you and tells you what happened. We don’t give much respect to an actor looking for work. I find it very bad because they keep looking for this call for many days. Better let them know they haven’t been selected, so they don’t sit around waiting for a call to arrive in two months, but I can’t complain, because in the end Dil was the story of poor Kiji Basu and an international study My experience it has been different if I have invested millions of rupees, but I know it is not true for everyone.

Sanjana Sanghi was delaying the flight, escaping from inside the barricades

Your upcoming film ‘Dhak Dhak’ is also the story of a four-girl road trip. How was your experience?
Very amazing During the Om I learned that you can do whatever you think. This gave me the confidence that I could go with a 250kg bike, from Delhi to Khardungla. I learned to ride a bike. My nails break every day because we keep falling. It was very hard to do with such extreme heat from Delhi, but all I can say is that you have never seen anything like it before. This is a very sweet story of four women.

For each actor, his first film is very special, but your experience was a bit sour and sweet, because before we lost Sushant. How do you remember ‘Dil Bechara’ and Sushant?
Always with love and respect. I can’t believe he (Sushant) isn’t here, but now I understand how much it means to celebrate him and this movie for our fans. When I travel and boys and girls call your name, I know how many hearts the film has touched. I didn’t know it then because there was a pandemic. It is known on social media but not so much, but now it is known that man, people are in love with it.

Making an action movie is the dream of many actresses. You are acting in your second film. How much work has this role involved?
First, when Mr. Ahmed Khan (producer of the film) narrated the 20-minute script and said I want you to play the lead actress, I said it was a good joke, because I didn’t think I would ever do it. action. I’ll find I saw Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence in action, I found it very different. Anyway I have little confidence in myself. I think I can’t. But he showed faith in me, so I said yes and then I had to work hard. He took training in melee combat, mixed martial arts, weapons handling and fitness for three months each day. It looked like we were really in the army, but there was a lot to learn. I used to miss dancing, because action choreography seemed like a dance choreography to me and I’ve been a dancer since I was little, so I learned quickly. My dad is black belt and when I was little, dad kicked me and kicked me, so somewhere it’s like a dad’s dream come true.

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