In the eyes of men, a woman is that superwoman who cooks, sweeps and stays up all night and goes to the office in the morning. In the eyes of men, a woman is that superwoman who cooks, sweeps, and stays up all night and goes to the office in the morning.

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  • In the eyes of men, a woman is that superwoman who cooks, sweeps, and stays up all night and goes to the office in the morning.

New Delhi4 months agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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It was the beginning of winter, when his right hand burned. From the palm to the elbow, the skin comes off like a snake releasing a dermis. The doctor said: there is a third degree burn, negligence happened that there will be infection. The cream had infiltrated the hand to the blood.

I cried, first crying, then trembling. Applying foreign perfume, the young doctor’s hands automatically fell on his shoulder. He thought he was in pain, but he didn’t. I was crying as I will go to the office tomorrow! I- how I will take care of my one and a half year old daughter!

My attempt to be a superwoman had been in vain. It was now a darker spot than the top of a betel leaf on the women: all those women who go from cooks, bhishti, kaharan to raising children, and whose pockets are also swollen like round purees. .

She could only do one thing, be it a mother or be brave with work. I chose the first option. Leaving skills and doing light work. Seeing the girl grow up was like planting my feet on the ground. I was growing, but from the roots inside.

Here my acquaintances laughed a lot. Everyone thought pregnancy made me useless. He wanted me to make Kathakali needle point, I refused. This thing is 5 years old, but the time clock is not new with respect to women.

The bell rang from the same time, when men went hunting and women lit stoves and looked for meat and vegetables. Then, slowly, he stepped forward and began to help the men by sewing and weaving. After a while, wax pedicure took the place of embroidery in the beauty salon. Now women also started earning a little, so that they could cope with unnecessary expenses like lipstick-pads. And raising children is their religion by birthright.

A Prega News ad has recently arrived, which is bringing to life the dead souls of useless women like me drinking nectar. While the whole ad is an antidote, but the fist line is such that it can straighten out challenging women without whipping them.

“Being a mother is beautiful, but has it ever stopped you from achieving your dreams? This Women’s Day, change your way of thinking, because you can do both! “

Take notes! Both work, that is, home and family, and the office. By picking up motivational books from around the world and drinking their pulp and drinking it, you won’t get that much dose of enthusiasm, as much as from this unique line!

Yes, women can do everything. We will raise the children and take care of them. With a broom, he will hold the house like a diamond. She will also cook fifty-six types of food and also give happiness to her husband. Not a single hair of ours will be scattered in the midst of all these works. The smile on his lips won’t diminish a bit. There will also be no lump in anger in arched eyebrows. We are mothers. We will all do it.

Now the office is left! So what kind of woman earns to run the home! What a woman knows how to run an office! Just as weak children receive exemption in sports, so women have a large share of milk and rice in outdoor work. Our job is just to wipe the sweat that was between the handling of the house and the child, and go to the office dancing and come home with a sigh, but keep in mind that there should be no small gap in household chores.

In glossy magazines around the world, cooking tips talk to women. Among the detergents thrown to keep clothes shiny are women. And because of the bad diaper, the mother only seems worried about the crying child. Only 2% of ads show men doing household chores. And the most interesting thing is that these ads are not a great success. The winning men do not take home that powdered detergent, in the ad of which men are seen pulling clothes. Nor will that diaper be a success, in which the father seems annoyed instead of the mother.

The world was having fun with this rule that only then did some jealous women begin to equate it with men. She became a doctor, began interrogation as a lawyer and became an artist and began touring the art gallery. These wrong women also began to seduce their partners. Then the peacekeepers were forced to intervene. He recalled that the real job of women is to raise children and take care of them, there is no harm in making a small amount of money along with it.

The Prega News ad is also actually a message from pacifiers, who show us our place by calling us women.

Listen ladies! do your job. Do many things, but without forgetting to be your wife. Being a mother Make money too, but watch out for those who intimidate you. The job of women is to be a superwoman. The superwoman who will not wear a mask on her face, or flying on her back. With two thin hands and no magical power, he did magic every day.

He will cook the food, light the house and wake up all night with the children’s dripping noses and the next morning he will go to the office after flowering like a rose. She is a woman, she will do it all! From the Prega News ads to the men in our circle, at least that’s what men think.

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