In the eyes of men, the purity of women’s bodies is their only success, whether it becomes something else. If women’s bodies are not cared for, they will deviate, as if there is fear of dust and earth if a pot of milk is kept open.

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  • If women’s bodies are not cared for, they will deviate, as if there is fear of dust and earth if a pot of milk is kept open.

New Delhi8 days agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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It was nineteenth-century London, when wealthy men from all over Europe, including England, began to take their wives to the “London Surgical Home for Women.” Here all genital diseases were treated, not with medication, but with special surgery. In this, a sick woman would be circumcised, whether she had brain disease, cancer, or seasonal fever. The treatment for not sleeping or not digesting food was to cut off the outside of the female sexual organs.

The name of the hospital’s founder was Dr. Isaac Brown, who was a famous gynecologist at the time. They believed that the root of all women’s problems was their sexual desires fluttering in the air. For them, circumcision is as effective as whipping a damaged horse. They will be under control immediately.

In his book ‘On the Curability of Certain Forms of Madness’, Dr. Brown mentioned dozens of diseases that could be cured through circumcision. In medical parlance, this surgery is called a clitorectomy.

Thousands of men who returned home after receiving treatment for their wives began writing long letters to Dr. They rejoiced at how his magical care turned his wife into a maniac, epileptic, or hysterical, rolling, lazy, or ugly like a straight, silky-faced goat.

Nearly a decade later, the Royal College of Surgeons scolded Dr. Dr.’s only medical trick. Brown for each fusion. Not because he opposed this method of treatment, but because the doctor had not taken the hospitalization license. Although the practice of circumcision in women still continues. It used to be in hospitals, now it goes to homes in the name of tradition. It was called Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in modern language.

It is believed that this will protect women from many diseases. At the same time, her sexual desires will also be under control until marriage, so that she will be able to give the precious gift of virginity to her husband.

Recently, girls from African countries opposed this practice. Citing science and data, he began to explain how many girls died of pain and how many infections during this process in a few years. Another thing is that his arguments remained like a voice echoing back into the empty house. They are beaten, and if that doesn’t work, they are kicked out of the house. The insistence is that girls should stay clean by circumcising themselves in any way.

Countries that did not believe in bloodshed such as circumcision, had another method of purity control. In this one, the lower part of the woman’s body would be imprisoned with iron. It would have been like underwear with a lock. The man of the house came out and put a lock on him and opened it when he returned at night.

It was the belt, that is, the best for maintaining purity. Just as if a pot of milk is kept open, there is fear of insects, insects, dust, and earth entering it, just as if a woman is not a firm guard of the body, there is fear of her. . going wrong. This fear was alleviated after the discovery of the plague belt. The suspicious husband would go to work after putting a lock on his wife.

Another thing is that many times women would have died due to some infection, but what better way than death to be pure!

In later years, many museums around the world decorated their belts. In the following legend, there is a complete description of how the whims of men have committed atrocities against women. As expected, there was soon opposition to this. Men feared that this would cause women to lose confidence in him. Then what was there! Instantly all traces of the pectoral girdle were erased. The British Museum in London finally withdrew it from the exhibition in 1996. Now almost no trace of it can be found in any museum.

The trend of plague belts has disappeared, but the madness of purity with regard to women still persists. In November 2019, famed American rapper Clifford Joseph Harris (TI) revealed during a podcast that he tests his daughter’s version every year. Speaking as a parent on the ‘Ladies Like Us’ podcast, Harris says: My daughter turned 18, but I’m proud she’s still a saint!

Harris is not proud that his daughter is a noble person. Not even if you are studying well, or will be able to do better in the future. A father is proud of his virgin daughter. Its only success is the purity of the body. It may or may not become something else, but it remains pure. Or continue to give the illusion of purity.

When I search as I write the article, I see ads for many such products that also show the “active” girl as a virgin. One girl writes in the product review, “I used this the first night, because I like my in-laws.” The review is written in good English, meaning the girl is well educated. Maybe in-laws are polite too. Living in a big city. However, none of these things have anything to do with purity. Everyone needs a woman who can be intact and in control.

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