Just to deceive, to confuse, I have no way to get rid of you. Just to deceive, to confuse, I have no way to get rid of you

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The storm of thoughts that passed through his mind disturbed him. On the one hand, the mind was not prepared to accept Sushma’s change, but on the other hand it was hard for him to deny what was happening in recent months. Those incidents are showing him the mirror of truth over and over again, repeatedly asking him to believe that Sushma has changed something. He loves Sushma so much that even if something goes wrong in his head, then he starts to consider himself bad.

He saw the time turn on the light at night, it was two o’clock, but there was sleep as if he wanted to stay away from him. Lying in bed, Sushma was in a deep sleep, her curls scattered across her face, enhancing her beauty. His body, surrounded by a translucent pink nightgown, looked no less than a carved marble statue. How happy his closeness is and Sushma too … he was always anxious to come into his arms, cling to him. So how can Sushma change? He kissed Sushma’s cheeks lightly to stop her thinking.

He shivered a little, but fell asleep again. There has always been warmth in their mutual relationship. When her tender body was in her arms with full dedication, she would feel that he is the happiest husband in the world. Even after seven years of marriage, there was a longing for closeness and company between them.

Although for a few months, Sushma’s hot breath did not contain the emotion that would have instantly dispelled her, but was ignored by Mann Sugam, Kama’s tension. The world of advertising is not easy and since Sushma was promoted many responsibilities have fallen to him. Where could I be free? There was such a good understanding between them from the beginning that the tense situation never came to the fore.

Now, whenever he wants to approach her, she goes back to sleep saying she’s tired. At first she never suspected that he was saying this intentionally, but now the worms of doubt began to soak into her. Sushma’s physical hunger has always been intense, so how has she been so cold? Is Sushma really changing somewhere? Thinking about it, Sugam started cursing himself.

When he kissed Sushma again, he swore. Sugam completely dominated him and in his sleep, Sushma took him in his arms. There was no coldness, so why was he expressing for so long that he didn’t like having a relationship.

As soon as Sugam started sleeping, Sushma woke up. He shouted loudly, what insolence. it disturbed my sleep. From tomorrow I will sleep in another room, I went into it

What could be the meaning of this word from Sushma? He thought of Sugam, thinking of her as another person and he loved her … He got lost in the imagination of being in whose arms! What form of Sushma did he accept as true? Either way, she’s made a relationship with him, but seeing his dedication, he doesn’t seem to dislike the presence of a man. Somewhere no other man has entered his life. The scene spun before Sugam’s eyes while Sushma was covered with her friend Deepa. They were kissing wildly. I didn’t understand a thing why they had both left the bedroom door open. These days Sushma was seen talking to Deepa on the phone in a low voice. Many times he even started spending the night at his house. Being friends was not a surprise to spend time together, but this way … Deepa’s relationship with her husband Rajat was cordial. There was also a son. In such a situation, they both felt that Sugam was getting badly wrapped up.

When he talked to Rajat about it, he was shocked. He asked Sugam to remain silent for a moment. Anyway, she who is a progressive and free woman, wants to do all kinds of experiments. Perhaps, this kind of homosexuality is also a kind of experiment. Taste all sorts of flavors and then movies these days – these kinds of topics start to throw up a little too much. If something like this had happened, I would have seen the change in Deepa as well. Just forget it, it might just be a trick to fit into modern society. “Sushma, have a meeting in the evening. A delegate has come from abroad. Although he is Indian, he has been living abroad for a few years. Now he wants to come back here. Arrange to eat traditional Indian food. ” Hearing Sugam’s words, innumerable buds arose within Sushma. His cheeks lit up at the thought of the guest. What does Sugam know that he and Diwakar have known each other for years? His love flourished in college. His move abroad had caused disruption to life. Sugam did not know that he came to India not even four months ago and during this time the colors of his love blossomed again. Everything went well with Diwakar for Sushma. If you don’t like it, then glue, if you like it, give it a kiss. There is no hesitation in eating golgappas along the way, otherwise Sugam considers all these things to be a clumsy sign. If you believe, everything should be in accordance with the arrangement. Sushma is tired of her perfection. Now, this time, Diwakar has returned only to settle in India. She was desperate to have his side. The two met at the party as if they didn’t even know each other. Deepa and Rajat were also there.

Deepa and Sushma looked at each other very casually and smiled. Sometimes holding her in her arms, Sugam might try to stay comfortable, but now Sushma and Deepa began to behave indecently. Everything had become unbearable for Sugam. Where the love of another woman was lacking, Sushma began to like him. As usual, this time he didn’t feel like saying or hearing anything either.

Until today he had not objected to anything from Sushma, so when the matter has advanced so far, it is useless to say anything. He doesn’t want to fall into his own eyes by directly questioning Sushma. Putting the divorce papers in front of him, without saying anything, he held out his pen in front of Sushma. He looked at her to know her reaction. No, no answer, no question. He signed with a smile. Thanks easy How long have I been waiting for these papers? It took a while, but I got rid of your boring company. I was fed up with this monotonous life. There was nothing between us except understanding.

No one will say anything, just understand. A small fight fills life. Your passion for being great drove me crazy. Luckily, Diwakar is back. “I’m going to him,” Sushma said. Sugam felt that understanding this Chakravyuh is as difficult as getting out of it. Diwakar, Sushma, Sugam were confused again, but your relationship with the Deepa? … just cheating, to confuse you. I have no other way to get rid of you. Where did you ever get a chance to complain about yourself? You’re a perfectionist, so leave me alone, this game was played to make it. Goodbye Sugam. ” There was a joy of victory on his face. Sugam kept looking at Sushma as he died … Is there such a great punishment for being good?

– Suman Bajpayee

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