Men take night shifts with their backs rigid, here, under the “pretext of safety,” women dream sweet dreams lying in mechanic’s beds. Astronauts on their way to the moon will not be as afraid as women are afraid of the nights; the reason is men

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  • Astronauts on their way to the moon will not be as afraid as women are afraid of the nights; The reason is men

New DelhiOne month agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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The yogi government of Uttar Pradesh made a big decision regarding working women in the midst of the religious revolution that was brewing in the country. Now women who work in offices or factories can turn down the night shift. The most wonderful thing is that “even after that” his work will not go away. And, of course, if someone agrees to work at night, the owner of a business will have to mobilize large facilities for him.

For example, the provision of security! It must be ensured that no man hurts the woman when she arrives at the home of the male workers present in the factory. This decision of the UP government is a kind of exemption, which women get because they are women. Like 6 months of vacation when a baby is born.

If we look at it from a male point of view, these days we sleep lying down, or travel to Kashmir or Kullu-Manali. Although all this does not happen, while eating porridge soaked in ghee, the mother-in-law gets angry after seeing the drama.

Not working at night is also included in the list of exemptions women receive. Men will work with their stiff backs moaning and drinking black coffee, while women will dream of sweet dreams lying on their stomachs “under the pretext of safety.” Anyone who arrives late at the office every day will ask from the taxi to the security guard. After so much effort, if there is something high and low, then you will cry and cry, so different. In general, hiring women is as expensive as raising a white elephant.

So women began to receive punishments for this excuse. According to World Bank data from June 2020, India is among the countries with the lowest percentage of working women. Over time it gets worse. In 2005, 26% of women were employed, which fell to 20.3% in 2019. This is the situation in other countries around the world.

If the woman is not married, the boy’s fight continues. If there is a new marriage, they will ask for a holiday at the war party. If you are married and young, then sitting on behalf of maternity leave, the company will suffer a loss of 6 months. If the child is small, sometimes fever, sometimes excuse for teething. If you divorce, the atmosphere will be bad. If you are older, you will show menopausal remnants.

In general, being a woman disqualifies you for a job, unless you apply for the position of receptionist or secretary. For these you also need to be young and beautiful, with such a sweet voice that even the Alphonso mangoes fade.

Often a woman working in an office has bright stories. I have it too. It was an event company in Hyderabad, where I got the job of guest executive. It was the first day. At lunchtime, the manager started saying, “You’re the only one who stayed in this place, otherwise the girls are very playful.” The Kerala manager was counting the inconveniences of keeping the girls at work and I felt the curd almost baptize with a spoon.

‘She can’t work at night. Sometimes small things make a mess. Having children is sure to become full-time part-time. He was told and the rest of the companions (men) shook their heads as hard as the Sudarshan Chakra had not turned. I finished the dish and got up from everyone saying Excuse me. As it was, our relationship deteriorated even before it formed.

That time still tickles your mind like a time bomb. He was new, too young. I can’t say girls can’t work at night because there are men like you around them.

In September 2018 a question appeared on Twitter, in response to which women opened their hearts. The question was, ‘Women! What will you do if after 9pm all the men are locked up at home? ‘ The answers began to arrive in a matter of minutes. A user named Emily L Hauser wrote: I will walk down the road at midnight without fear … and I will be able to keep the door of my house open without fear.

What a more modest desire, but more impossible! Walk the road without fear. Feel the fresh night air in your body. Seeing the trees move. Listen to the sound of the prawns.

There is almost no woman in the world who has lived for 24 hours. The time for our part came only from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening. The remaining 10 hours are spent surviving. Neither a wolf nor a lion … of the men who live around us. Even if some women who love adventure dare to go out, a lewd statement comes with a corpse lying in the morning. Together the question remains: why did he even go out at night?

Astronauts going to the Moon for the first time will not be as nervous as women are afraid of the nights. For thousands of years. Daily. Unless we have a “trustworthy” male tail hanging with us.

The UP government has made a decision on the night shift, but what would have been better if instead of security, they had given independence assurances. If they could have made sure there was no time sharing, instead of giving them a job, they could have done so. If they could give a night like this, that is complete even in its darkness …

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